Confetti High Five Shooter HandHeld Toy

Are you going to a fun, distended occasion like a birthday or a bachelor ( or bachelorette) party and you could use a fun gadget to step up the game? Are you a prankster that loves to play fun, slightly annoying pranks on friends and random people ? Are you a master of puns that would like to step up their ingenious zingers shooting confetti out of your hands every time you make a great one ? Fret no more as we have the solution to all your problems: the confetti high five shooter.

Strap this funny, amazing, cool contraption into your hand and shoot a flurry of confetti every time someone high fives you (or when you self high five. Sometimes, no one in the room is going to recognize how amazing and ingenious your masterful burns are, and that’s OK. We won’t judge you. We have your back).

Coming in different colours for all your confetti needs, it also includes several refills and allows for a quick reload of confetti cartridges for those times you are on a roll and need a rapid fire of confetti shots.

Even the coolest, most radical soul of the party types worry about safety, sustainability and the environment, so we also want to tell you the confetti is 100% safe and made of biodegradable materials so you don’t have to worry about endangering the environment or contaminating.

And the dye used to create the confetti is also 100% safe and non toxic, so much you could eat it (hey, how’s about that for another funny prank to play on your friends ?)

So, for all your cool fun party needs, the confetti high five shooter is for you ! Get it and become the most hilarious person around by showering everyone with confetti every time they high five you !

8.7Expert Score

Do you know what the feeling is when you give a perfect high-five?

Quick reload
100% Safe

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