Cyber Clean Home and Office New Cup (5.64 Ounce)

Studies prove that our keyboard and our smartphone are the dirtiest surfaces in our entire house: we have this nasty habit of getting on the computer without washing our hands, eating Doritos on top of the keyboard, and let the oils, dust, dirt and cat hair run wild and create a new ecosystem in our keys, right? This is definitely not the most conducive to health and cleanliness, so we probably should put an end to this, and we are to give you an excellent way to start taking care of your keyboard: the Cyber Clean.

The Cyber clean cleaning paste is made out of an antibacterial, cleaning compound that kills 99% of bacteria and can absorb dust and dirt even in the smallest crevices; and it is incredibly simple, easy and efficient to use: just press it against the surface to be cleaned, remove it and Bob’s your uncle! No hassle, no mess, and a refreshing lemon scent!

Moreover, this marvellous mound of detergent can not only be used to clean pretty much every electronic: keyboards, smartphones, and any other type of electronic device you can think off, but it can also be used to clean your car air conditioning vents or any other difficult surface you can think of!

Cyber clean is the perfect pristine paste that can improve anyone’s life, but it will be especially useful to those that use their computer frequently: for work, for fun, sleep and eat next to it… because let’s admit it, our keyboards are the dirtiest gadget and we don’t want any of that business done in the device we touch constantly.

8.6Expert Score

Clean any place that is yucky and inaccessible.

Easy to clean

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