27 Family Gift Ideas That Could Make All Feel Acknowledged and Loved

Usually, buying an amazing gift for friends or family is a manageable task, provided you know your loved one’s interests. But some occasions – housewarmings, certain holidays – aren’t about impressing one individual, but rather a group or the entire family. When buying all-inclusive gifts that the whole family can enjoy, it’s vital that no one feels excluded or forgotten when the wrapping paper is pulled back. On this list, we’ve collected a selection of family gift ideas, perfect for parents, grandparents, children, and more, that are sure to make all feel acknowledged and loved.

Best Family Gift Ideas

The ZappBug Oven

The idea of a simple solution to bed bugs is the dream of every family struggling with an infestation. With the ZappBug oven, the dream is at last a reality! This powerful oven takes out 100% of bed bugs that enter its frame, including eggs, adults, and everything in between. The oven is quick to construct and, at its full size, boasts 39.5-inches by 39.5-inches of space for sheets, pillows, and any infected furniture that the family needs to be exterminated. Gift your family the home they deserve with the bed bug killer that eliminates pests with precision.

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The Chameleon Board Game

Family game night just got a little more cold-blooded – and a whole lot more fun. The Chameleon is a guilty party game that takes just 15-minutes to play, allowing for fast-paced gameplay the whole family can enjoy. Work together to track down the social deduction board game using carefully coded conversation and a bit of intuition in a game that takes only minutes to learn but a lifetime to master. It is a fun gift for families with 3-8 players over the age of 14 – assuming they aren’t put off by the idea of a Chameleon in their midst, that is.

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Kolo Hudson 3up Photo Album

A lifetime together leaves a family with countless memories, and almost as many pictures. Kolo photo albums are the ideal gift for the photogenic family, with each individual album holding as many as 300 4-inch by 6-inch photos amid its pages. The customizable cover stores space for a 3-inch by 3-inch photo or label, keeping the experience organized for later nostalgic visits to the past. For the young, growing family or the more mature kin, a beautiful photo album reminds loved ones to slow down and appreciate the little moments of their lives by reminding them of all the incredible places they’ve already been.

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GoSports Cornhole Set

Cornhole is a family-friendly game that anybody can enjoy. For those families ranging in ages and interests, GoSports’s cornhole is the ultimate reunion idea that everyone can agree upon. With this unique gift, your families will receive 2 vintage-styled boards and 8 16-ounce beanbags in a convenient carrying case – all the gear they need for a friendly competitive round of the game we all know well. Color coding on the boards and the beanbags eliminates any potential confusion about who is on which team, ensuring all are able to enjoy a round of funny competition when the family is in town.

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AncestryDNA Test Kit

With how often a family must plan for the future, there’s a certain appeal to taking a look back to the past. With AncestryDNA, a family can discover their roots in order to better understand their history and their clan’s greatest gifts. Not only is discovering their hereditary a fun, educational experience for a close-knit family; In fact, the practice can offer valuable insights into their origins and the significance of these routes. Get a better idea of where your ancestors came from to better understand where your family currently stands in the gift that makes genealogy approachable and insightful.

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Yogibo Oversized Bean Bag Chair

Movie night is a family staple, and the multi-purpose Yogibo bean bag chair makes the experience more comfortable than ever for everyone. The massive bean bag can seat a family, sleep guests, or support friends as they game into the early hours of the morning thanks to its comfy mini-bead filling and massive, maneuverable size. Available in gray, pink, and turquoise, it is the ultimate gift idea for the family that prioritizes comfort and togetherness, or for the young couples short on space for large, hulking furniture for when family comes to visit.

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The Nessie Family

Feed your family with an adorable new family of their own! The OTOTO Nessie Family is a set of kitchen utensils based on the infamous creature of Loch Ness and the children you never knew she had. Vibrant colors make it a fun gift idea for young adults or for the family with children with imaginative minds. Featuring a colander, a ladle, and a baby tea infuser, the Nessie set provides your loved ones with the kitchen essentials every family needs in a cute, friendly form unique to the OTOTO brand.

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AKDY Tempered Glass Shower Panel

Fighting over the bathroom is a staple of family drama, and with such an incredible shower panel as a gift, the fighting won’t be stopping any time soon! The AKDY showerhead turns the bland, basic bathroom into the luxurious 5-star spa a family dreams of. A 4-spray showerhead, a panel of spray jets, and a tub spout allow every family member to live out their idea of the perfect shower experience, suddenly making bath time the most popular time of the day. Even the family that can’t agree on anything is sure to agree that the rainfall showerhead is the ultimate gift for their home.

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ECR4Kids Jumbo 4-to-Score Set

Almost every family is familiar with the classic game Connect 4, so isn’t it time the dated game got a fun, modern update? ECR4Kids makes Connect 4 into a larger than life backyard experience that kids and adults alike will enjoy. Standing at nearly 4-feet tall, it will require a family to think a little bigger when it comes to creating their Connect 4 strategy this time around. With 42 rings and a board suited for indoor or outdoor play, the game set is the friendly gift idea for larger than life families with larger than life game nights to host.

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TETON Sleeping Bag for Family Camping

Camping is a fantastic idea for the family that wants to rediscover nature, and a TETON sleeping bag is fantastic for the family looking to do so in comfort. The giant camping bag eliminates the struggle of rolling up the sleeping bag tight, instead showing off an impressive compression sack that you simply stuff the bag inside of. And cold nights stand no chance against the thick fiberfill and the zipper draft tubes that trap warm air and keep a camper toasty all night long. Camping with the family should be comfortable and fun, so get them the gift of a sleeping bag that’s up to the task before your loved ones take to the wilderness again.

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Privacy Pop Twin Bed Tent

For the growing family that is short on space, perhaps no gift is as valuable as a moment of privacy. The Privacy Pop tent is the key to establishing a child or teen’s own personal space, even when limited square footage means sharing a bedroom with a sibling. A cozy cocoon available in 5 unique colors, this tent bed allows the entire family to customize their space in a matter of minutes.

Dual-sided zippers along each side and breathable mesh material allow for comfortable relaxation with as much or as little contact with the outside world as your family desires. Like good neighbors, good families know how to establish and respect each other’s boundaries, and with the ingenious Privacy Pop, building strong fences has never been easier.

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NIHON ICHIBAN Leaf Thermometer

Dressing a family for the weather is a struggle as the season’s change, but don’t stress – just “leaf” the work to the leaf! NIHON ICHIBAN is a playful accessory with a hidden vital purpose: as the temperature changes, so does this magic little leaf. Every family has dealt with the chaos of getting ready for work and/or school each weekday morning, and making sure everyone is dressed appropriately for the day is a pain as temperatures fluctuate.

The NIHON ICHIBAN thermometer relies on its color-changing response to the outdoor environment to relay the temperature to you, turning brown in colder temperatures, green in climate environments, and yellow when the weather gets hot. With the lovely thermometer, tracking the weather is as simple as a glance out the window.

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Augason Farms Water Filtration and Storage Kit

Caring for those you love is easy when life is good; the true test of a family comes when the weather takes a turn. The strongest families support one another when disaster strikes, and with the gift of Augason Farms, you can truly take care of those that matter most in your life. Augason Farms is a water filtration system capable of storing up to 55-gallons of water, a life-saving resource in the event of a catastrophe.

While your loved ones might never need this BPA-free barrel or its included water-treatment bottles, when it comes to matters of such vital urgency, it’s always better to be safe than sorry. Once treated, water within the barrel is safe for consumption for up to 4-years, allowing the family you care for to rest easy whenever the winds begin to pick up.

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The Original Po' Man Charcoal Grill

It’s time to get out of the house and into the backyard! With the Po’Man charcoal grill, a backyard barbeque is never more than a moment away. Designed to resemble the classic aluminum trash can, the steel Po’Man grill makes family get-togethers less about formalities and more about fun (with great flavor to match).

This unpretentious grill comes fully decked out with all the essentials: skewers, grate, even a drip plate to capture every ounce of flavor. The result? Down-home cooking to lift you straight out of the dumps! Po’Man is the ultimate gift for the family with full hearts and empty bellies, as well as an appreciation for the casual day at home with the family.

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Artificial Grass Self-draining Mat

Despite the surge in popularity of internet, video games, and related tech, nothing will ever beat the joy of a game of catch in the backyard with the kids. Give your favorite family a backyard worthy of their love, even with a small budget and a smaller outdoor area to work with. The artificial grass mat transforms patios, concrete, or dead, dismal yards into lusciously lively fields of green that require little maintenance and no construction skills to install.

Each order of artificial grass includes 6 1-foot by 1-foot interlocking tiles, allowing the grass to be shaped to perfectly fit every outdoor space. No longer will families struggle to get their kids outside of the house: with a fully decorated outdoor space, the real struggle is calling everyone in for dinner!

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Solar Powered LED Lighted Patio Umbrella

Evenings on the patio are the perfect chance for a family to sit down and socialize, play, or picnic together. The PURPLE LEAF garden umbrella guarantees that the fun doesn’t have to end once the sun has set and the stars come out. While the impressive 9-foot diameter of this gorgeous umbrella is ideal for protection from the sun, once night arrives, the 8 supportive ribs light up to keep your spirits – and your yard – bright.

Waterproof polyester in long-lasting brown or burgundy withstands the elements, and powerful LED lighting shines for hours upon hours of repeated use, making the unique led garden umbrella a feature of your family’s garden for years to come.

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Nostalgia Caramel Apple for The Whole Family

Family longing for the taste of the carnival, and not able to wait until the next time one’s in town? Stop longing for past flavors and taste the candy apples of today with Nostalgia, the all-in-one caramel apple station for kids and adults of all ages! A central melting pot keeps 16-ounces of gooey chocolate or caramel warm for dipping while on the outside, 6 separate compartments store every topping a family can imagine.

The Nostalgia tray even boasts 4 trays to support and decorate dipped apples, reducing the mess without impinging on the fun! The clever lazy-Susan design and the included 25 sticks make it easy for the whole family to get involved in the caramel apple escapades, truly making Nostalgia a gift for the entire family to enjoy.

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Premier Copper Japanese Style Bath Tub

Is there any better way to destress than with a warm, soothing soak in the tub? Every large family knows the importance of quiet time to relax after a day of chaos, and the Premier Copper tub delivers luxury private soaking to provide just that. 39-inches by 36-inches, the Japanese style bathtub comes with a perfect size for one, making this one hut tub experience not likely to be interrupted by anyone. Transform your loved one’s outdoor space into an oasis dedicated to relaxation with the gift built with a stressed parent in mind, and see the power a soaking tub holds as they settle in for a long evening of complete peace.

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JOOLA NOVA Outdoor Table Tennis Table

Can anything bring a family together like a bit of healthy competition? Easy to learn, simple to play, but tough to master, ping pong is truly a game the whole family can enjoy, The JOOLA table makes a great for the fun-loving family, accessible across the generations to players of all skill levels. Made of waterproof materials, the sturdy table and net can be set up indoors and outdoors; meanwhile, the integrated 4-wheel trolley system that carries both halves of the JOOLA table ensures easy transportation and set up for your favorite family. A gift that works in any home and on all terrains, this compatible ping pong table is guaranteed fun for all.

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Soap Brite LED Lighted Dispenser

When night descends and the world grows dark, your gift can bring a bit of light into your loved one’s family home. Late-night trips to the bathroom are always a struggle: turning on the lights risks disturbing the entire family while stumbling in the dark is a recipe for stubbed toes and loud crashes. Soap Brite is a fun, original solution to each midnight escapade – a light-up soap dispenser sensitive to light and motion, this bright solution shines exactly when your family needs it. Functional with any liquid soap and equipped with 7 LED color options, it is a family-friendly night light that everyone can get on board with.

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Urban Accents Movie Night Popcorn

Movie night makes for a fantastic family bonding opportunity – but what family has ever been able to settle on just one movie snack? Urban Accents movie night gift set ensures this family’s next celebration is tasty for all! With an all-in-one popcorn kit, adults and children can concoct their own popcorn creations. Decked out with 3 different types of non-GMO popcorn and 6 flavorful toppings, introduce your friendly neighborhood family to a world of flavor beyond simply salty or sweet. No one should have to compromise when it comes to movie night, so get the popcorn kit that caters to every unique taste bud.

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Dorel Living Sierra Triple Bunk Bed

Big family, small space – and comfortable sleeping all around. For the growing family on the hunt for space-saving solutions, the gift of a Dorel Living triple floor bunk bed can make all the difference. The manufacturer understands that families are constantly shifting and growing, and that’s why this unique bunk bed is made to evolve with them. Take apart the separate bunks to create 3 twin beds, or opt for a classic bunk bed and turn the spare bunk into a daybed or twin. The convertible bed fits your loved ones however they need it to, making it essential for young, growing families.

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Squatty Potty Original Toilet Stool

In general, toilets aren’t designed with a young user base in mind. Limited to one non-negotiable set-up, every family with young children knows how difficult the porcelain can be for young legs. The bamboo Squatty Potty is a simple, versatile aide for young tots mastering the toilet.

Able to flip between a 7-inch and a 9-inch stool, it is designed to accommodate a growing tyke without impeding adult users. Adults will especially appreciate the low maintenance this minimalist gift requires: resistant to both mold and water, just a spritz of toilet cleaner is enough to clean the smooth wood surface. Make the family that sits upon the porcelain throne feel like royalty at last!

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Family Tree Chart

Not only does genealogy research provide important insight towards a family’s genetic history – it can instill a sense of pride and perspective on the current generations. Gift your favorite family a whole new perspective with a family tree as beautiful and smart as its members. Each branch of this mighty family tree stretches back as far as 6 generations, leaving space for names and birthdays for the recipient’s great great great grandparents. It’s fine if you don’t have all that information on hand – with a simple format and bountiful space, a family can continue to add to this expansive tree each time they discover a new branch.

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Fortune Cookies DIY Kit

The iconic shape of a fortune cookie might be intimidating to replicate, but it turns out the task makes for a fantastic family afternoon! Gather the family around the kitchen to write custom fortunes and fold them into their homemade DIY Cookies, or use the 60 provided pre-written messages and surprise loved ones with your words of kindness. The DIY kit includes all the ingredients to make fortune cookies from scratch along with the pre-written fortunes, blank fortunes, and an edible ink pen for those feeling creative. Homemade fortunes make a lovely touch to school lunch or family dinner, and the whole family will enjoy the familiar, delicious flavor of this fortuitous gift.

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BoxLock Delivery Lock

No family wants to see their loved one’s lose a sentimental package or vitally important envelope. Get your neighborhood family the gift that can, in turn, protect all of their own presents. The BoxLock is a small, simple device, but this tiny contraption is just the thing to protect deliveries from theft when the whole family is out. The BoxLock is accessible to UPS, USPS, FedEx, and anyone you share a one-time code with – and, most importantly, not to nosy neighbors or mischievous intruders. Each charge of the weather-resistant smart padlock lasts up to 90-days, ensuring safe deliveries and peace of mind that any family can appreciate.

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Gryphon High Security & Parental Control WiFi Router

The internet is a regular part of daily life, and every parent is more than aware of the threats that can lurk in its depths. GRYPHON is an easy to learn router and control system for parents looking to protect their family from dangerous, irresponsible users. 24/7 surveillance, malware protection, and phone-accessible parental controls are just the beginning of what GRYPHON provides the tech-savvy family.

Capable of covering up to 1800-square feet, GRYPHON is the gift that allows parents and children to explore the net efficiently, effectively, and without concern for the dangers, the digital interface can hide. You can be sure that all will be thrilled to get themselves back online once again!

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