9 Unique Cookbook Stands to Inspire the Next MasterChef

What makes a cook transform from an amateur to a pro? It takes patience, diligence, and reading comprehension on a good cookbook. Reading and following a recipe book in the kitchen isn’t the same as when you are in the library. With ingredients everywhere, a cluttered kitchen, and messy hands, the last thing you wanted to put a stain on a good book. Save your meal and sanity by using a cookbook stand.

In your search for the best kitchen tool, several things you need to consider are its durability, flexibility, and clip sturdiness. The list of ingredients and instructions must be visible enough to replicate the recipe in front of you. Here are some recipe book holders you can choose from:

Unique Cookbook Stands

Metal Cookbook Holder Stand

When you want a book holder but don’t want to occupy the entire countertop, go for a minimalist design. Accessorize your kitchen counter with a book stand to hold a skinny tablet and recipe book with the least space. Cooking is a piece of cake when you have a crystal clear view of the ingredients and instructions.

Made from metal and wooden frames, it is powder-coated to avoid corrosion. Wipe it clean with a damp cloth and use it anytime. Fold, when not in use, so you can store the holder in the kitchen drawer. Aside from the recipe book and tablet, use it in a variety of ways to hold magazines, textbooks, and music sheets.

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Coffwood Craft Wood Book Stand

Kitchen fixtures are wonderful tools that can turn a self-made chef from zero to a hero. Make way for the Coffwood book stand that will revolutionize your kitchen. Turn disasters into Michelin-worthy meals with proven and tested recipes from the experts. When a fixture is in place, you’ll most likely use it to watch videos from your tablet or read recipes from the cookbook.

The solid wood material is what makes the holder sturdy and stylish. It creates a rustic vibe in any space and makes a fantastic home decor you can use. Place anything from recipe books to vinyl records.

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Deluxe Large Cookbook Holder

Often, classic old cookbooks are the best in the world but they can be bulky and hefty. Following the recipe while whipping up a meal can turn distressing as the book can sometimes have its mind. Tame the fuzzy recipe book using the Clear Solutions acrylic shield.

The cherry base of the holder can handle any size due to the sturdy material it is made of. With the acrylic shield, it can protect the book from any oil splashes or food stains. This is a lovely present for your wife or mother who has been wanting to explore various cuisines in the kitchen.

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Cookbook Stand with Tempered Glass

Bake and cook in style using the Toscana cookbook stand with tempered glass. The acacia wooden base ensures the book has a surface to rest on. Tuck in place using the acrylic glass so it stays on the same page. All the while safeguarding it from blemishes and blotches.

Home cooks who don’t like to read but watch videos to learn how to cook can use the tablet holder with ease. Rub with oil to keep the beauty of the acacia wood and glass cleaner to wipe the glass. It can be folded and tucked away but its wooden charm deserves to be displayed.

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Sofia + Sam Bamboo Tablet Holder

Bamboo recipes and tablet holders bring a natural vibe to the kitchen. Reading books and watching videos will make each cooking and baking experience twice as fun. For the adventurous ones, explore various cuisines on different magazines, smartphones, and e-readers.

Design the kitchen counter with Sofia + Sam wooden stand to add character to any kitchen. Even the environmentally conscious folks won’t be able to refuse this lovely accessory. Designed to match any kitchen theme, the perfect buddy to make delicious meals from breakfast to dinner. The natural element of the bamboo is what sets it apart from the rest giving it that sturdy and sustainable feel.

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AerWo Cookbook Stand

Inspire the next MasterChef to explore and enhance their kitchen skills. Start them off with a good-quality cookbook they can follow. Whenever there’s a book, you need a stand to hold it in place. The Masterchef in the making will be forever grateful for how a good stand can help him further improve his cutting and cooking skills.

Plop up a recipe book or iPad on the holder and adjust the angle and height for better visibility. The ergonomic design reduces eye strain and body fatigue due to incorrect posture. Cook with ease and lean in style to whip up delectable meals every single time.

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iDesign Austin Cookbook Holder

Slim but sturdy cookbook holders can make all the difference in the world. If simple and minimalist is your thing, the iDesign Austin tablet and cookbook holder will be your cup of tea. The straightforward design makes it user-friendly even for non-book readers. Its slip-resistant feature safeguards the electronic gadget and holds the book in place.

Protect your iPad from scratches and read your book comfortably using the holder made from stainless steel. The matte black and gray finish is a neutral color have a unisex appeal which makes it an ideal housewarming present. It only takes a minimal portion of the countertop and can be quickly folded to store when not in use.

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Norpro Acrylic CookBook

People learning how to cook may find it intimidating to go to the kitchen. But with a little bit of help from cookbooks and videos on their iPad, following recipes made it easy to create magic in the kitchen. Don’t let their lifeline be ruined by giving them a Norpro acrylic cookbook holder.

Thanks to Norpro, gadgets, and books will be free of splatter and damage through the acrylic case. Free space on your counter as it is made for the ingredients not for a bulky book or electronic gadget. Go hands-free while browsing for your favorite recipe. And switch to an entertaining video while waiting for the food to cook. All possible through Norpro.

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Bookhug Book Holder

Couples need a back hug but cooks and book lovers need a book hug. Don’t deny them their simple pleasures in life with the Bookhug book holder. This is the ultimate bookrest, made from alloy steel, that makes book reading and video watching hands-free.

The alloy steel with marbling black and silver design screams simple elegance. It looks and feels durable to handle even the hardest and heaviest book. Unlike holders with covers, flipping the pages or scrolling the screen is easy with the Bookhug. The one-piece design makes it sturdy and a decorative piece to put on the countertop.

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