DB Method | The Perfect Squat Booty & Body Fitness Machine

Ever wanted to know how Instagram models got That Ass ™? Well, usually it is 2 things: hours and hours in the gym squatting twice as much as their weight… or implants (well, let’s get real: all that and a lot of Photoshop). If you want to get That Ass™ but can’t spend hours and days in the gym just doing reps, we have the perfect solution for you: the DB method.

This witty, ingenious DB method machine allows you to do a bunch of squats without too much effort or too much damage to your knees. Not only that, but this machine is specifically engineered to help you keep an optimal position and isolate your glute muscles, which helps you work them better without as many repetitions. In addition, this machine can be used for an entire body workout, too, and it comes with online on-demand exercises to make the best out of your workout!

If you want to create a real, functional home gym that will help you sculpt the body of your dreams without breaking the bank, spending your days working out or needing at least twenty-three and a half different machines and types of free weights to properly be able to target every muscle, cut to the chase and purchase the DB method! (Disclaimer: the trips to the Bahamas and the tiny bikinis Instagram models use are not included)

8.7Expert Score

A full body workout machine which allows you to target on arms, chest, hip...

No-tools assembly
Easily for storage
Extendable seat

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