15 Unique Desk Organizers to Accessorize Your Space

Entrepreneurs, executives, students, teachers, and office workers all need a control station to manage their lives. What’s their control station? Their desks. Despite the similarity, every individual has their own take of designing or arranging their supplies on their table. The desk is a personal space that says what about you and helps you finish the tasks at hand. In a lot of ways, it reflects one’s personality and work habits. And, it directly affects productivity and quality of work. However, organizing one’s desk is not as easy as a piece of cake. With this in mind, here are some unique desk organizers and tips to keep your desk clutter-free. After all, for every minute spent organizing, an hour is earned. 

Unique Desk Organizers

Umbra Hammock Accessory Organizer

A creative way to organize daily essentials is through the use of a hammock organizer. The hammock design brings in a tropical vibe where essential items can be stored. Unlike the usual wooden or plastic containers, it is made from microfiber fabric with a sturdy frame. One thing about this storage is its versatility. Another is its accessibility for items one uses on a daily or regular basis. Hang it on the wall or placed it on the table, the choice is yours to make. Place your daily essentials from wallet to eyeglasses where you can see them every day while staying in style.

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Three By Three Seattle Drawer Organizer

Organizing has never been colorful and bright with the Three By Three drawer organizer. Save yourself from ravaging over your drawer, frustrated because you can’t find your pen. The three colorful containers sort out various items in a fun way. Studying for students will be more organized with all their school supplies properly tucked in. Dads won’t have to flip the drawer to find the missing bolt and nuts. Mom can look pretty in minutes using the right shade of makeup. Set them up in a drawer or on top of the desk to provide quick access to the items.

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Globe Pen Pencil Holder

The fate of your world lies in your hand. Remind yourself of this one-of-a-kind globe pencil holder. When everyone else has their wooden and plastic holders, create your world with this globe-shaped organizer. Make a statement using this unique piece that can hold up to 15 pens. The resin pen pot is a view to behold giving corporate people a world’s view on their table. And students feel that the world is at the palm of their hands storing all their “swords” in one go. No outside force can bring the world down as it is durable and sturdy to stand the test of time.

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Concrete Desk Organizer

Nothing is carved on stone, except when you have a concrete organizer at home. A rather off-the-wall office improvement can make a difference in one’s space. Perfect for people who have a modern or industrial theme in their office, the concrete desk organizer will blend well with the room’s aesthetic. More than just a block of cement, the concrete desk organizer is made to display pens and business cards whimsically. When faced with writer’s block, pick up a pen from the organizer and beat the odds. It is a tool that’s not easy to knock down and creates a bold statement only the courageous can uphold.

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The Office Oasis Magnetic Desk Organizer

Cluttered space often results in a scattered brain. For people who want visibility and accessibility of their office supplies, the magnetic desk organizer is their oasis. End the drought of ideas because of missing items and disarrayed desks. Build a space that gives the sense of Office Oasis in a desert of stress. It provides relief for personnel wanting to improve their focus through a tidy space. Customize the look using the 6 adjustable compartments with a magnetic base. Mix it around to give your space a fresh look every single time until you find what suits you the best.

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Londo Leather Tray Organizer

Not everyone is up for the neatly stacked items on a wall or in compartments. For those who prefer the dump-and-go, the Londo leather tray organizer is the most convenient office decor for them. Help people who tend to misplace their glasses or keys everywhere. Dump the most used items in style using the tray compartment. The leather material makes it a cut above the rest, looks cool, neat, and handsome all at the same time. Attract the man’s attention and never see his essentials lying all over the place again. It is practical and stylish which is everything a man building his career would want.

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Orbitkey Nest

A techie geek’s wish comes true through a case that can house all their electronic essentials. Nomads will no longer be mad for having all their travel essentials in shamble. The Orbitkey Nest will be the house favorite of both techie geeks and nomads in a flash. Inside the Orbitkey, one can arrange loose items such as keys, SD cards, ID, chargers, and the like. Put everything in order through the movable divider. Lock everything in place through the elastic pouch. The special lid works as a wireless charger for smartphones and tablets. It has everything people on the go need who can’t live without their gadgets.

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Dacasso Walnut and Black Leather Desk Set

Spruce up your desk and give it an executive look with the Dacasso walnut and black leather desk set. Budding entrepreneurs and office workers with an eye on the executive post will be encouraged to move forward with this 10-piece setup. Accessorize and organize like a pro with Dacasso which systematizes your life, providing a compartment for everything from pens, business cards, papers, and even bills or mails. It even comes with a letter opener and a double pen stand for fountain pens. The icing on the cake is the luxurious leather that makes a simple desk set look fancy.

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Metal Desk Monitor Stand Riser

Not everyone has a huge workspace for their daily grind. For those who need to fit everything in a tiny space, a monitor stand riser and drawer will make wonders. Maximize the space you have by using a SimpleHouseware metal desk stand riser. Prop up the monitor or laptop on the riser and put all other items such as notebooks, pads, calculators, and the like in the sliding drawer. On either side of the riser is a side caddy for pens, sticky notes, etc. It isn’t only an organizer but it also elevates the monitor to avoid eye strain and neck pain.

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YAMAZAKI Bar-Wood & Steel Organizer

A clean and elegant design sets the bar high for home or office improvement. If you are looking for a minimalist look that offers a variety of use, the Yamazaki home desk bar is the perfect fit. The two-tier desk accessory provides a neat way to arrange various items. It has the lower deck for loss items and changes while the upper deck is for watches, jewelry, and the like. The barwood and steel frame gives off a sleek design that can tie in any space. Accessorize your space with a versatile tool that can be moved from the office to the bedroom.

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Module Wood Table Organizer

One that will appeal to both minimalist and personalizer is this wood desk organizer. Coming with three different compartments to accommodate various supplies, it can house a wide array of various items such as a watch, a phone, pens, notepads, books, clips, eyeglasses, and the like. Made from ash wood, it brings out a natural element in any space making it sleek and neat. All three wooden blocks can be separated from each other which makes it easy to arrange it whichever way you please.

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Admiral Dresser Valet Box

Desk organizers don’t have to be made of wood or plastic all the time. For a luxurious feel, opt for a Houndsbay dresser valet box made from leatherette and faux suede. This men’s jewelry box takes it up a notch, a place to organize and protect essentials from passports, wallets, watches to smartphones. Fit for an admiral or high executive’s taste, it provides both functional, luxurious feel, and aesthetic that will impress every man who has everything. Plus, it’s equipped with a drawer as watch slots, a 4-compartment box with a privacy lid, a catch-all tray, and smartphone space. 

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Noble Designs Storage Drawers

Add a pop of color to your space using the Noble Designs multi-colored drawers. Make organizing fun and exciting with storage drawers that come in stunning hues. Arrange them on a desk or pop them in closets to provide additional storage in style. Each drawer is made from plastic making it easy to transport from one place to the next. Stacking is also easy because it is lightweight. Otherwise, you can use it as a single drawer for small items like notebooks and pens.

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Colossal Caddy Bamboo Rotating Organizer

The rotating organizer is heaven-sent for every creative person. In one container, they can arrange all their colored pencils, brushes, and other art equipment in a fun, whimsical way. Sketching and coloring were made simple and relaxed with every spin of the organizer. Art begets art, a creative caddy can inspire a dozen of ideas and images to tickle the artistic mind. Children will love to have the caddy for themselves and will have fun packing away their art supplies. Adults can tap into their creativity using the modern and sleek bamboo organizer.

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Anker Cable Management

Cables can be an eyesore on any desk when left to crawl on their own. Techie geeks or people using several electronic gadgets at once will benefit the most by using the Anker cable management. Clear the space from messy and tangled wires through the magnetic cable holder. Stick it on any flat and smooth surface. It comes with a sticker that can be used and reused up to ten times until you find the perfect spot.

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Things to know when buying the best desk organizer:


When choosing the best desk organizer, you have to consider the size and what it is for. Take into account the desktop or laptop, office supplies, and ample space to write or create. With all these in mind, look for the perfect fit where it’s small enough to allow wiggle space to move and write, plus, big enough to house all your needed supplies. Basically, you want the right size to make you productive, not distracted from having to adjust it every so often.


Is having multiple compartments beneficial all the time? It solely depends on the items that will be arranged neatly in place. For people working in the office, a desk organizer with 4-5 compartments for pens, paper clips, sticky notes, stapler, and staple wires may be enough. Meanwhile, creatives may require multiple slots to sort various pencils and brushes. Take note of the items that will be used on a regular or occasional basis to nail down the number of pigeon holes or compartments needed to keep things neat and organized.

Material & Construction

After deciding on the size and number of compartments, your next task is to find a durable and well-constructed organizer that can be used for a long time. Desk accessories are made from a wide variety of construction materials such as wood, plastic, metal, resin, and even cement. What you are going to put in the organizer will dictate the kind of material to look for. Books, folders, printers, and computers may be too heavy for plastic but suitable for wood and metal.

Design & Aesthetics

The function should not get in the way of design and aesthetics. With thousands and even millions of products to choose from, having both is a sure win. This is when your personality shines through. Minimalists would go for a sleek look that hides the supplies from the naked eye. Techie geeks would want to showcase all their electronic gadgets, thus, an organizer that can house their smartphone and the like is a must. While a secretary’s table would need one that is both pleasing to the eye and provide easy access to the items on the table.

Easy to Find & Display

Organizers are made to make things easy for anyone but if you can’t find it, its functionality is useless. The last thing you want is to go back to the old ways where items are scattered everywhere. Rather than a tray, an organizer with dividers can keep each item in its proper place. When you are all ticked, you’d want an organizer that is easy to assemble and display.