Eating Utensils Set for Toddlers and Kids

If you have ever dealt with a picky toddler, you know how insanely difficult it is to get them to eat something they have already decided is yucky: no matter how much you insist, how many “trial bites” you give it yourself or how much ketchup you use, the toddler will keep insisting they want Mac and cheese instead. However, we have found a neat little trick that distracts toddlers enough that you will be able to sneak some bites past them: the eating utensils.

This super cool, amazing set of eating utensils resembles construction trucks and can have a dual function both for eating and for playing with your food, which your toddler is going to love. It will help your kid develop finer motor skills, and they will be so entertained creating a mashed potato dam that they won’t even notice what they’ve just bitten into is broccoli! Not only that but these fantastic cooking utensils are made out of safe materials and microwave and dishwasher safe!

9.4Expert Score

Having trouble getting your kids to focus during mealtime?

Easy to use
Easy to clean

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