Emergency Water Storage Bathtub Storage Container

If you live in a hurricane-prone area, it is likely that you’ve stockpiled plenty of things only to find you have forgotten something really basic and important. A lot of the times, the things we tend to forget are the most basic, dumbest things because they are so evident that we keep thinking there is no way we would forget. It might have happened to you that you forgot to stockpile water, which is essential in the case of an emergency. For this, we have something for you: the WaterBOB bathtub emergency water storage.

This amazing gadget will basically turn your bathtub into an emergency water storage, allowing you to store up to 100 gallons of drinking water. Forget about finding yourself waiting, or having to wait in line to buy extremely overpriced drinking water by turning your bathtub into your emergency reserve.

The waterBOB emergency water storage is also incredibly easy to use and keeps your water clean and ready for drinking: just lay the lining in your bathtub, then attach the fill sock to the faucet, fill the bladder to maximum capacity and BOB’s your uncle (heh !). The waterBOB is also made out of safe, BPA free material so you can be sure it won’t pose a health risk.

As the saying goes, ‘ Prepare today and survive tomorrow.’ Enhancing your chances of survival during certain emergencies such as natural disasters, zombie infections, and other end-of-the-world events. Just don’t take drinking water for granted.

9.3Expert Score

Prepare yourself enough emergency drinking water for the sake of zombie infections.

Easy to use
Value for money

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