Christmas Dancing Santa Gifts for Kids or Decoration

If you are as into Christmas as I am, it’s likely that you started listening to carols in July, looking up for recipes for the Christmas family get-together and you might in fact already be considering which Christmas decoration is going on your living room this year (or you might have already started putting up some outdoor Christmas decorations!). If you are a diehard fan of Christmas and love fun, quirky, kinda kitsch Christmas gifts you are absolutely going to adore this dancing Santa.

This hilarious dancing Santa figurine will delight kids and adults alike with his funny wiggles and his funky little dancing. The figurine is made out of completely safe materials like flannel and plastic in case the kids want to start tinkering with it, and it is also quite durable to ensure it won’t break even if it is dropped. Requiring 3 AA batteries, it activates when you press the left hand, which will make him start singing carols and backing that ass up (that is teenagers’ slang for twerking)! 

This stupidly funny twerking Santa Claus is a perfect gift for those that love Christmas and the perfect addition for those houses that really take the holidays to the next level with their funny, kitsch, tasteful decoration choices! (If you want to be really, really hilarious, make this your next Secret Santa gift; but make sure your Secret Santa partner has a sense of humour before showing them how it works !)

8.5Expert Score

Be naughty this year and have yourself a little gag Christmas dancing Santa.


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