19 Cool Keychains to Break the Stereotype

Who says keychains are boring and worthless? Give your key buddy a revamp and search for multi-purpose devices that are lightweight and easy to use. Keychains can have numerous usages besides carrying several keys. Nowadays, it is all about personalizing your accessory to reflect your lifestyle.

Modernization has made it possible for new products to emerge. From the bulky Swiss knives and huge flashlights, they created miniature versions of keychains. Don’t settle for what you are accustomed to. Search for items that show more of your personality and how they can be of use in your daily life. Here are several cool keychains you can choose from:

Cool Keychains

Geekey Multi-Tool

Geekey Multi-tool breaks the stereotype keychain, providing the owner with various features in one pocket tool. With 16+ functions and a TSA-compliant serrated edge, it is a must-have device for outdoor lovers and handymen. Bikers can utilize the bike spoke key and Phillips’s screw to fix their ride while on the road. Campers will love the can opener, serrated edge, bottle opener, and scoring tip when seeking adventure in the great outdoors.

Rather than bringing a toolbox, handymen can make use of the screwdriver, Phillips, wrench, bit driver, ruler, and wire stripper all in one tool. Masked as a master key, Geekey is a cool multitool that will change people’s perspectives on keychains.

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World's Smallest LED Flashlight Keychain

Ditch the old-school keychain dangling on your waist. Find one that reflects your hobby or interest. Gun lovers will love this mini-tactical bullet keychain. Made from aluminum, it’s an accessory that is waterproof, fireproof, and tough for everyday use.

Never belittle its size. This small but tough 2.5cm tall keychain can illuminate the dimmest corner with its 20 lumens and 100,000 hours LED life. Unlike other bullets, it can save lives and shine up to 1 mile. Equipped with 3 LR44 batteries, it emits light like no other. Definitely, a cool keychain that will shock anyone with its efficiency.

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KeySmart Safe Box Cutter

No, it’s not a generic key but a KeySmart SafeBlade. On the outside, it looks like any normal key next to other keys. However, SafeBlade is more than that. Staying true to its name, it is a cutter safe to use anytime. Also, it is small and durable enough to double as a keyholder.

SafeBlade is the go-to tool to open boxes and packages. Like other cutters, it rips through thick cartons and tapes. But, it safeguards your fingers or skin from cuts. Built to last as it is made from sturdy materials with a unique design. Get the job done in a snap.

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Lever Gear BitVault

Why bring a belt bag when you can have one powerful tool with several functions? When you worry about small items that can get lost in your pocket or bag, the BitVault Lever Gear is the answer. The lever gear can carry pills, stamps, SD cards, phone adapters, 6 hex bits, and several other items. The removable strap clip works not only as an organizer or storage but, also, as a cool keychain.

For people on the go, this is the ideal waterproof canister for small items. No need to flip your bag or pocket upside down to look for these items. Organize them neatly in the easy-slide-out metal drawer.

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Waterproof Container Keychain

Exploding with several surprising features, the container keychain will break everything you know about keychains. The torpedo shape alone can put anyone off guard. But not to worry because it will not blow off. In fact, it can save a life because of its special ability to break glasses in the midst of an emergency.

The container keychain can carry small items, making it the perfect EDC kit. Works as a pill fob that’ll keep them dry in any circumstance because of its waterproof feature. The perfect metal container for outdoor lovers who carry small items with them for everyday use. Slide some bills, matches, and flintstones and you are good to go.

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Sriracha Hot Sauce Keychain

Looking to spice up your life? Sriracha lovers, this one’s for you! Never be disappointed again not having your favorite condiment in the restaurant. The Sriracha2Go is the perfect hot sauce keychain to satisfy your cravings for fiery hot cuisine.

The unique keychain comes with a flip-top and leak-proof cap making it easy to squeeze the hot sauce out. After consuming the hot sauce, refill it again with your favorite condiment on the go. It comes with stainless steel carabiner so you can clip it with the rest of the keys. Simply unclip the sauce every time you want to spice up your meal, whether at the restaurant or on the go.

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True Utility FireStash Lighter

Fire up your old keychain and exchange it with this True Utility FireStash. Keychains don’t need to be mere accessories: they should come with a purpose. True Utility is a small keychain that works as a lighter. The answer to every camper’s dream.

The keyring canister measures 1.8 inches but has the power of a regular lighter. Best of all, it is waterproof and refillable. Ignite light wherever you are with this miniature lighter. Creating fire in the wilderness is easy with this camping essential. It can be attached easily to your keychain, so the risk of losing it is very minimal.

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Slice off unnecessary decorations from your keychain. Add in a Gerber zip blade instead. Made from stainless steel and fine edge blade, making it sturdy, light, and useful. Thus, the ideal pocket knife to open any box or package.

Smaller than an adult’s palm, it is so handy and easy to use. The fob can either be attached to a keychain or your jacket’s zipper. With the clip, anyone can remove it easily to cut through any carton. Slide the blade back to the frame lock when not in use and reattach it to the clip. It is convenient to use and can be used by anyone, anytime, anywhere.

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inCharge 6

Running out of battery for your gadget, and all you have is a keychain? Not to worry because the inCharge keychain is the solution. This can be referred to as the Swiss army knife of gadget lovers. Because gadgets are their weapons for every occasion.

No more tangled cables and gadgets without batteries. The inCharge keychain comes with four various cable connectors to cater to many devices. Made from zinc-aluminum alloy metal housing, copper wires, and a TPU cable guard, it is the perfect accessory for any gadget owner. Charge and transfer files on the go without having to deal with messy cable wires.

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Stainless Steel Keychain Flask

Searching for quick booze without getting spotted? A keychain flask is an answer to quench your thirst. Only 3 ” tall, it can pass the stringent security measures. The 2-ounce stainless steel flask is a nice decoration to add personality to your wimp keychain. Design-wise, it has a classic style that will last for a lifetime. Not only is it excellent for spirits but also as a vessel for other liquids like sanitizer, cologne, or soap. With the screw-on cap, the content is secured inside the flask. The keychain is attached to the cap, making it accessible anytime.

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ThinOptics Keychain Case + Reading Glasses

For those who often lose or forget their eyeglasses, ThinOptics is highly recommended. Best of all, it isn’t just another set of eyeglasses, but it’s small enough to clip next to your keys. These reading glasses have an inventive design and case that breaks boundaries and imagination.

ThinOptics readers are convenient to carry anytime as it is feather-light. Made from shatterproof, optical-grade polycarbonate, it’s not for single use but will last a lifetime. Not to worry because it fits perfectly on a vast majority of noses. Also, the keychain case makes it lightweight and easy to store when not in use.

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Diamondback Rattlesnake Head Keychain

Hiss at anyone who tries to take or borrow your keys. Master key holders will find this a fun accessory to use with the rattlesnake head connected with the rest of the keys. People will think twice about borrowing your car keys from now on.

The keychain is designed with an authentic eastern diamondback rattlesnake head. Not only that, it is 100% real taxidermy with the snake’s mouth wide open, showing its fangs. Nothing is as tough and exotic as this keychain that makes an interesting gift for yourself or a friend. It will spark curiosity and will quickly become the talk of the town at any gathering.

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Tennis Racket Keychain

For people who are ready to smash the ball each time, the sports keychain is an excellent fit. A novelty item that can provide quick entertainment when the day gets tough. It comes in a variety of sports, such as success, basketball, and tennis.

The tennis keychain makes a cute accessory next to your keys. Made from quality zinc alloy, it will stand the test of time, away from distortion and dampness. The pendant is versatile as you can hang it as a cool keychain or pendant for your bag. Add some character to your bunch of keys to identify it quickly from the rest.

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RepliCade Insert Coin Keychain

Get into the sentimental vibe with the Insert Coin Keychain. Throw yourself back to the 90s era when kids line up in arcades to play games. Bring in the youthful vibe with this novelty keychain which is a perfect replica of the arcade machine coin door.

Coins cannot be inserted into the slot. But you can press the light-up switch to bring the keychain to life. The batteries won’t empty either as it comes with an auto shut-off feature. Perfect as a fidget toy and collector’s item for those who love retro and gaming. Light enough to dangle as a keychain for your car key or house keys to usher in the nostalgic vibe.

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Mini-SkateBoard Key Chain

Add a character to your keychain with an item that’s close to your heart. Skateboarding fans and skateboarders will find the one-of-a-kind keychain “gnarly.” They will be landing bolts with their fingers on this miniature skateboard.

The skateboard charm will make a statement in a common keychain. It’s a good way to spruce up your accessory. Also, encourage the inner skater in the owner. NO need to worry about allergies, rust, deformity, and fade as it will last for a lifetime. All they need is a miniature brain bucket and will be snaking and flipping in every stair and concrete.

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Marvel Pewter Key Rings

“Do I look to be in a gaming mood?” Whether or not you are up for a game, you will definitely get into the mood with the Thor Hammer key ring. Who else will love this aside from Avenger fans who have been wishing to set their hands on Thor’s hammer? The miniature model of the Mjolnir, to channel his superpower. Let the charming swing next to your car key or house keys to summon his power of thunder anytime. A bit heavy from the ordinary keychain but whoever holds it is the only one worthy, right?

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Glow in The Dark Keychain

People who love sci-fi and lose their things will appreciate the TEC Accessories. The Glow Fob will shine brightly in the dark, making it easy to track where your keys are. Unlike other glow-in-the-dark materials, Embrite shines luminous green. No need for batteries.

Expose the keychain to UV light or sunlight to absorb all the light. The longer the exposure, the longer the glow in the dark. Although only 40.0 mm in length, it’s tough enough to resist any corrosion. Let your keys stand out so you won’t lose or forget them every day.

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Personal Safety Keychain

MUNIO is the keychain that defends and protects. When looking for a multi-purpose tool to bring along every day, the personal safety keychain is a must. Even experts recommend and trust the brand to keep you safe wherever you go. Give yourself and your loved one’s peace of mind with a tool that can safeguard you from untoward events.

TSA-approved and convenient to bring anywhere with its unique and colorful design, no one can tell that it can be used as a weapon. Because of its nature, it was built to be virtually unbreakable, comfortable in the hands, and light as regular keychains. Free yourself from harmful chemicals and worry about batteries because Munio doesn’t have any of those. Best of all, it even comes with an e-book with illustrations to teach you how to use the tool.

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Light & Sound Arcade Keychain

Gamers from all walks of life and ages will not be able to resist the arcade keychain, which features the light and sounds of famous arcade games such as Space Invaders, Pacman, and Galaga. No, they are not playable games but will throw you back to those days when those 3 are the games to beat.

The keychain stands 1.25 inches, which makes up the best charm for arcade fans. This charm creates the coolest sound and light that will capture the attention of anyone in the perimeter. Up close, it is a replica of the vintage arcade games in the 90s. Be swept away and be the coolest gamer in town with this novelty keychain.

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