14 Best DIY Gifts for the Creative Genius In Your Life

You could buy a typical gift for your creative genius, but the truth is most artistic souls would much rather receive a hands-on experience than a fancy candle or luxury soaps. Do-it-yourself projects, or DIYs, give an artist or an inventor the opportunity to work their minds and their muscles, making such DIY gifts ideal for these loved ones. Fortunately, you don’t have to do the shopping yourself: on the list below, you will find an assortment of the most ingenious DIYs Amazon has to offer for a present that is sure to impress.

Best DIY Gifts

Nintendo Labo Robot Kit

Nintendo is a master of innovation, so it’s only fitting that they would promote gameplay as inspirational and inventive as that found in the Nintendo Labo robot kit. With this handy kit at hand, your DIY fiend will have the tools to build their own robotic skin; after, they can turn on their new Switch game and play as the robot they just built. Adjustable straps ensure that all kids, young and old, can enjoy the possibilities that the Nintendo Labo holds, and with a thrilling two-player battle mode, everyone will want a turn donning this incredible suit. Every kid has imagined constructing a robot of their very own, and with the fantastic gift of the Nintendo Lab, your creative loved one now has the parts to realize their fantasy. For the aspiring robot technician with a mind for all things creative, Nintendo Labo is a gift that won’t soon be outdone.

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Arckit Masterplan

DIY kits tend to range in size and complexity, but perhaps no kit balances a simple concept with boundless possibilities quite as well as Arckit Masterplan. In this exciting gift, your architect will receive over 390 city pieces, 8 sheets of adhesives, access to educational resources, and limitless possibilities. Designing a capital city of their own is not only a fun way to pass the time – through the process, your loved one will discover how cities are born and shaped through their environment, geography, and the needs of those living within. Thanks to the quick assembly and the reusable pieces, DIY-ers can build and rebuild their city until each building is just where they want it, perfect for even the most finicky artist. Make a game out of recreating your favorite cities, or get truly inventive and design the city of your dreams – however they play, a DIY designer literally has the world at their fingertips.

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DIY Automata Paper Machines

Simple parts don’t mean a boring gift – when it comes to DIY, the only limit is your imagination! While the idea of a paper model might sound underwhelming at first, one look at the Automata Paper models will tell you that these are no ordinary DIY kits. Though only consisting of paper and glue, Automata Paper models are colorful, original, interactive works of art made to excite and amuse your creative loved ones. Within each set, your inventor will receive the paper components and the instructions needed to create one of three incredible scenes. Once constructed, a turn of the crank will bring each model to life, much to the delight of builders young and old. Beautiful, inventive, and unlike any other model set, Automata Paper is a one-of-a-kind gift that is sure to impress those with an artistic eye.

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Seeedstudio RePhone Kit

Phones are intrinsic to modern life, and in the current market, few DIY-ers would be willing to deconstruct their own to satisfy their curiosity and creativity. Seeedstudio is a far more affordable way to discover the inner working of a phone – and, along the way, build a modular phone of your very own. The Seeedstudio phone kit includes all the tech and durable craft paper required to construct the final product, allowing your loved one to focus on the intricacies of fitting together these various essential parts. The final phone is unlike any smartphone your DIY-er might know, providing objects from everyday life the ability to “communicate” with your crafting fiend.

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Portable Micro Torch Welder

For the more mature inventors in your life, adult projects require some heavy-duty grown-up tools. Soldering, wood etching, and other heat-dependent crafts are made all the easier with a butane torch as precise and as maneuverable as Dremel. Dremel is built to cater to the serious crafter, integrating an easy set-up and lock-on flame mechanism for up to 75 minutes of strain-free continuous use; nevertheless, the built-in safety protects from any inadvertent fire damage. Whether your loved one’s DIYs require soldering, welding, or burning, Dremel includes a unique accessory – 14 in total – and precise temperature control (1022-degrees Fahrenheit to 2192-degrees Fahrenheit) to ensure results that serious artists and inventors can be proud of.

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PasTEX Spaghetti Connector with Center Hole

Inspiration can come from anywhere – but from your plate of spaghetti? With PasTEX, transforming your dinner into a sturdy 3-dimensional structure isn’t such a far-fetched notion! Dry spaghetti makes for a unique, affordable building resource, and is attainable to most DIY-ers around the world. PasTEX builds off of this original idea, gifting creative architects a set of 100 flexible connectors designed to slip onto the end of their dry pasta. Though weak on its own, proper construction techniques can turn spaghetti into spectacular bridges, cranes, and buildings; all that you need is a curious mind (and a fair amount of pasta). For an affordable DIY set with infinite creative possibilities, the PasTEX spaghetti connectors are the best deal in the grocery store.

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A Build-it-yourself Bluetooth Speaker

DIY is a great way to learn about a usually mysterious property, and few properties of the world are quite as mysterious as sound. BOSEbuild is an ingenious gift for inspiring inventors or audio editors, granting a first-hand look into the process of how the machine generates a sound. This build-it-yourself Bluetooth speaker is simple enough to be put together by children 8-years and older but offers valuable insight into coils, magnets, and paper at work within an industry-grade speaker. With the corresponding app and built-in light features, crafty minds can personalize their BOSEbuild speaker to create a gift that is truly one of their own.

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Wacom Pro Pen 3D

Creating in 3D has never been simpler than when using the Wacom Pro pen which comes with three buttons that are easy to access and give you control to zoom, pan, and tumble effortlessly. Each of the buttons can be easily programmed and customized ready to be used in a variety of 2D or 3D applications from the Wacom apps through to any Mac or Windows application. However, maybe the most impressive feature of this pen is that innovative technology and design mean that you will be getting a smooth, precise, and extremely sensitive experience like no other. Lagging is a thing of the past since the Wacom Pro pen’s increased sensitivity means that it will keep up with your pace and pick up on even the most subtle movements.

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Kano Computer Kit

The kids of today need an engaging introduction to tech and this build-your-own computer is the ideal solution for this. Suitable for anyone over the age of 6, the Kano computer comes with an instructional storybook to make getting started entertaining and fun. Once complete, the Kano will deliver information on how to code everything from music and art to games and apps – what could be more relevant in this digital age? The Kano can be connected to any screen with the included HDMI cable and that’s not all – you will also get a speaker, case, and wireless keyboard included in the box along with everything else you will need. If all of that wasn’t enough, the Kano computer has won multiple awards for its educational benefits!

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Nintendo VR Kit

One of the main concerns of technology is that it encourages kids to spend time alone, but this could not be further from the truth with the Nintendo VR kit which has been specifically designed with family in mind. Everyone can gather around and enjoy the various games, challenges, and educational activities that this kit has to offer – the perfect solution for the modern family games night! Since this is a starter kit, it gives you a great introduction to the world of Nintendo Labo, and over time, you can build up your collection to expand the fun. Ease of use is essential with a DIY gift and that is what you are getting with this. The pre-cut cardboard pieces are easy to assemble and you have the option to decorate and create your very own design making the kit unique to you.

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CircuitMess Ringo 4G Educational DIY Mobile Phone Kit

All too often kids are using mobile phones and not gaining any educational value from them, but this mobile phone toy provides kids with the ability to build their own device, making this far more educational than anything else like it. Once the hardware has been built, the fun doesn’t end there – the Circuit Mess allows you to create your own apps and games, giving you endless fun and the chance to get as creative as you like. The most notable feature of this kit is that, whilst adult supervision is required, most of the work can be done by the child, giving them freedom and responsibility. Learn everything from soldering to app development and everything in between – this is the versatile toy your kids have been waiting for.

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MAKERbuino DIY Retro Game Console

If you know a child or a big kid who loves to game then why not give them the opportunity to get involved with one of the most interesting DIY gifts currently available? Build your own games console! Retro video games are arguably one of the best types of digital entertainment and this kit gives users the chance to play a whole catalog of retro games that will keep them engaged for hours. If you are looking to give a child a good start in their STEM learning experience that is fun then this is the perfect solution. They will learn how to solder as well as how to work with software giving them a great base knowledge for further studies as they get older. These are essential skills in this age of technology.

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Educational Music STEM Toy

Older kids and teens will love this build-your-own synthesizer kit which is one of the best DIY gifts for lovers of music. Once the fun of building the synth is over, the user will be able to record as many tracks as they want, each of which can have added sound effects to make them unique. It’s impossible to ignore the number of awards that this kit has earned and it is little surprise when we learn that it is easily able to teach the science of sound to inspired young minds. Tech will save us has an online platform, to which you will get free access when you buy this product, which contains a wealth of digital material including more than 500 hours of activities and experiences for kids of all ages. What’s more, all of this content and the kit itself are designed to be used alongside the school curriculum to accelerate and complement your child’s learning.

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BestNest Nature Press

For lovers of nature, is there anything more satisfying than being able to press your own flowers? The flowers can be used to decorate a variety of things including greetings cards, wall wart displays, and much more. You have the freedom to create using what nature has to offer. The kit comes with blotting paper to ensure that the flowers are properly dried out and is perfect for making larger designs thanks to its sizable capacity. What’s more, nobody has the time to be waiting for one flower at a time, so the BestNest press allows for multiple flowers and leaves to be pressed at any time. The design of the press itself is natural and stunning and would make a beautiful addition to any craft room.

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