Full HD Wifi Dog Camera and 2-Way Audio

As a dog parent, you really care about your dog as if it was a little child. You will lay your life down to improve theirs as much as possible, no matter what it takes; so it is just normal to expect that you want them to have the best gadgets, coolest toys and to be as happy and entertained as they possibly can. We would like to introduce you to a contraption that will improve your life as a dog parent so much that you will want to write us a “thank you” letter: the Furbo Dog Camera. 

This fantastic contraption has a dog camera that is attached to your wifi and provides 2-way audio so you can hear your dog, and your dog can hear you even if you are away from home. Unlike other cameras that send general sound and motion alerts, it only notifies you of important dog-related events.

Not only that but this camera can toss dog treats from an app so you can play fetch and reward your dog no matter where you are: in the office, in your parents’ home or halfway across the world!

Next time you go on a trip, forget the anxiety of not being able to not take your dog with you: with the Furbo Dog Camera it will be as if you were still together.

8.7Expert Score

Show love to your dogs with the only camera designed for them.

Easy to install
Motion detection
Doggie Diary
Night vision
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