DISSIM Inverted Lighter – The Lighter Of The Future

Buying a lighter is often a simple task but most of the time, lighters are run of the mill and offer no real solution to your needs. The old fashioned lighter is nowhere near as diverse as the incredible new Dissim inverted lighter, this is a product that will change the way you use a lighter forever. Not only is it unique and attractive to look at but it functions superbly as well. Your first time see it, our first time review it. Let’s take a look at what makes this lighter so special.

The History Of The Dissim Inverted Lighter

Dissim inverted lighter

This innovative lighter has been designed by a small team of individuals who are highly adept in design and manufacturing, as well as being expert marketers. This is comforting to know when looking at buying a product since you know that you’re buying from the best. 

The idea for the lighter was sparked in October 2018 and since then the team has been working hard on its design and function to bring us the incredible product we see today. With its launch imminent, it’s not difficult to see why there is so much hype about this lighter.

Up And Down

Up And Down

The thing that makes most lighters so difficult to use is that once they are turned upside down, they fail to work. This makes lighting half burnt down jar candles extremely frustrating. With the Dissim inverted lighter, this problem is completely eliminated as this is the first light in the world which has been designed to work in both an upright position as well as an upside-down one. 

On top of this, the lighter features an easy to use circular grip (patent pending) which makes it super easy to grasp and operate, giving you freedom to control the direction of the flame.

More Features Of The Dissim Inverted Lighter

Dissim inverted lighter

If it wasn’t enough that this lighter can be used in any direction, there are a wealth of other features that put this lighter in a league of its own. Let’s take a look at what else it has to offer.

  • A handy dial on the side of the lighter allows for easy flame adjustment, meaning that whether you need a large or small flame, it can be done with no hassle.
  • Made from cast metal with a rubber grip around the circular grip, the lighter is durable and you can rest assured that the materials are nothing but the best.
  • The lighter features an angled flame port which aids in the lighter’s ability to light in any direction.
  • The Dissim inverted lighter is refillable meaning that not only does this eliminate the need to keep spending money on disposable lighters but it is also brilliant for the environment. 
  • What’s most impressive about this amazing little lighter is that the manufacturers have gone above and beyond with their research and as a result have been able to design a flame that burns at a very low temperature compared to other disposable lighters. This means that the lighter is much safer to use.
  • Not only does the lighter come in attractive packaging but it is also supplied with a handy carry case which is fully water-resistant, ideal for those camping trips and outdoor adventures.

One Lighter For Life

Dissim inverted lighter

The makers of the Dissim inverted lighter are so confident of its quality and durability that they are offering a full lifetime warranty on every one purchased. That has got to count for something, right? 

The lighter is made from top quality materials and is exceptionally durable, this is something that the manufacturer prides themselves on because it is so eco-friendly to the environment. The company became aware that over one and a half billion lighters are being thrown away each year-that is a huge amount of plastic, which as we know is no good for our planet.

The company will attempt to repair your lighter but if your Dissim inverted lighter becomes broken or damaged beyond repair, they will send you a new one with no questions asked. Although they will charge you a small shipping fee – nothing in life comes totally free.

Dissim inverted lighter

Is It Worth It?

For the seriously reasonable price that is being charged for this lighter, we certainly think that it is a product worth investing in. Not only will the lighter change up the way you light things but it will be the last lighter you will ever need to buy, making it excellent bang for your buck.