19 Cool Piggy Banks to Save Your Money In Style

The new year calls for new resolutions and there’s no better one out there than saving up some cash for future use. However, if you constantly find yourself bringing home piggy banks year after year without filling them up, it’s time for you to break from the tradition. We have lined up the most unique coin containers in the market today that will surely spark your motivation to save those extra pennies in your pocket.

Each of these unique piggy banks has added features that make it interesting – you may even find yourself purposely exchanging your bills for coins just to fill them up faster.

Cool Piggy Banks

Lefree Digital Counting Money Jar

Save yourself the hassle of counting coins after a year of saving up with this digital bank. It comes in a sleek see-through glass design that does the counting and recording for you whenever you drop any coin. The battery-operated counter can accurately recognize US coins.

When emergencies strike and you need to use some of your savings, you can simply open up the jar, take some coins, and subtract the amount from the counter by pressing the minus button. It’s even a great gift idea for kids to help adopt their habit of saving while also learning math at the same time.

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Cash Box with Lock and Slot

This cash box will keep your money safe – literally! It’s a small tin box that has a lock resembling a safe box to store your precious items. Made by an unbreakable metal, it won’t budge when pounded with a hammer. Even if someone tries to take this box from you, they will have a hard time getting any items out  inside it.

It is secured by a strong lock that will only open using the key that you have. Its minimalistic design makes it look elegant, making it perfect to give not only to kids but to adults as well.

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Stainless Steel Piggy Bank

If you’re in for some serious savings this year, nothing will keep you from hitting your financial goals like this stain steel bank. It’s not created for the faint-hearted because its size itself will surely stir up a challenge. This unique piggy bank also takes the word secure to another level.

Whenever you put a banknote inside it, you cannot take it out without breaking the piggy bank for good. It’s completely closed from all sides which secures your money whenever your urge to splurge strikes. It’s the best one you can use if you have big goals – like saving up for a vacation or a wedding.

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Wooden Letter Piggy Bank

It’s hard to stop a teenage girl from spending her money on cute stuff, but she’ll have a change of heart when she sees this cute letter bank. Made of wood shaped into letters with one side covered in transparent acrylic, this highly customizable piggy bank will not only make her start learning to save but will also add a little sparkle to her room.

You can choose any letter that has some witty texts printed on its transparent surface. Because it is see-through, she’ll be able to see her savings grow which will motivate her even more to save her extra coins.

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The Piggy Box

Start teaching your kids the habit of how to budget their finances wisely as early as possible by giving them this cute piggy box drawer. Unlike traditional piggy banks, this just won’t make them set aside money and save it without a purpose. The drawers are labeled into three categories – give, spend, and save. They can divide their money according to their budget and purpose and place the amount on the designated drawers. By doing this, kids will not feel restricted because they still have something to use when they want to treat themselves or others to something nice.

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Rusticity Wood Piggy Bank

Make kids enjoy saving money by turning it into a game Jumanji style using this Rusticity box. This ancient-inspired carved wooden box will keep their money safe just like how treasure boxes do. To turn this into a game, set up a period of saving between the kids and lock each of the boxes.

Insert a few dollar bills on each box without them knowing. When it’s time for them to open the box, they will definitely feel like they hit the motherload when they see the unexpected bills in their stash. Let them count their savings and whoever has the highest amount, will receive a prize.

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Rustix Piggy Bank

Anything, no matter how small, will always become an eyesore when it is out of place. It’s time to throw that empty plastic bottle you use to hold your coins and replace it with this Rustix piggy bank. This gray minimalistic tin can keep your extra coins securely while enhancing the rustic feels of your beautiful farmhouse.

Its lid closes tightly and has a small opening that you can insert your coins into. Keep it to store your extra pennies or quarters. If you have a restaurant, you can even use it as a container to hold tips from your customers. When it’s full, you can open it by holding the base securely and pulling the loop on top.

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Clear Acrylic Money Saving Bank

Save your money in style by dropping them in this sleek acrylic bank. Its minimalistic design makes it a great way for you to see your money growing every day while functioning as a unique decor to display on your counters. This will make sure that you get to achieve your savings goals because this only has one opening.

When money goes in, it has no way out. You have to wait for it to become full because breaking it is the only way to remove the money. Plus, this unique piggy bank is very durable, unlike glass or ceramics. It won’t easily break from falls because of its thick and sturdy material.

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Money Savvy Pig

Toss the usual piggy bank out and replace it with a pig that does more. The money savvy pig will not only house your saved up coins but will also help you separate them according to their purpose. Its body is divided into four sections – save, spend, donate, and invest.

Each of the sections has a different opening to insert coins to – a great way for you to kickstart your budgeting game. You can even give some to kids so that they can also learn how to budget their money at a young age.

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Puzzle Box Enigma Secret Explorer

Isn’t it wonderful if there’s something that can help you calm yourself down whenever your compulsive buying urges appear? Well, this puzzle box will do just that. This removes instant gratification because it will tease your brain with puzzles first before you can get the treasures inside.

Solving this is no easy task – you have to figure out different kinds of combinations before you can come out with the code. It’s challenging enough that just seeing it will discourage you to try in the first place. Plus, you will also feel like you have unlocked a hidden treasure when it’s time to open it.

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Decorate Your Own Piggy Bank

If you still have the soft spot for that adorable swine coin container but you want something that is unique, this DIY bank will give you what you want. It is a kit that comes with 12 piggy banks that can be painted and decorated any way you want to. Let each of the family members design their own piggy banks using whatever materials they like. Display it in your living room to give the space a unique vibe while also reminding the whole family to drop some coins whenever they see it.

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Automatic Stealing Coin Bank

A kid will rather buy something sweet with his coin rather than place it on a piggy bank. However, not this one. You’ll be surprised how much he can save in a short time. This unique coin collector will definitely catch any kid’s heart and won’t get enough seeing the cute puppy pushing the coin into its slot.

They’ll definitely feel like they have their own pet dog in their bedroom where they get to feed it with coins. You might have to prepare extra batteries though because we are sure that he’ll never get tired of placing coins inside the dog bowl.

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Moonjar Classic Educational Saving Bank

Train future millionaires on how to make their money grow and budget them wisely using this Moonjar. This unique bank allows kids to start their financial literacy at a young age – a perfect tool for them to be introduced to budgeting and accounting. With three compartments, it allows them to divide their money into three and allocate a budget for spending, saving or sharing. Most importantly, it comes with a passbook. They can track their deposits and withdrawals in this piggy bank by writing them down – a beginning skill that one needs to learn financial concepts.

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LEGO Pig Coin Bank

Bring the fun in saving by incorporating play and creativity into kids’ piggy banks. This LEGO kit will allow them to build their own unique coin collecting swine from scratch. Since they are the ones who built the piggy bank, they will surely love to drop as many coins as they can to fill it up.

With the perfect size to kickstart any kid’s saving journey, it’s big enough to allow a kid to save for a decent amount of time, but not big enough to make him impatient while waiting for the day he can open it up.

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Produco Metal Money Coin Bank

You don’t have to give yourself a hard time opening up your piggy bank after it’s full when you have these Produco metal coin banks. These shiny babies have tabs on them that allow for easy opening whenever you reap what you saved.

Just like other one-way piggy banks, this will also help you control your spending because once you open the can, there’s no turning back. Due to its simple minimalistic design, you can customize it however you want. You can add stickers or labels on them to indicate the purpose of the money you are saving for.

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Face Money Eating Box

This face box will literally eat its way into your kids’ hearts that they won’t mind giving all their pennies to it. It’s a unique piggy bank that will surely produce some laughs by adults and kids alike simply by looking at its face.

When you and your kids have some coins with you, try putting one into its mouth and you’ll see how this will instantly gobble them up. Whether you have quarters, dimes, nickels, or pennies, it won’t matter. All coins will suit its palate. When it has its fill of eating up coins, these can be easily removed by opening up the bottom compartment.

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Pig Statue Polyresin Coin Bank

Attract the fortune into your own home by decorating your living space with something that symbolizes wealth and fortune. The HAUCOZE piggy coin bank is the perfect addition to your home decor that will not only add some luck and sparkle but will also help you save some cash for future use.

Made from 100% polyresin and coated with non-toxic paint, it’s perfect to give even to kids, especially to those who adore pigs since it also comes in a beautiful printed box that’s ready for gift-giving.

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Balloon Money Bank Bunny

Every day will feel like a birthday party when you decorate your living space with this balloon bank. This looks like a party balloon shaped into an adorable little bunny that won’t fail to add a touch of a whimsical element to any space. Not only a great decor, it also doubles up as a coin bank.

Say goodbye to loose change cluttering your counters or shelves because this coin bank will give them their own space in the house. Plus, when you see this, it will encourage you to drop a few coins to save up for future use.

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Coca-Cola RED Contour Bottle Bank

When you love Coke so much but need to stay away from the drink, it’s time to get this Coca-Cola bottle bank to save the day. Place this inside the kitchen and drop a coin whenever you can’t help drinking a bottle of this all-time favorite drink.

22 inches tall, invite your whole family to join you in the challenge – it’s more than enough to fit in all the coins the family has in the house. Plus, when you fill this up, you will have enough money to enjoy a little getaway with the whole family.

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