Don't Step In It Hasbro Gaming

When you hear “don’t step in it”, you might think of a LEGO model, a tack, or perhaps even a hedgehog. But there is a particular something that, while not as dangerous to step in, it is extremely annoying and it will leave a lingering scent that can last for a long, long time. Having to avoid this smelly, sticky realities of nature gave birth to a fun game called “Don’t Step In It”.

 This funny game was created by the famous company Hasbro, and its rules are really simple: you are going to be blindfolded, and you need to walk a path where there’s dog poop… and the person that steps in the least amount of poop becomes the winner. Pretty simple, isn’t it? “Don’t step in it” includes a mat, several blindfolds, 4 cans of “compound” (it’s poop. Fake poop, but still poop), a plastic mould, a spinner and the instructions.

This game can be played by kids aged 4 and up and it is great to play during family nights. It can also be played solo, with your loved ones or in the “advanced mode” (spin 3 times before you start walking) and it will be a hit for family nights, birthday parties, sleepovers or any occasion where kids meet to have some fun together (the adults can participate too, of course. Who wouldn’t want to dodge some poop ?).

Take your shoes off, spin 3 times and do your best to become the next poop dodging champion!

9.1Expert Score

Ditch the TV, and reignite family night with the get-together amusement.

Easy to clean
Value for money

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