Donald Trump Toilet Brush With Holder

Few political figures are so incredibly divisive as the current President of The United States. Genius to ones, the gigantic toddler with dangerous temper tantrums to others Trump garners as much admiration as scorn and has divided the country in two: those who worship him almost as if he was a God and those who think he is a bumbling buffoon, mentally ill and senile and unfit to be president. No matter which faction you are in, this novelty item will make you chuckle and put a knowing smirk in your face: the Trump toilet brush.

This insanely funny, ridiculous toilet brush will help you drain the swamp and your toilet alike with its sturdy construction and high-quality bristles. The Trump toilet brush could be a great gag gift for Republicans and Democrats alike, put this toilet brush in your toilet and wait to hear the chuckles of your family and friends! It is so realistic that there is no need to tell them who it is: they will recognize it instantly! Not only that but the brush is actually functional in addition to being really funny.

9.9Expert Score

This high-quality Trump toilet brush is going to make your toilet great again.

Value for money

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