14 Cool Desk Toys for the Stressed Out Professionals

The time has come to overhaul your desk, so it’s out with the old and in the new. But what takes a desk from plain and functional to playful fun? Innovative, cool desk toys are essential to transforming your workspace into an office worthy of the bold individual you are. Get inspired for your major desk remodel with this comprehensive list of the latest, greatest desk toys that the internet has to offer, and never dread sitting down at your workspace again!

Cool Desk Toys

Cubicle Warfare Mini Desktop Metal Trebuchet

It’s true that your desk is a space for productivity, but every now and again your brain needs a break from the monotony. Cubicle Warfare is just the desk toy to distract you and your office buddies from the daily toil for a few minutes. A fully functioning trebuchet complete with 5 spherical projectiles, the Cubicle Warfare desk toy transforms the bland cubicle into a worthy fort that no nosy colleague or demanding boss can penetrate! Easy to construct and only 7-inches in height, you and all of your office pals can pick up a model and enjoy the power behind this true-to-life miniature, the number one desk toy for combating stress in the workplace.

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Tungsten Sphere

A chic, modern desk accessory for the sophisticated professional, the Tungsten Sphere is just the toy to maximize your desktop feng shui. Though just over 2-inches in diameter, this cool sphere weighs in at a hefty 3.3-pounds, making it an optimal paperweight or a satisfying stress toy to roll about in the palm of your hand. The dense Tungsten Sphere is an elegant finishing touch to the desk of hard-working, focused professional with little time for distractions: when not in use, simply dock the mighty ball on its high-quality base for an unobtrusive accessory that co-workers will envy. Then, when break rolls around, relieve some of that stress as you appreciate the fine construction of this cool desk toy.

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Galton Board

Even the academic professional needs a few minutes to relax amidst a busy day of reports and figures. If you are in need of a relaxing desk toy that won’t completely distract from the work at hand, the Galton Board is the ideal balance of fun and education to satisfy your active mind. When you flip the Galton Board and let the balls inside run their course, you will have a front-row seat to Sir Galton’s “Law of Unreason” and the simple beauty of the bell-shaped normal distribution. Perhaps the regular arrangement of the balls after a seemingly chaotic fall will help to remind you to look at the bigger picture; and if not, you’re still sure to appreciate the hypnotic paths each ball chooses to follow. So, whether you’re a fan of theoretical physics or an overworked ball of stress seeking a soothing, dependable desk toy, the Galton Board has you covered.

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CERROPI 7 Balls Newton's Cradle

Speaking of soothing, dependable patterns and the wonders of theoretical physics, if you’re on the hunt for a more hands-on desk toy that satiates your curious mind, the CERROPI Netwon’s Cradle is another brilliant display of energy at work. Swing one or several of the seven metal balls on the cradle, and be inspired by the elegant dance between potential and kinetic energy. Rest assured, if you aren’t a fan of physics, you don’t need to understand the processes behind this cool, addictive desk toy – just sit back and watch the mesmerizing back and forth of the CERROPI Newton’s Cradle at work. The smooth, stainless-steel balls are guaranteed to continue swinging back and forth for at least 40-seconds; just make sure no one nearby will be distracted by the calm, predictable clink of 8-milometer balls hitting one another for a good minute or two!

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OLOID Mathematically Perfect Desk Sculpture

Predictability is all well and good, but sometimes the best desk toy to distract your overworked brain is the unique, unexpected one. Oloid, for instance, is a toy shaped like no other, designed in the form architect Paul Schatz envisioned nearly a century ago. A polished, stainless steel accessory in a shape pulled straight from a mathematician’s mind, the Oloid is impossible to look away from when it begins to roll across your desk. Like the Tungsten Sphere, the Oloid is a durable, eye-catching desk accessory that will captivate your mind when in use, and remain unobtrusively out of the way when its time to get down to business. Impress your desk neighbors with a neat glimpse into history with the cool motion of the Oloid desk toy.

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Craighill Jack Puzzle

If you want a fun but frustratingly challenging desk toy that keeps your brain working while on break, you’re in luck – the Craighill brain teaser is a puzzling accessory with no simple solution. Only 3-inches tall and consisting of a mere 6 pieces, you might be anticipating a mind-numbingly easy puzzle, but the Craighill brain teaser is anything but. The solid brass pieces are beautiful and strong, but while your colleagues compliment your unique new accessory, these 6 smooth metal pieces are sure to torment your mind in the best way possible. When work is a grind and your mind needs a distraction, the Craighill brain teaser is ideal for working a new part of the brain in a fun, challenging way. Are you up for the challenge?

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Penguin POP Action Paper Craft kit

On the most demanding days, you’re not looking for a challenge or a glimpse into the realm of theoretical physics – you want a simple, fun activity that will truly let you disengage from the chaos. With pre-perforated sheets and pictorial instructions included, the Pop-Up Penguin isn’t a desk toy that aims to give you a headache. Instead, you get a cute, colorful friend to sit by and encourage you when the grind feels unmanageable, and all you need is this handy kit and a few minutes to assemble him! Let out your crafty side next time you need to de-stress, and pick up a Pop-Up Penguin as your next cool desk toy – adorable grin and vacant gaze included!

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Original 3D Wooden Brain Teaser Puzzle

Have you spent hours on an old gaming device or on your mobile phone playing the classic Tetris game? If so, how about trying your hand at a real-life version? This wooden desk puzzle is perfect for giving your brain a workout as you figure out how to fit each of the T shaped pieces together. The puzzle is classy looking and despite being a toy, will add an executive feel to your desk. It comes beautifully presented in a wooden box and each of the pieces has been finished with a durable and attractive paint. After a long day of challenges, the wooden puzzle not only exercises the mind but also proves to be a relaxing activity ideal for winding down. This puzzle makes a perfect gift but is also ideal for treating yourself.

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If you work in an office with other people, there may be times when you all need to get involved in a fun activity to boost morale or simply kick back on your lunch hour. If this sound familiar, then this Quoridor game might be the ideal solution with the capacity for 2 to 4 players, you and your workmates are sure to have endless fun. The aim of the game is simple – get your pawn from one side of the playing board to the other before any of your opponents do. Sounds easy, right? Think again, each of the players has the opportunity to block others with fences giving them a chance at the win. For desk workers who like a challenge and want to bring a bit of fun into the office, this is the perfect desk companion.

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Speks Magnetic Blocks

We know that being at work can be stressful and oftentimes you need something to relax and take your mind away from the daily grind – and that is where Speks comes in. This cool desk toy is ideal for kids and grown-ups alike so may make a treat for your own workspace or a gift to delight your kids after they’ve done their homework. The little magnets are designed to relieve stress through building as many cool designs as your mind can cook up. What’s more, they are perfect to help break bad habits and are extremely satisfying to play with. Coming in a variety of colors, there is a Speks set for every taste and every office style. If you’re struggling with what to build, the Speks website has a quirky section known as ‘Speks education’ which gives you a great tutorial on how to create a multitude of incredible designs.

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ForeverSpin Mini Metal Museum

If you are looking for a cool desk toy that exudes sleekness and will be a talking point then this beautiful ForeverSpin set will certainly deliver. Not only is it super aesthetically pleasing but it also provides great entertainment for the owner. The metal base features five, different colored spinning tops made from premium metal that will stand the test of time. The tops have a variety of functions, simply sit and fiddle with them while you work which is proven to improve focus and productivity or play against your friends and colleagues to see who can get their top to spin for the longest. If you don’t feel like playing, these spinning tops serve as a timeless and classic piece of art that is sure to be loved by everyone.

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Model Kit of The Star Orb

This stunning star orb is certainly a cool desk toy that will be a conversation starter, with its intricate design and geometrical theme, this is a desk embellishment like no other. However, the star orb requires assembling which is ideal for anyone with a technical mind and likes a challenge. Take a break from your work and spend some time creating a piece of art that will bring many hours of pleasure as it decorates your workspace. Looks can be deceiving and with the star orb being fashioned from board paper, it might be easy to think that it isn’t durable but you would be wrong. When it is assembled, the star orb is surprisingly strong and the laser-cut design is precise and very pleasing to the eye.

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The Shape Shifting Box

SHASHIBO comes in a variety of bright, psychedelic colors that, if nothing else, make an exciting centerpiece for your desk. However, that is not all that this box has to offer. Whilst it may appear as a simple cube at first glance, SHASHIBO is also known as the shape-shifting box and is sure to astound and delight anyone viewing its magical transitions. The box has the ability to morph into 70 geometric shapes – can you figure out how to create all of them? Perhaps pit yourself against your workmates and see who can discover the most shapes. The box works with the help of integrated magnets and makes use of a handy mobile app to give you detailed instructions on how to make the most out of the cube.

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NiceBalls Dangling Stress Relief Balls

This hanging desk toy makes the ideal gag gift for anyone who is a ball lover. Not only is this a hilarious looking stress toy but it also comes with a beautiful cocoa-vanilla fragrance, giving your desk area a wonderful scent while you work. The new and updated version of the Nice Balls features super soft material and improved smoothness meaning that no matter how much you play with them, they will always retain the color and shape. In addition to being great for stress relief, the Nice Balls are ideal for exercising the hands, wrists, and fingers – this is especially useful for anyone who suffers from repetitive strain from excessive typing, for example.

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Isn’t life at your desk sometimes really boring? Wouldn’t your work life be so much more interesting if you had some cool desk toys to entertain you whilst you completed monotonous tasks? With these cool desk toys, no longer does your desk have to center solely around work-themed items, and your workspace can go from uninteresting to the talk of the office in no time at all.

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