Customizable LED Glasses for Raves, Festivals, Fun, Parties

Do you go to costume parties often? A fan of raves? Have you always wanted to be the 3rd member of Daft Punk? Do you want a cool, fancy little gadget that will make you become the coolest, funniest in your friends’ group? Then you probably would like to find out about the customizable led glasses.

The really innovative, amazingly cool led glasses come with a bunch of LEDs on the inside that will display your messages, your drawings, or whatever you would like! Just connect them to the app, prepare whatever you want to be displayed in them and go to town!

You can instantly customize the messages, change the display function (text, drawing, animation and equalizer) and display your creativity and personality by playing with your glasses! These led glasses are lightweight, foldable, and they come with built-in memory so you can have fun with them without having to worry too much.

On top of that, they come with the 2AA batteries needed to make them function, and you can connect them to your phone via Bluetooth for a hassle-free experience. This glasses are perfect for those who love to be creative and display their personality through their clothing, those that love to go to raves, fans of costume play and overall anyone who has ever dreamed of having glasses that display your emotions (yes, we get that your eyes already do that, but this led glasses do it better and are cooler, so they win).

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There is a way to get the conversation and make people buy you a drink.

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