19 Unique Desk Decor Ideas to Brighten Up A Gloomy Workday

Let’s face it, thinking about Mondays and being cooped up at a desk for work will always get us down. Bring yourself out of this cycle and look forward to sitting on your desk by bringing in some cute desk decor ideas that will not fail to brighten up a gloomy workday. Ranging from simply beautiful accessories to your desk to being cutely functional, these items below will bring back the sparkle to your day, no matter what you need at the moment.

Unique Desk Decor Ideas

Wink - Handcrafted Statues

When the work gets a little bland, it is time to let out those creative juices. The Wink sculptures are perfect additions to a boring work table that will gain the approval of any artsy individual. These resin mini statues are designed abstractly similar to the creations of Picasso. Grab a few pieces and arrange them on your table however you want.

It will fit any occasion and can blend in with any scene that you are going for in your office decoration. If you have enough pieces grouped together, they may even look like an army of masked warriors straight from the animated series Jumanji!

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Post-it Pop-up Note Dispenser

Who says you can’t have pets inside your office? This cute cat will be the most helpful animal on your work table because it will make using Post-it notes more convenient. No matter how many notes you need to write on a busy day, this cute cat will be able to handle the challenge.

Every time you need a sheet to write your notes, it will always prepare a sheet for you beforehand. Pull a sheet and he will instantly prepare another one for you for your next use. Plus, it’s easy to refill once you run out of it.

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Fred Banana Stand Phone Stand

Gorillas are not the only ones who will go bananas once they see this cute stuff. You will too! This banana stand will allow you to enjoy looking at your phone screen hands-free! You’ll make the most out of your breaks by watching movies and eating your snacks at the same time.

It will allow you to view your screen at a comfortable angle. Never suffer from stiff necks anymore from looking down on your screen. Plus, when not in use, it injects a little humor into your desk area. You can expect that some of your office mates will say a word or two when they notice this on your table.

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Push Pin World Globe

Running out of motivation to keep going when you are at work? This push pin globe is a gift sent from heaven. By nature, humans can always rise to the occasion whenever they have a defined purpose. This globe will do just that. By using a push pin, mark your next vacation destination or your dream country to visit.

Place it within your line of sight. Whenever you feel like giving up, just look at this globe and be reminded of your dream vacation. We are sure that the image it produces in your mind will be enough to get you through the day!

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Dead Fred Pen Holder

Stressed out because of your office mates at work? Get yourself a Dead Fred before you can’t stop yourself from marching into their cubicles with a pencil in hand. It eases out your frustrations by allowing you to plunge your pencil straight into its heart.

Not only will this spazz up your gloomy desk space because of its bright color, but it will also prevent you from being stressed out from searching for lost pencils. Plus, whenever you feel like stabbing someone because of anger, Dead Fred will be there for you to make sure you won’t get fired.

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3-Tier Relaxation Tabletop Fountain

Don’t let a busy workday rob you of your inner peace. The HoMedics tabletop fountain will make sure that you can achieve a level of zen even in the midst of the hustle and bustle of work. This 3-tier fountain will chase all the stress away by producing ASMR-ish sounds that will help you relax your mind.

While you meditate, you can turn this on and recenter your mind as you listen to the calming sound. You can even decorate it with any rocks that you like to mimic the Japanese water fountains commonly seen in zen gardens.

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Forest Wolf Wooden Statue

A wolf will never back down from any challenge. Channel your inner wolf during work by placing this forest wolf on your desk. This natural wooden decor boasts a highly intricate design carved inside the wooden silhouette of this canine. It speaks of how wolves dominate the outdoors and shows how they are unstoppable because of their strength.

Whenever you feel discouraged at work, remind yourself that you have the wolf within you. No work is impossible because you have all the capabilities to tackle it, just like a wolf in the woods.

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Vocevos Modern Table Lamp

How do you say you are not in the mood to your workmates without offending them? Through colors, of course! Place the Vocevos RGB table lamp on your desk and you will no longer need to explain yourself to others whenever you do not feel like it.

This lamp can change in multiple colors – you can choose to have it all white when you need extra lighting to see your work up close or make it glow in soft warm light when you need to relax. Most of all, you can switch it to a more intimidating color, like red, to warn others that you want to be left alone at the moment.

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LEGO Ideas Typewriter Building Kit

Transport yourself to a different time and pretend that you are one of the novel writers by getting yourself this Lego typewriter. Allow your mind to imagine and fill it with adventure just like inside the pages of a novel. You’ll not only have fun building this up from scratch but also get enough tinkering with this item after it is assembled. Like a real typewriter, you can feed a piece of paper in it, and its carriage will move across as you type a letter. The best part? It even includes 43 different versions of the letter buttons!

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OrgaNice Hourglass Sand Timer

You don’t have to enroll yourself in a costly seminar just to boost your productivity at work. The OrgaNice will be enough to help you achieve goals no matter how high the mountain of work you need to tackle. This functional sand timer will not only make your space a little stylish but will also help you break down your work into smaller chunks.

This will boost your creativity by simply making your mind focus 30 minutes at a time and allowing it to rest for 5 minutes before it tackles the next batch of tasks. You’ll be surprised how tweaking your brain into this routine can make you achieve more than forcing yourself to work for prolonged hours.

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The Swinging Sticks

You no longer have to wait for the weekend to see the fascinating pendulums in science museums because you can bring one to your workspace through The swinging sticks. This gravity-defying desk decor will give you the same satisfaction of staring at a motion-style sculpture similar to those you see in museums.

Give your brain the rest it needs during breaks between work by allowing it to be pulled into a relaxing trance. By doing this, you are unconsciously giving your brain time to segregate and organize all the information it encounters at work and allow itself to be efficient in the next tasks.

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Executive Mini-Sandbox

There is nothing more relaxing than being surrounded by the ocean and sand. However, if you are still stuck at work and there are many weeks to go before your getaway, help yourself calm down amidst the stress of work by bringing in this mini-sandbox.

It will surely make any day brighter as it will give your desk space a tropical vibe. During your breaks, you can have fun and relax arranging this diorama however you like. It even has seashells and tools that come along in the kit. You can shovel up some sand into the bucket or use the rake to create patterns on it.

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F Bomb Paperweight

No matter how high your workload is, you will be blasting them into their deadlines no matter what happens. The F-Bomb paperweight is a good addition to your desk area because it will remind you that you are the bomb! You are more than capable of finishing everything, no matter how demanding the work your boss gives you.

Like a bomb, you have a power hidden within you that will not fail to explode when a single spark. No matter how much the wind blows, all your papers will stay in place. Made of heavyweight metal, nothing can escape its hold.

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Novium Hoverpen 2.0

Breakaway from your usual routine that destroys your creativity. Bring in this Novium hoverpen to your desk space and you will have your creative juices running for the rest of your day. Science has already backed up the data that task-switching can help your brain to work faster and make it more creative. This cool stuff will do just that by providing an avenue for your fidgeting needs.

Whenever you feel like you are getting bored with your usual work, take a break and spin this pen! Your brain will be amazed how it can stand by itself at an angle and spin in a trance-inducing circle seamlessly.

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Umbra Handsup Photo Holders

Bring the good vibes into your workspace by decorating it with these cute and unique Umbra photo holders. It will instantly make your day bright and playful thanks to their metallic hand icon design. You can choose any photo you like to decorate your space.

Choose those that will instantly inspire you to work hard – whether it is your family, friends, or your dream getaway. Plus, you won’t have to worry about getting any of your photos damaged because unlike others, these do not have clips on them. With a slip-in design, it will not leave any dents on your treasured photos.

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Miniature Carpet Mats

Relive your favorite Aladdin moments and let your daily work feel like you are getting on a magic carpet ride. These mousepads are very velvety – you won’t get enough sliding your mouse in them. It also won’t move no matter how jerky your hand movements are when using your mouse because it has a rubber base that will stick to your table’s surface very effectively. 

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Terra Flame Tabletop Fire Bowls

Bonding with your workmates during breaks and having fun talking while enjoying some smores is possible. Just put this Terra Flame on your desk and you will be making this dream come true. This fire bowl is made of a stone cast that effectively keeps the bowl cool even when there is a fire going.

It functions as a portable fire pit where you and your friends can roast your marshmallows effectively and enjoy them for dessert. When the office gets a little cool over the winter, you can turn to it to give you that extra warmth. It also mimics the cracking sounds of a fireplace which can be relaxing to listen to.

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Vevaldio Wooden Candle Holder

You will no longer fear the cast of a shadow when you place this unique candle holder with you. This piece of art will not fail to give any stressed-out mind to relax because it has the soothing style of zen. Its unique wooden pieces are brilliantly put together so that they will cast a unique dance of shadows on your wall whenever a candle is lighted.

Your space will instantly be transformed into a bohemian paradise where you can attune to your inner self whenever you feel lost from all the demands of work. Whenever you need to recenter, light a candle up and meditate while looking at its design, and in no time, you will be back to your balance.

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Green Dumpsty Desktop Dumpster

Keep your desk space clean at all times and have fun keeping it that way by getting yourself this desktop dumpster. It looks like a real dumpster with complete warning sign magnets and rubber lids. Whenever you crumple a piece of paper, you will no longer need to look for the nearest trash can because it is within your reach. You will be surprised that your drawer will no longer be messy like it used to be because there will no longer be pieces of paper or small plastic hiding in it. Plus, it is made to last thanks to its very durable heavy-duty recycled steel material.

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