19 Cool Camping Gear for Casual and In-Tents Campers

As the weather warms up, nature lovers can once again emerge themselves in the Earth’s bounty. When the first flowers of Spring begin to blossom and the green leaves return to the trees, many outdoors men and women will be eager to break out their camping gear and embark on a cool new adventure. A winter in the garage or a storage unit does no favors for a camper’s gear though, so before they re-enter the vast wilderness, make sure you gift your loved ones high-quality, cool camping gear that will prepare them for the harshest conditions.

Cool Camping Gear

YETI Tundra 65 Cooler

When you and your family, friends, and loved ones decide to immerse yourself in the wonders of the wild, it pays to be prepared. Grocery stores are scarce in the thick of the woods, so before you set off on your camping trip, you would do well to stock up on food, drinks, and all the essentials. Fortunately, stocking up is what the Yeti does best. An impressive 30.5-inches by 17.5-inches by 16-inches, the Yeti cooler is more than big enough to accommodate all the necessities for your expedition into the unknown. And with 3-inches of Permafrost Insulation, your stored goods are assured to remain icy cold, regardless of where you set up camp. For the most storage space in the coolest colors, the Tundra 65 is the go-to choice for campers everywhere. Chilling in the wild has never been so easy!

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BioLite Outdoor KettlePot

Cooking without a fully-stocked kitchen can be a struggle for the unprepared camper. Before you hit the trails, be sure that you’re prepared for the challenge. This cooking pot and kettle from Biolite, at only 1-pound, is incredibly portable – ideal for the hiker with a serious trek ahead of them – but promises an outstanding 1.5-liter capacity. Serve yourself and up to 3 other campers a piping hot meal after a long, arduous hike, or wake everyone up with a deliciously brewed cup of coffee from the coolest pot/kettle hybrid the campsite ever did see. BioLite Kettle is designed to be the perfect partner to the BioLite Cookstove or the BioLite CampStove, so why not order the whole set before your next expedition? Food is a necessity that no camper can go without, so make the cooking process as easy and portable as possible with the Biolite.

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One-Person Bicycling Tent

One of the coolest ways to experience the woodlands is to take on the trails by bike. An exhilarating experience, biking is the best way to see as much of the trail as possible while still being engulfed by the fresh outdoor air. Biking does limit how much a camper can carry though; all their gear needs to fit on their bike or in a backpack, so supplies are reasonably tight. The Bicycling Tent ensures that your camper always has a secure shelter on hand while conserving space. By day, their bike will tear up the trails. By night, it will protect them from the elements.

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Gerber Pack Hatchet Camping Axe

If your camper is passionate about roughing it and living off the land, then they need strong gear that they can depend on. The Gerber Camping Axe is an essential part of that gear. It is built for performance: The sharp retention blade, rubber grip, and a full tang combine to create this beast of a hatchet, while the nylon sheath keeps campers safe while it’s not in use. No other axe captures the cool outdoors explorer vibe quite like this one.

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LifeStraw Personal Water Filter

Very few pieces of gear are 100% necessary for a camper. Though it may be uncomfortable, your adventurer may be able to go without a tent or a sleeping bag. If they’re experienced hunters, food and matches might not be a concern. However, water is one of the few essentials that are entirely non-negotiable – without a clean source of water, a camper has only a few days before suffering the consequences. With no moving parts and 99.9% effectiveness rating, the LifeStraw is more than just a cool camping gift: it could be a literal lifesaver.

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Wood Burning Camping Stove

As anyone who ever watched Survivor can tell you, starting a fire is no small task. Fire truly does represent your life – it provides warmth, clean water, food and light, all vital to surviving an outdoor excursion. The Camping Stove by nCamp doesn’t eliminate the fire from the camping experience, but it makes the process of starting said fire significantly easier. So grab your family and friends, some warm blankets and the fixings for a helping of s’mores and enjoy the cool night air with a bright, burning, no-hassle fire.

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LuminAID 2-in-1 Phone Charger Lanterns

Bring the camping experience into the 21st century! The LuminAID Lantern is more than just a powerful light source: it’s a solar-powered lantern with incredible battery life, 5 unique modes, and even phone charging capabilities. As cool as the experience is, camping can be dangerous, so it’s important that you always have the gear on hand to manage in the case of an emergency. With this gear, your camper can ensure they have access to a phone and to an SOS signal should something go wrong.

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Wood Burning Stove

Imagine the sun setting over a crystal clear lake. The stars are emerging, a bright orange fire is crackling and your family sits nearby, laughing and talking about the events of the day as they eat the freshly-caught fish you just grilled up. Indeed, nothing says serenity quite like returning to nature. The Wood Burning Stove is the ultimate gift idea for the camper who wants to fully embrace the outdoor life. The quick-to-start fire and convenient cooktop make it as easy to feed your stomach on a camping trip as it is to feed your eyes.

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Original 6G Sleeping Bag

It’s not easy to keep warm once the sun goes down. Sitting around a fire is a reliable source of warmth, and once you’re cozy in your bed your sleeping bag will keep you toasty, but what about the time in between? A camper needs gear that keeps them warm wherever they go, that doesn’t limit them to huddling around a fire. A camper needs the Selk’bag. Think of a jumpsuit made out of a sleeping bag – warm, cozy and as portable as your favorite outfit. Move aside, Snuggie, the Selk’bag Sleeping Bag is here!

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Foldable Camping Cooking Pot

Unfortunately, nature doesn’t come stocked with a fully-functional kitchen. Pots and pans are clunky and unruly, but a camper needs to eat! So how is a camper supposed to cook up their best fireside cuisine? With the Foldable Cooking Pot by Bear Minimum, of course! The ultimate gadget for the camping chef, the Foldable Cooking Pot is lightweight, portable, fully-functioning pot. Never struggle with awkward, heavy metal cookware again.

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Bamboo Cutting Board

A cutting board is probably not the first piece of cool camping gear that comes to mind, but it’s an important one nonetheless. After all, the campsite is not famous for its cleanliness and meals need to be prepared somewhere. The nCamp Cutting Board is collapsible, ideal for travel, and easy to maintain. Best of all, as a less-obvious camping must-have, your camper may not have even thought to pick one up themselves, making your gift all the more valuable to their next trip.

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Portable Folding Table

Gathering around the dining table is an important family tradition, and no camping trip should stand in the way of that. The Portable Folding Table by Oniva is not essential to surviving the wilderness but goes a long way to creating a comfortable camping site that the whole family will appreciate. Camping’s greatest gift is its ability to bring us together – what cooler way is there to appreciate the trip than by sitting with those you care for and basking in each other’s company?

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The Cave Inflatable Geodesic 3-Person 3-Season Tent

Tents have a well-earned reputation for being a pain to construct. What’s more, traditional tents aren’t particularly stable. For those who prefer to camp in rougher environments, it’s time for a tent upgrade! Beyond just looking really cool, the Heimplanet Tent is a geodesic shelter designed to be extraordinarily stable and simple to construct. In just a few minutes, your camper can have a shelter that withstands rain, wind, and snow for almost no effort. 

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Campfire Defender Fire Cover

Smoky is counting on you to prevent forest fires – don’t let him down! Frequent campers will tell you that a fire can survive far longer than you might expect. As such, the Fire Control Blanket is an essential camping gear for anyone who gathers around the campfire from time to time. Many obstacles you encounter on a camping trip are beyond your control, but ensuring your fire is completely extinguished is in your hands. This accessories makes it quick and easy to protect our forests and your fellow campers.

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Aquabot Water Bottle

Simplify your backpacking trip and make water usage more versatile and efficient. If you love camping, trekking, hiking… you probably know the value of a good water bottle: it can literally save your life in the case of an emergency. Wouldn’t it be nice if your water bottle could not only keep your water fresh in a drinkable state but also provide many other different uses? Featuring four modes (mist, shower, steam or spray), this cool camping gear can be useful for anyone: pump the bottle to build pressure and spray your sweat off, mist your face on hot days, clean your pets… Now all your other water bottles will get early retirement.

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Portable Camping Shower

Don’t miss a shower – even when you’re camping. If you’ve ever used a solar shower, you know how awkward they are. Now there’s a real solution – one that you can hold in your hand and has a real shower feel to it when bathing. This portable shower system allows you to have a real shower in your hands. No more lifting 20 to 40 pounds of water 4 feet above your head. It is a specially designed that can be attached to just about any bottle to convert them into a shower. What a quick and simple solution to such a traditional problem without the hassle of a lot of gear.

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Volkswagen Camping Tent for Families

Are you simply into camping and really want to be the coolest, most awesome person around? This Volkswagen camping tent is a perfect addition to your camping arsenal. Recreating the look of the famous Volkswagen van hippies used to camp in whenever they went to concerts and outings, this incredibly cool camping tent is really easy and quick to set up for a hassle-free camping experience. Not only that but the VW camper tent is also incredibly roomy and it allows for up to 4 adults sleeping inside the 2 separate rooms it features.

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Hanging Tent Cocoon Hammock

Elevate your camping experience to a higher level with the cocoon hammock. This lovely, beautiful hanging tent is absolutely perfect for anyone that really needs to relax, unwind and taking easy for a while but it will fit into anybody’s life: simply hang it up in your backyard and climb into it with a book and a blanket. Get yourself away from the world’s stress and take a pleasant nap in the air whenever you want.

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Collapsible Storage Bins

Like to be room-savvy yet big bulky gadgets take you too much room so that you can’t fit anywhere during a camping trip? Any campers that realize that it’s better for an object not to take up a lot of space when you aren’t using it absolutely need this cool camping gadget! The collapsible storage bins can keep your stuff organized and gain some extra space and quickly be put together or collapsed into a tiny square. Keep them in your car or take them camping for a small, easy to carry solution!

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Standing Child Carrier Backpack

A camping trip on foot is not always an easy job, especially when you have to carry your children with you. Children are tiny, anybody with common sense and eyes can see that. And their tiny stature can pose a lot of problems to them: easy to get lost, can’t look at people eye to eye. No wonder they want to grow up soon! If you want to help your kids see the world from a new perspective during a camping journey, this child carrier is for you!

Recommended for kids 2 to 4 years old and up to 50 lbs. This camping gear is perfect for carrying the littlest, smallest ones: put it on as a backpack, let them hop on your back strap, and that’s it. Not only that but the carrier shifts most of the weight from your back to your shoulders so you won’t feel over-encumbered, tired or hurt yourself; Now make it easier and more interesting for your children to ride on your back.

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Ninox Flatlay Hammock

We’ve all been there, right? Just trying to get out and connect with nature but never really getting any sleep. We wake up feeling like a caveman when we sleep on the ground, or like a banana when we sleep in a hammock. Ever dreamed of a new experience? Then you may like the Ninox hammock. it’s the next evolution of air camp. the flat lay hammock allows you to sleep however you want, and wherever you want, with supreme comfort: lay on your back, your side, or even your stomach, comfortably suspended in the air.

And it’s incredibly strong. In fact, the weight capacity goes up to over 1,500 pounds. Another good thing is that Ninox comes with a spacious insect shield to protect you from insects. and the symmetric tie spreads out to each corner give you the room to spread out and the freedom to lay in any direction. It’s also removable so you can enjoy that panoramic view. In the meantime, the complexity has been taken out of the camping gear to make the Ninox completely knotless and incredibly easy to set up in seconds.

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