Coolingstyle The Coolest Portable Air Conditioner Ever

If you ever feel like you want to escape the heat in summer? Coolingstyle air conditioner is ultra-portable and multifunctional that lets you stay cool wherever you go. 

Not only is it easy and comfortable to use for everyone, but also light, quiet, and loaded with cool features. Coolingstyle works indoor and outdoor and is really the perfect device for any situation. For example, you can use it when camping in tents, in caravans, cottages, at the beach, in your car, or for your pet. On hot days you can even bring it to work.

Thanks to its economic design and the rotary compressor system with environment-friendly r134a refrigerant, it’s not only very quiet but also offers a high-efficiency ratio. Coolingstyle can be used with a standard power plug, a car charging adapter, or the included battery. You can manually adjust the fan speed in cooling settings.

In order to adapt to any situation and enjoy big cooling power in a tiny size, there are two USB charging ports included, and a powerful LED light that can even be turned into an SOS mode.  Furthermore, it features an ultrasonic mosquito repellent that helps you get rid of mosquitoes wherever you are. Coolingstyle is an innovative product for everyone. 

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