Cozmo Robot Educational AI-powered Robot

If your kid is really interested in science and how the world works, interested in coding, developing and the ins and outs of the processes that make electronics work, or is just a big fan of Wall-E and crazy about robots, we have the perfect present for their next birthday party: the Anki Cozmo Robot.

This educational and fun robot will make the perfect sidekick for your little kid, providing hours and hours of fun while at the same time helping him or her learn the intricate mechanism of how robots work and introducing them to coding.

The Cozmo robot has been thought, created and engineered with children in mind, so not only it is completely safe and durable even with a bit of rough treatment, but it also has no small parts and has a beginner-friendly interface so even really small children can have some fun interacting with this cute, loyal companion.

The talented little guy comes with a mind of its own and looks like a real-life robot that you’ve seen in the movies. The only thing you need is a compatible iOS or Android device and the Cozmo Robot app, so don’t worry: it’s really likely that you’ll be able to make this robot work.

Cozmo robot will be a great gift for you and your kids if you have yourself a little scientist that is amazed at the mechanisms of electro domestics and their inner workings, and start them early into a lifelong love of coding and developing!

8.4Expert Score

The smartest, cutest AI-powered robot you’ve ever seen.

Battery life
Remote Control
Face recognition

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