Donald Trump Toilet Paper Roll Amusing Political Gag Gift

It is undeniable that Trump is the most controversial political leader of our times. Gathering critique and fervent adoration alike, it has a lot of sceptics and a lot of almost cult-like fans. It doesn’t matter if you are one of the “haters” Trump likes to rant about on Twitter or a fervent adorator of his image, you are going to chuckle at this Trump toilet paper.

Few people have managed to be so incredibly divisive and split a country so clearly in two, and his frequent mishaps and gaffes make him comical to no end, which has made him the target of memes, mockery and… gag gifts, just like this one.

This Trump toilet paper features the image of the current President Of The United States in his frequent and recognizable “pucker up” pose ready to blow a kiss. Not only that, but this stupidly funny toilet paper comes in full colour so you can have the real Trump experience! 

Not only that, but it’s also completely functional: it is really soft and absorbent as to not cause irritation or discomfort, featuring 3 ply paper and 200 sheets per roll! You can use it as decoration in your bathroom but also as actual toilet paper! This insanely funny toilet roll will make toilet paper great again !

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