CordaRoy's Bean Bag Chair

If you have ever sat in a bean bag chair, you probably remember the feeling: a super-soft filling that molds to the contours of your body and feels like it’s going to swallow you.

There is such a thing as a reason why when there is only one of those chairs in a room everybody fights for the privilege to sit in it. Now, we are proud to present you something even better: the Cordaroy’s convertible bean bag chair.

When you are done with sitting and want to catch up on your beauty sleep, simply remove the cover of the chair and the filling becomes a full-sized bed! It is perfect for those that like to celebrate parties, for those with a guest bedroom or simply for anyone that likes to be super comfortable (who doesn’t !).

The cover of this chair is made out of microfiber for a soft touch, it’s easy to wash and it comes in many different colors to fit any room! So if you enjoy the comfortableness of bean bag chairs, get yourself a convertible one to be able to experience all the comfort and relaxation that this type of chair provides, but with the added benefit of being able to use it as a bean bag bed (wow, that one is a mouthful !)

7.7Expert Score

The world's only chair that turns into a bed.


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