DJI Robomaster S1 Intelligent Educational Robot for Kids Adults

Do you have a kid that really adores science ? do they love dismantling things and putting them together again to learn how they work? Do they really like robots and their favourite movie is Wall-E? Then we have something that is going to fill them with delight and wonder in equal parts: the DJI Robomaster S1 Educational Robot.

If you really want your kids to get extremely interested in science, this bundle of robots for kids comes with over 46 components and six PMW ports for customized accessories, so you are able to create an infinity of different robots and even improve on them with custom accessories, isn’t that cool! Not only that but this bundle includes a series of projects, video courses and programming guides so your kid is not completely lost when starting out.

In addition, the DJI robomaster s1 is not only a robot for kids for all ages, but also very suitable for you. Combining competitive gameplay and maths and physics knowledge, it helps you learn as you have fun and develop all sorts of lateral thinking skills, so you can improve the knowledge of programming, mathematics, physics, robotics and artificial intelligence while helping you develop your creativity and critical skills as well!!

All in all, if you want to foster a lifelong love of sciences, mathematics, robotics, programming and artificial intelligence on your kids, simply get them this DJI robomaster s1 robot and see their intelligence flourish (Disclaimer: as we mentioned above, we can’t promise you won’t want to steal this amazing bundle from your kid and use it yourself. Learn how to compromise:use this bundle together)

8.9Expert Score

Unlock your little ones’ potential in artificial intelligence with the smart educational robot car.

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