18 Cool Car Accessories That Must Be Seen in Automobiles

Pimp up your car without breaking the bank and transforming anything on the car itself. Enhancing your car means acquiring accessories that raise its value and use. The fact is, cars are essentially an extension of the house – the home away from home. It pays to carry car accessories that have multiple uses and make traveling comfortable for anyone. Revolutionize the traveling experience with items from wheel desks to headrest hangers for older folks who are always on the go. Here is a list of cool car accessories you can choose from:

Cool Car Accessories

Drop Stop

Inside the car, sliding your phone and other items in between the gaps of your seat is distracting and exasperating. Don’t let this stress you out. Install a Drop Stop seat gap filler to solve this problem. What the Drop Stop does is close off the gap in between your seat and center console. If your phone slips from your hand, you can be assured that it stays on your chair.

And no more stinky odors from food or socks that have somehow made their way in those slits. Clean everything in a snap. And you don’t need to flip your car inside out to look for fallen items. The best part is that the 2 drop stops come with gifts: a LED credit card light and a slide-free pad.

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Auto Steering Wheel Desk

Busy folks who practically live and work in their vans need a food tray or desk while on the move. This is now achievable with the steering wheel desk. Working folks and parents will love it.

The steering wheel tray can serve as a laptop table or food tray inside the vehicle while traveling. Say no more to lurking at cafes to get work done. Or, wishing you have 5 hands to hold your food. Do things conveniently through the help of the multipurpose hook on the wheeled desk. Simple to install and clean with a few snaps on the tray and steering wheel.

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Car Air Purifier Ionizer

The air you breathe inside the vehicle isn’t 100% safe. When you have pets, kids, and sports gear in the car, it can acquire various irritants and bacteria that can cause harm to your health. Remove allergens, eliminate smell and kill bacteria and viruses with the use of an air purifier.

Powered by the USB charger, it comes with a dual car charger that allows you to charge your gadgets while using the purifier. When turned on, it sanitizes the air without the help of chemicals. Making it safe for kids, pets, and people with respiratory diseases. Breathe in fresh air while on the road.

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Rightline Gear Moki Door Step

Wonder how you can clean the roof of your car without a stair? Look no further because the doorstep will make it workable for you. Get your snowboard, bags, and boxes up on the car roof using the patented doorstep. Simply hook it to your automobile’s door latch and you are ready. The maximum strength can hold up to 400 lbs. Only 8. 75” L x 3” W x 5. 25” H in size, it can fit conveniently in the trunk or dashboard drawer.

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Car Butler Headrest Coat Hanger

Businessmen and office workers won’t need to settle for wrinkled suits and jackets anymore. The headrest hanger stores suits while traveling, leaving them crisp and clean. Also, it works during the winter and spring seasons when coats and jackets have to be hung to dry. Your car now becomes a walking closet for your most essential outfits.

Place the hanger bolsters on the headrest in 3 simple steps. Coats won’t fall because of their wide shoulder design. Upgrade your car to suit your lifestyle and look like a million bucks every single time.

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Echo Auto

If Alexa has made things simpler at home, carry her with you in your car. The Echo Auto is the equivalent of Alexa for your car. Activate the app through your phone and automobile’s speaker via Bluetooth, and let Echo Auto do everything for you.

Echo Auto is the king of the road with 8 microphones and far-field technology. Never settle to listening to the radio when Echo Auto can customize your listening preference. Tune in to Spotify, Audible, Apple Music, and SiriusXM with one command. Set it to auto mode, which will automatically show your favorite contents and places. Drive with ease, tagging along with your new assistant while on the road.

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Grypmat Pro

Every vehicle owner must have repair tools and organizers in their possession at all times. No one knows when or where the automobile will act up. So, it is safe to have tools at your disposal. The Grypmat Pro is a cool accessory that makes repairing your ride swift and simple.

Put all your needed tools on the Grypmat tray in one go. Your tools are within reach and won’t be damaged by the chemicals and heat from the machine. Stay organized while tinkering around, and get the job done faster and safer. It’s a cool companion on the road for years to come.

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Saucemoto Dip Clip

Stop messing with your car’s interior because of the sauce from your favorite joint. Enjoy your favorite burgers and fries while on the road with the Saucemoto dip clip. It assures your ketchup gets to touch your fries, not your floor. Simply mount the saucemoto to the air vent and you are good to go.

The rotating mount can adapt to horizontal and vertical vents. Have some spare clips in the storage for family and friends who prefer various types of sauces. Don’t let your nuggets stay sauceless, enjoy the barbecue or cheese flavor with it while you hit the road.

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UnbuckleMe Car Seat Buckle Release Tool

How do you unbuckle kids without hurting a finger? UnbuckleMe does the trick and will keep those thumbs safe and nails complete. Toddlers can be fuzzy riders at times, which is why car seats are needed. But the problem is when you can’t remove them from their seat, it can cause twice the chaos, leading to parents or older folks hurting their fingers.

The buckle has been scientifically tested to provide ease and comfort when releasing the child from their car seat. Grandparents and older children can help younger kids get out of the car with ease. Lightweight and flexible, thus, it can be kept in the dashboard drawer all the time.

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Magic Creeper

Stressed out trying to squeeze yourself into cramped spaces to repair a car? The solution is here—the Magic Creeper. Maneuver under the house, car, or RV with less effort through the use of the mechanic and household creeper.

The black patented magic creeper doesn’t have wheels, making it comfortable to slide in and out of tight spaces. This versatile mat can also move bulky objects, such as heavy pots and filing cabinets, from one place to another, making it a great car accessory to place in the trunk for emergency purposes.

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Premium Car Glass Breaker

It is always necessary to come prepared with emergency tools stuck inside the toolbox because safety is the priority when riding down the road. Bring along reliable pieces of equipment that can save you from accidents. Wonder Point can crush any car window. Also, it can cut the safety belt in a zap so riders can slip away from imminent danger. The grip doesn’t slip and is convenient to handle in times of trouble. Reliable and safe to use, it’s every car owner’s friend when the need arises.

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Car Seat Travel Belt

Driving with babies and kids can be an ordeal for some parents. But not with the travel belt. Transporting kids, whether on the road or via plane, can be chaotic as they move around a lot. The travel seat is so versatile and light that parents can take it with them any time.

Made from heavy-duty and powerful material, it can tolerate the kids’ movement for a long time. The best way to deal with them is to tuck them carefully into their car seat while on the move. Another way is to fasten them to their stroller for your luggage while at the airport. Never regret bringing your child along. Tuck them carefully with the travel belt.

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PopSockets Car Vent Mount

While on the road, you need to focus your eyes on the road and not be preoccupied with the phone in your hands. Avoid accidents and penalties (for some states), use the PopSockets to free your hands from your smartphone. Mount it next to the steering wheel and place your phone in the holder to operate it with ease.

The sleek design makes the popsocket blend well with the car’s interior while providing a safe way to hold your phone. Compatible with most air vents, it will stay in place even when there’s a rough road ahead. Quick installation as no other tools are required.

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BISSELL AeroSlim Handheld Vacuum

Searching for a quick way to make your car’s interior spic and span? Fret no more because the handheld vacuum will spare you on a stressful day. Clean freaks will be elated at the Bissell AeroSlim handheld vacuum. Bonus, if you are a pet lover, purchasing one is a treat. As each purchase also means supporting the Bissell Pet Foundation.

No more tangled cords while cleaning your car with the cordless, Lithium-ion powered vacuum. Carry it with you on the road. And hit it up whenever you accidentally spill your drinks or when your furry friend leaves some hair on the seat. Use and charge whenever or wherever through the USB charger that came along with it.

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The Man Sham Chamois Cloth

If dogs are a man’s best friend, cars are men’s partners. When you have a treasure, a single scratch can break a heart. Giving your car occasional scrub and bath is easy but drying it up is another story. Don’t give up just yet because shammy cloth will magically clean your ride in a snap.

The shammy cloth is animal-friendly, as no sheep were harmed in its production. It has the power to suck the water from the car like a vacuum cleaner. Thus, getting rid of any water spots in a breeze. Comes in a plastic container where you can store the shammy cloth when not in use, it is guaranteed to stay with you for years of car drying.

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Silver Weatherproof Car Cover

A Man’s partner needs to be protected at all costs from the harsh weather. The weatherproof car cover provides the ultimate protection against outdoor elements. Shield your sedan from potential damages while you stay secure indoors. The weatherproof car cover is made from heavy-duty materials that can endure normal wear and tear. Its silver coating keeps the car away from harmful UV rays.

Install and remove in a snap without damaging your car. With the straps, the cover will stay secure, ready for the windy days. Comes with a door-zipper, which provides easy entry to the driver’s seat without taking out the cover. More importantly, it comes with a storage bag to safe-keep the cover when not in use.

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Gearbox Fidget Toy

Car enthusiasts will love to bring a piece of their car wherever they go. The shift lever automotive part car keyring is a pleasant addition to their keychain to showcase their interest. Not to worry, because this is only a miniature replica of the 6-speed gearbox. But what’s surprising is that it actually works!

Hook and loop the shift lever charm to your keychain. And play with it during your spare time or whenever you miss driving your car. It’s a great fidget toy for those stressful days or to chill out on a busy day. Clip it to your car or house keys and get into gear with a few flicks.

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The Original McKenzie Lumbar Roll

Driving on the road is fun but can put a strain on the back. Save your spine, and get yourself an OPTP lumbar roll to relieve yourself from back pain and make driving comfortable.

Highly recommended by experts like chiropractors and physical therapists, its long-lasting foam provides instant relief the moment you sit on the car seat. Versatile to use, you can easily snap it in or out – it can be attached to any chair, such as the car seat or office chair. Improve your posture while sitting comfortably with it.

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WeatherTech Custom Fit FloorLiner

Caring for your automobile’s interior is the best way to keep its longevity. Like houses, the vehicle’s floor has to be cared for and protected. The best way to do it is to put a WeatherTech FloorLiner on the vehicle’s footwell.

Custom-fit to your vehicle, they will not slip in and out. FloorLiners provide “absolute interior protection” as they are engineered to get rid of dirt away from the driver’s shoes and clothes. Also, the sleek design matches the car’s floor, blending smoothly with the interior. To clean, take out the floor liners and wash them with warm water and a soft-bristled brush.

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