Cool Paper Airplanes Smartphone Controlled for Beginners

Remember those school days where instead of paying attention in class and studying you would create tiny cool paper airplanes and throw them out of the window? Remember how you wished you could control better the length and direction your plane flew? If you want a more efficient, more modern, fresher version of the fantastic toy of your childhood days, we have the perfect solution for you: the smartphone-controlled paper airplane.

This fantastic set will allow you to create cool paper airplanes as it includes a design for a crash-resistant design that will fly for about 180 ft (or 55 meters for those that don’t use Freedom Units) and a robotic base where you can mount your paper airplane in to be able to control it through an app that is iOS and Android compatible !

Using the app is amazingly easy too: tilt the smartphone from left to right to maneuver and change the flight path and use the throttle lever to ascend or descend. In addition, the app features a battery level indicator, charge status and range indicators, plus an air traffic control attribute (including an in-app flight academy to teach you how to properly operate your tiny cool robotic paper airplane and learn how to do neat tricks with it !)

If you would love to introduce your kids to a game from your childhood or if you are a big child wanting to experience a blast from the past, taking a try at some robotic cool paper airplanes is going to give you something new to do!

8.7Expert Score

Remember your boyhood love for a paper airplane?

Adjustable modes
180 feet range

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