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8 Most Popular Cool Shoes That Will Make You Say WOW!

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Great changes have taken place in our everyday lives and everyday objects. Everything around us become smarter and cooler. The way we go shopping becomes cooler due to the booming of E-commerce; The way we communicate with each other becomes cooler due to the rapid development of smart wearables, watches, pens, glasses and so on; and I’m pretty sure that the increasing and constant miniaturization of smartphone and computer technology, our traditional electronic output and input such as keyboards, mouse, and speakers will disappear in the foreseeable future. However, what happens to our everyday shoes?

A lot of people may ask, “ Can our shoes become cooler too?” The answer is yes, and I also know that different people may have different needs for cool shoes due to so much different factors. For example, travelers may completely different preference than white-collar; and kids may also have different preference than seniors and adults.

With that in mind, we came up with a list of top 10 cool shoes 2019. and I’m 100% certain that you will find the right one for you here.

Ready? Let’s dig in.

NO.1-Vibram Men's and Women's Furoshiki Sneaker

Furoshiki is a minimalist shoe that revolutionized the concept of walking “barefoot”. The concept behind the shoes is that it’s basically one sole, and the whole shoes can be concluded in one word, cool!

Ever since 1935, Vibram has been dominating the outdoor shoes market with its constant innovation and hard working. Due to this, Vibram has launched lots of series successfully, such as the climb series, grip series, fivefingers, safety series, and of course, the furoshiki series. Among which, Furoshiki made itself outstanding.

Furoshiki is a minimalist shoe that revolutionized the concept of walking “barefoot”. The concept behind the shoes is that it’s basically one sole, and the whole shoes can be concluded in one word, cool!  It’s not only versatile enough to fold for travel, but also comfortable enough for all-day wear. The freeform footwear features a flexible wrap-around design, which is lightweight for a comfort fit. Furthermore, the footbed is cushioned lightly, providing a sustanable support. As to the outsole, it offers a tremendous traction that prevents you from slipping on any smooth surface.

Last but not the least, they are incredibly easy to maintain. Maybe you have a little concern where you feel as if they need washing, actually it’s quite simple, you can wash them in cold water and then hung to dry. once they get dried, you can put them on and continue. Quite simple, isn’t it?

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Wearing a pair of Vibram FiveFingers is very different from wearing conventional footwear. every step taken in FiveFingers is an experience in texture, ground feedback, and awareness that can keep us better connected to our environment.

The Vibram five fingers men’s shoes are advertised by the producer as shoes for the cooler weather. but not to make a mistake or misread that for a winter shoe. It’s definitely not a winter shoe and that is for two reasons which I will explain at the end of this review.

So let’s start from the positive side. 

Although most Vibram five fingers men’s shoes give you the impression of wrapping perfectly around your feet, this version does the best job so far. Wearing a pair of Vibram FiveFingers is very different from wearing conventional footwear. The toes are separated – just like on our feet! Because of these features, every step taken in FiveFingers is an experience in texture, ground feedback, and awareness that can keep us better connected to our environment.

Apart from the comfort, they are very light which you don’t really expect from most shoes. one shoe in size 43 European weighs around 220 grams, while size 39 will drop down to 175 grams. And you can barely feel the weight on your feet due to them being a bit thicker both in the sole and in the upper material. 

Some of you may doubt if they are equally flexible as the other models. right? Well, naturally they are just slightly less but it’s a truly insignificant difference. The thin, flexible, and deconstructed sole allows the foot to curl and flex.  And you can feel your foot moving naturally against the ground just as well as in the other models. and personally I even prefer the slightly thicker sole for a bit more protection and caution. 

Another amazing feature is the grip that the Vibram five fingers men’s shoes provide. Been wearing them multiple times in a rocky uneven terrain, and not once did I have a problem of slipping, even on a slightly wet surface. They guarantee a solid confidence that they will make an excellent running or trekking shoe, for those who prefer more challenging. 

Last but not least, let’s not forget about the design and the overall look. if you already overcome the barrier of five separate toes, which I know might be a huge issue for some people. Then you are up for a treat. Because in my opinion, Vibram five fingers men’s shoes look like a really cool trekking shoe. There are two color versions  – black and brown. And in case of women’s models, there are some purple at them, including the shoelaces. 

Finally, let’s move back to the reasons why Vibram five fingers shouldn’t be treated as winter shoes.

First they are not warm enough. although the inside of the shoe has been lined with wood, the thickness of the player isn’t provided enough insulation. In my opinion I’m not able to say objectively what is the limit of temperature, as we all experience it differently. But in my case I was able to comfortably use them while outdoors. there was between 0 and minus 5 Celsius plus quite strong winds. so I would say that any temperature below might start being too cold for these shoes. but again it all depends on your personal threshold. 

Second reason is the fact that they are not waterproof. And since winter is rather wet season that completely disqualifies this model from being winter friendly. Although the sole is quite thick, what can be sure is that no water will penetrate it straight from below, the upper material will give in quickly. The most exposed part is the space between your toes. And it doesn’t even take hard rain to get your feet wet inside. I found myself walking just on wet pavement after the rain and feeling moisture between my toes just after a few minutes.

So these are the only two drawbacks I felt which are worth mentioning. However, on the other hand, Vibram five fingers men’s shoes are not advertised as winter or waterproof Footwear. so technically we can’t expect that from them.

The very last thing I wanted to turn your attention is the size of this particular model. On the official Vibram website there is an information that you should go up one size from your regular five finger size. So be very careful to try them on yourself before buying if you have the possibility of course.

  • Comfortable
  • Super Light
  • Flexible and Thin
  • A Strong Grip On Outdoor Surface
  • Nice Design
  • Not Waterproof
  • Not Warm Enough
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NO.3- Powerlace Self-Lacing Shoes

If you were given the choice, would you bend over to tie up your shoes? without ever having to lace or unlace them. we are proud to introduce the Powerlace. The new Auto lacing cool shoes which allow for efficient hands-free shoelace.

Everyday objects of our lives are constantly evolving. Phones have become handheld, computers cars are smarter and cleaner, watches have turned into personal assistants, but what about our shoes?

We spend most of our lives wearing them, but besides fashion designs they have seen little evolution in the last few decades. We bend over to tie them to untie them, they come undone, they get stuck in our bike chain, we leave the laces tied all the time, and damage our shoes.

Sure we have velcro shoes and zippers, but you still have to bend over, and they don’t fit nearly as firmly as good old laces. 

To figure out a way to create shoes that fit firmly and comfortably, without ever having to lace or unlace them. we are proud to introduce the Powerlace. The new Auto lacing cool shoes which allow for efficient hands-free shoelace.

Thanks to one of the world’s most advanced self-lacing shoe technology. Powerlace is WEIGHT ACTIVATED, which means it uses the power of your own body. 

On the other hand, Powerlace Allows for real hands-free shoe tying, it is dedicated to bringing its innovative product available to the general public. Many experts believe that it will be a game-changer in the shoe industry. In fact, if you were given the choice, would you bend over to tie up your shoes

Furthermore, Powerlace simplifies your everyday life to the largest extent. The first time you wear them, slide your foot in, adjust the tension once, and you’re set, you’ll never have to bend over again. To take off the shoes, use your other foot to press down on the back lever. it’s that simple!

Powerless shoes will change forever your lacing experience, allowing you to take advantage of a snug shoe. Fit while on the go.

  • Quick Release
  • Weight Activated
  • Patented Technology
  •  Less budget friendly

Most of us live in cities. We spend most of our time in closed concrete cubes or in metal boxes. our bodies are wrapped under layers of clothes, the part of our body that suffers the most are our feet. all day long they are literally locked up in tight shoes. 

There’s nothing like the feeling of finally taking your shoes off, and let your feet breathe at the end of the day. when summer comes and temperatures get high, we can’t wait to get our shoes off. the dream is wearing barefoot shoes on the beach and ideally anywhere. but on rough ground our feet need to be protected. To achieve this, the IGUANEYE freshshoes are a good choice.

Different from flip-flops and other type of sandals, which are inefficient, old-fashioned, and have a design that haven’t evolved for centuries.

The IGUANEYE barefoot shoes are inspired by the Amazonian Indians that used to dip their feet directly into natural latex to create a second skin, thereby protecting their feet. 

With the new concept, the ultra minimal piece of technical rubber will only wrap around your big toe, and you heal.  therefore, the iguaneye freshshoes provide a Perfect heel support and toe protection – stays on your feet!

By doing so, it secures a thick and soft ergonomic sole. the Inner is made up of leather and cork; the Outer Material is Advanced elastomer. they assemble together like a 3d puzzle, and guess what? it holds. The cool shoes fit and feel like a second skin. the feeling is literally as if carpet is set in front of your feet.

All the Iguana products are a hundred percent made in Portugal. there are two types of sole available. the first type is the luxury one, which is made of cork and leather. leather is ultra soft for your feet, and cork absorb sweat. the second type is made of EVA foam, a flexible foam that is ultra light and waterproof.

At all times, the IGUANEYE barefoot shoes help you walk as if you were barefoot on any type of grounds. Put them on and walk like never before.

  • Ultra-minimal design
  • Breathability and Flexible
  • Fits and feels like a second skin
  •  Less budget friendly
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NO.5- Sealen Barefoot Shoes Beach Foot Pads

Go anywhere barefoot with these stick-on foot pads. Hypoallergenic adhesive pad for walking freely wherever you want!

Imagine a world where you could just jump and run around with barefoot without worrying or being fearful.

Imagine walking without shoes on your feet….on grass or on sand, you’ll experience a sensation that people who use shoes just can’t feel. 

SEALEN Barefoot shoes is the ultimate way of protecting your feet in every circumstance, at the swimming pool, and at the water park, they will protect your little one from cut, infections, or slipping on the ground. Want to take a walk outdoor without wearing any kind of shoes? it won’t be a problem anymore. 

Because SEALEN barefoot shoes will perfectly pickup to your soul and protect them from cuts on every kind of ground. forget about carrying around stupid flip-flops.

The best thing is the adhesive layer of SEALEN barefoot shoes is made of certified hypoallergenic materials. It sticks to your feet easily and can be washed away by water, making sure that you can enjoy your time without any anxiety.

And for another thing, Since it’s hassle-free, SEALEN definitely allows you to rediscover your environment with no unpleasant surprises!

However, each coin has two sides, the same goes for SEALEN barefoot shoes. It’s not currently reusable, it’s a disposable product. If you are okay with this small inconvenience, the SEALEN is amazing.

  • Adhesive hypoallergenic
  • Environmental friendly
  • ANTI-SLIP and waterproof
  • Not currently reusable
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NO.6- Shinmax Fiber Optic LED Shoes

Could you imagine like walking the shinmax fiber optic shoes and go to the festival in the night? The light are multiple different colors. The super amazing night shoes come with cute design and several color options. Meanwhile, it’s quite budget friendly.

I have seen and tried some LED shoes before, but never one like shinmax fiber optic shoes. usually led shoes just have led illuminated soles, but with these, the entire shoes lights up with several optional different colors.

The shoes comes with a plain white shoebox with instruction leaflets for the LED lights, a little charging cable with two USB ports, and no manual for the shoes(obviously, it requires very common-sense operation).

The Shinmax fiber optic led shoes are very breathable and comfortable with thin material, so it’s not hugging your feet. Although well designed, the shoes are much more like made for party or festival, when compared to the outdoor sports. That is not because they are poorly designed, but due to the fact that Shinmax would not get on well with mud or puddles.

This Led shoes are made of fiber optical mesh material, which makes it ultra lightweight. You will barely feel the weight when you wear it. and probably for this reason that makes them one of the best comfortable shoes I’ve ever worn. But remember, don’t get them too dirty, because you won’t like to put these in the washer due to the charging cable.

Like I said, it’s very simple to operate. basically there is a little tab and charging cable that hides underneath a little loop on the back, it’s completely hidden, so you wouldn’t even see it. Long press the button for turning on/off, short press for 4 flashing models and scrolling through 7 optional colors. what’s more, the shoes are so separate to each other that you could design colors or patterns for each one as you wish.

Obviously, the Shinmax led shoes are for a certain occasion, especially for a party or other celebrations. So If you have a party coming up, then take this, light your life up and be the belle of the ball.

  • Cool visual effects
  • Innovative design
  • Ventilation&Breathable
  • Ultra Light Weight
  • Good to operate
  • Little Expensive
  • Care needed to keep clean
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NO.7-SHOOZ - The World's First Modular-Tech Travel Shoes

Shooz are highly innovative patented footwear that are made for traveling and allow you to mix-and-match your favorite designs, customizing your shoes for any occasion.

We’re introducing a new concept of modular shoe. skin + sole = shoes.

OKay, but how does it work? connect the skin to the sole and zip them together. Shooz are made up of two different, interchangeable parts: a Shooz Skin and a Shooz Sole. Connect the ends of the skin and the sole special waterproof zipper, just like you would with a jacket. You can customize and get creative just by choosing from the variety of skins and soles, giving you tons of footwear options for any occasion. 

For one thing, there are several kinds of skin and soles for choices. the urban, the running, and the dryer for the sole. As to the skin. you can choose Corsa for running, or Duilio for wingtip, or Mocassino for slip-on, or stringa for lace-up. make it casual, make it sporty, or make it classic. 

Second, the Shooz saves you a lot of space and weight, especially when you’re traveling. you’ll need no more jumping on your luggage trying to fit your extra shoe, all you have to do is just wearing a pair and carrying skins, flapping in your skin-pack. 

For the backpackers, Shooz is also a perfect choice. when you’re tired after a long day of walking, take out your slip on Mocassino skins, lift them on and relax. For your leisure travels, make it a sporty chic combination with a running sole and the lace-up skin. or comfy and classy with a drive sole and a slip-on skin. or with a duilio, you’ll look sharper than ever. For your daily adventures, after a day in the office, take out the corsa skins, lift them on and start your running sessions. and if you’re biking home at night, zip on reflective skins, glowing in the dark for a much safer trip. 

Another advantage is construction details. Shooz are designed and made in Italy with exactly the same quality as the best italian dress shoes. 

However, what struck me most is its money savings. once you’ve got your first soles, you may buy skins at half the price of a full shoes. As you increase your collection, you decrease your cost per shoe.

Last but not least, the modular design makes shooz super environmental friendly, it reduces the carbon footprint to the largest extent. According to a research, soles manufacturing generates the largest carbon footprint in the shoes lifecycle. By sharing one shoe with different skins, Shooz have a solution to reduce the number of soles produced.

  • Mutil-functional
  • Environment friendly
  • Portable and lightweight
  • Qualified design
  • A Little expensive
  • Available now only on Italy
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NO.8-SKINNERS: Revolutionary Ultraportable Footwear

The ultimate pocket footwear designed for all your adventures, travels and sports. Minimalist. High-tech. Anti-Odor. Durable. Awesome... Winner of RED DOT Design Award 2017.

Are you into sports?or are you into hiking?

I think to most people, the answer is yes. people enjoy the wingding hair, favorite song, and the freedom. except for those heavy shoes in our backpack. Being out in nature is where we can unwind, and get new ideas. However, it’s just really a drag lugging around those heavy boots all day.

After comparing and reviewing the outdoor footwears on the market for a few days, we found a revolutional one – The Skinners. Skinners is the most ultraportable Footwear in the world. and also, the coolest one.

It takes Skinners almost 18 months developing a better alternative to your heavy clunky Footwear. Many of us are fond of traveling or exercise, Skinners finds an easier way both for you and your feet.

The patent-pending technology says goodbye to gluten things that can fall apart over time. Skinner’s are manufactured in Europe, using the finest Swedish materials with a double coating of extra durable anti abrasive polymer, and they tested them all over the world in all kinds of conditions, to make sure they can keep up with you wherever you go. The Skinners even allows guys running marathons in them.

On the one hand, Skinner’s are light yet very durable, which makes it one of the best cool shoes. The bottom sole protects you from water and broken glasses. They fit into your pocket, don’t slip, and have a cooling effect. Best of all, you can throw them in the washer.

On the other hand, Skinners were designed to be worn almost anywhere, and anytime, except for your wedding of course. You can have Skinner’s with you all the time, like when you take a trip to Japan again.

If you’re tired of carrying an extra pair of shoes with you all the time, try skinners. They’re lightweight, portable, comfort. Simply put, the cool shoes tunes to perfection. and people are surprised to see how something so simple can be so durable.

  • Mesh ventilation
  • Toe protection
  • 80g light weight
  • Waterproof & broken glasses proof
  • Anti-abrasive double layout.
  • Washable
  • Less official
  • Less budget friendly
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