Cute Panties

Big Momma Undies

Ever wanted to dress up as Ms. Doubtfire? Dressing up as a granny this Halloween and want to go all out? Do you use panties that are big enough to have them double as a rough weather camping tent? We aren’t sure why you would want these cute panties, but here they are anyway for all your big panties needs: meet the Big Mama Undies!

Coming in plenty of colors and patterns but only in one size (extra, extra EXTRA big), the 100% polyester big mama undies measure about 60″ around the waist and 30″ 1/2 long. Being clearly only for decoration, these big cute panties are not meant to be used, and if they get dirty, they are to be hand washed and line dried only!

They are an amazing gag gift and again, NOT MEANT TO BE USED. They work perfectly as a gift for bachelor or bachelorette parties, bridal or lingerie showers, to be used as a part of a big granny costume, a gift for good-natured, funny grannies, mothers in law, mothers, sisters, aunts or female relatives in general (only if they have a good sense of humor please !) or for funny crazy stuff:

Put the big panties on top of your regular clothing but under a Santa costume and fill them up with toys to be the weirdest, quirkiest Santa in history; put them on at the same time as your friends and try to run a race with everybody inside the panties, use Play-Doh and the panties to create a gigantic granny statue… the world is your oyster !

Elephant underwear

Let’s be honest with ourselves: some animals have parts that are phallic in shape. Or is it the other way around? Is it peepees that resemble some animals? Well, it doesn’t matter: let’s not get philosophical here. Peepers are hilarious, animals that look like peeps are hilarious, and making your peepee look like one of the animals is extra hilarious. So make your partner belly laugh and shed tears out of joy with this insanely funny elephant underwear!

This set of boxers might not be the sexiest thing you can wear on a steamy night, but they sure are really cute and crazy funny. Made out of 100% acrylic yarn, the elephant underwear is luxuriously soft, really comfortable, and extremely warm so you can keep your nether regions toasty this Winter. In addition, it is really easy to clean: just put them into the laundry machine in the gentle cycle, or hand washes them with soap.

The elephant underwear is also really easy to wear: it is stretchy but can be adjusted to your waist with a cord so they won’t fall off, and it has a special trunk pocket (wink !) to store your family jewels (wink wink !) that will fit just about anybody so don’t worry about being too big for it.

Not only is this underwear perfect for keeping your junk warm during Winter and making your partner die of laughter, but it is also great for bachelor and bachelorette parties, bridal showers, or for any couple that has a great sense of humor.

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