Customizable LED Glasses for Raves, Festivals, Fun, Parties

The customizable LED glasses comes with batteries, a few pre-built things, such as the waves, fireworks. Apart from that, you can download the app and create your own message for the glasses, for example, you can put in some text and images or even draw something.

Furthermore, it allows everyone to upload and download “design”. I have to admit, that’s one way to get the conversation for a party, you just show up with that, next thing you know someone’s buying you a drink. Of course, that’s not the way it works. so kids do not take my advice.

There is something that makes you say wow, and something that is going to impact your life tomorrow. From a practical standpoint, this customizable LED glasses probably are not going to solve a problem you have. But it still deserves your attention, Unique, Fun & Entertaining! Most importantly, It shows off your creativity!

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