WineOvation Electric Wine Opener Gun

If you are a fan of wine you probably have had to open a bottle, and found regular wine bottle openers annoying, sad and honestly not very stylish. If you want to be the most elegant wine fan in your entire neighbourhood, we have a time saving, a fancy item that you are going to love: the WineOvation electric wine opener.

The electric, automatic wine cork remover will not only open your wine bottle automatically and in seconds (hassle-free ! You should have this item in your life !), but it also comes in different designs including different types of guns, a bowling pin and a baseball bat for extra coolness points.

This electric wine opener comes with its special charger so you’ll never find yourself wanting for a bottle opener, and can open up to 30 bottles in a full charge in case you get named official wine-opener at your best friend’s birthday party (I mean, with this super cool electric wine opener there’s a high chance you may!).

To use it, put it on top of the wine bottle and simply push the lower button a little down with a slight pressure until the cork is removed.

8.8Expert Score

The electric bottle opener takes wine opening to a brand new level in seconds.

Easy to use

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