Desktop Horse Racing Board Game

If you are a fan of Derby horse racing, you probably know really well how prohibitively expensive it can get: the tickets, the betting… and watching it at home just doesn’t have that same excitement as you don’t get as involved in the race when you aren’t surrounded by people who are excited and emotion-filled just like you. Want the same excitement of the Derby Horse race but with much, much less money-wasting involved? Well, get ready because the Horse Racing board game is about to change your game nights for the better.

This horse racing board game will allow you to recreate the Derby horse race in the comfort of your own home (betting is not included, but you can always add that element if you want).

This tiny desk-top game comes with 6 little horses and requires 2 AA batteries to make it work, and it comes already built so you can start playing right out of the box for a quick, fun no-hassle experience. Simply play the buttons more time per minute than your horse racing friends and there you have it, your horse has won the race !

This little fun tabletop game can be a perfect gift for yourself if you love horse racing, but it can also be an excellent gift for any friend or family member that is a horse racing connoisseur! (For an increased feeling of being in the Derby, play the horse racing board game outside and get your family members to scream horse names and all sorts of swear words).

Of course, if there is something bad to say about this, it would be every now and then some certain lanes and horses could be faster if they are not completely flat. So before enjoying the great entertainment what you should do is to keep your table leveled.

9Expert Score

Creating countless nights of fun regardless of age with all your family members.

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Value for money

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