27 Fitness Gifts for Gym Lovers and Sports Fans: No Pains, No Gains

The only thing stronger than fitness lovers is the friendships they forge. You want to buy the enthusiasts the best fitness gifts worthy of the temple that is their body, but you’re struggling to find one that hits it out of the park. Let this list be your coach and show you the basics of shopping for your superstar gym lovers; When you’re done, you’ll have a gift guaranteed to leave your loved ones speechless.

Best Fitness Gifts

Iron Neck Training Device

The neck is all too often overlooked during your fitness guru’s workout routine, but spinal health is a serious concern nowadays. Overcome the damage wrought by years of poor posture with the Iron Neck, the workout gift devoted to strengthening and training neck muscles. Improving neck strength promotes improved spine alignment and mobility, safeguarding against common ailments such as concussions and generalized neck/back pain. A workout is only as effective as it is thorough, so ensure your loved ones are working every single muscle when they show up to the gym.

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BlazePod Reaction Training System

Fitness is a broad concept with countless related subfields all worth exploring. While your loved ones might be dedicated to building muscle and eliminating fat, the BlazePod training system supports their health by testing some less attended to factors. Racing from light to light in the engaging pods will require a fitness fan to hone their reaction time, endurance, and overall speed rather than their core strength. Using the corresponding app, your loved ones can identify their strengths and weaknesses in order to get the most out of their body. Gift your fitness guru a level of performance they never considered possible and watch as BlazePod reshapes their health from the inside out.

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Kettle Gryp Weight Grip

Not every gym accommodates the kettlebell workout, but that doesn’t mean your gym rat ever needs to miss a day of training. At home or on the go, those committed to fitness can turn any dumbbell up to 55-pounds into the kettlebell of their choosing. At less than 1-pound itself, the Kettle Gryp doesn’t weigh down the traveling fitness fan; Regardless, this fitness gift is sturdy enough to withstand constant use with sizable weights for your fitness lover’s ideal workout. With the Kettle Gryp, they can at last get a grip on their fitness regime, even when life gets in the way of a trip to their favorite local gym.

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Stealth Core Trainer

If the thought of visiting the gym intimidates your fitness guy, get them the sneaky gift that makes a full-body workout as fun as a trip to the arcade. Stealth core trainer works a person’s balance and core strength under the guise of providing a physical gaming experience, essentially tricking the brain into a powerful workout. Phone games like Galaxy Adventure and Space Escape are controlled through the full motion Stealth board, and only those with a strong core and perfect balance will make the global leaderboards. With new games constantly released and no subscription necessary, it takes the pain out of signing up for the gym membership.

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Kailo Kits Bio-Antenna Pain Patch

On a biological level, pain is only a transfer of electrical signals from the body to the brain, and electrical signals can always be interrupted. The Kailo pain patch is a non-invasive pain reliever that functions in just this way. Nano-technology in the Kailo kits interferes with the electrical signals passed throughout the body to lessen painful blows without the use of unfamiliar chemicals. Because it is not used up as a traditional painkiller, each patch can be re-used a number of times before your fitness guru needs to repurchase. The body is a temple, and the gift of the Kailo pain patch ensures no foreign bodies ever need to be introduced to this pristine space your loved ones cherish.

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IronMind Twist Yo' Wrist

Not every fan of fitness is looking to train the same muscles. For those who most value their wrist strength and mobility, the IronMind builds up the lower arm in a creative new way. By training the radial and ulnar deviation in the lower arm, an individual can improve the function and power of their fingers and wrists through testing strength and endurance. By working a part of the body missed by most other workouts, it allows a fitness guru to truly master the body they’ve been gifted. With such a useful tool in their arsenal, gym lovers will be giving you two thumbs up for a long, long time to come.

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Exercise Cards

Get the value of a personal trainer without ever needing to hit the gym! Those concerned with their fitness but intimidated by pricey gym memberships can still help their body reach peak performance with the gift that invites the trainer into their home. NewMe exercise cards offer clear instructions for fitness lovers to follow as they work to reshape their bodies and redefine their health. By clearly outlining the focus of each exercise, the repetitions recommended, and the steps to completing the move, the personal trainer cards are helpful for those still just discovering their daily workout routine. Build muscle and burn fat with the workout routine that comes recommended by the trainers themselves!

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MostFit Core Hammer

What could possibly build muscle quite as effectively as wielding a weighty sledgehammer all day? Your loved ones don’t need to go into construction to get the killer body they desire; With the gift of a MostFit fitness sledgehammer, they’ll be able to smash the competition in a matter of days! Improve strength, mobility, cardio, and more with the 12-pound head made to withstand the toughest of blows to discover what the sledgehammer can build. Built of solid urethane, the sledgehammer will remain intact throughout heavy use and bone-shattering force, getting the most from your fitness fan’s body in the process.

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Stamina X Adjustable Height Plyo Box

Elevate your fitness guru’s workout to the next level with a gift that’s up to the task. The Stamina plyo box can be jumped on, leaned on – whatever your loved one needs to take their workouts to the next level. Adjustable height allows athletes to increase or decrease the difficulty of their exercises based on their individual skill level, supporting safe workouts that still challenge the user. Steel build and a non-slip surface ensure that the plyometric box keeps your fitness lover standing tall, even after a long workout.

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The Step Original Aerobic Platform

Those just beginning to consider their fitness need gear that accommodates their lack of experience. As they improve, though, shouldn’t those pieces continue to raise the difficulty? The Step is the ideal fitness gift for those interested in the world of aerobics but still growing to be the best they can be. The non-slip platform features adjustable heights that meet your fitness fan wherever they are, providing a worthwhile workout no matter their skill or experience. Supporting up to 275-pounds, the Step is a workout most any gym rat can take advantage of, making it the ideal gift for athletes of all kinds in your life.

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OYO Full Body Personal Gym

Limited space should never limit your workout. The personal gym provides your fitness freaks with the means to work their whole body regardless of the size of their home gym. Forget clunky, expensive, over-sized treadmills or weight benches – this portable training set, at only a fraction of the size or cost, is able to build muscle and burn fat through intense, full-body workouts that leave fitness guys sweating. Gym memberships are expensive and inflexible, while the revolutionary exercise equipment is a fitness regimen that works with your loved one’s schedule, making it the perfect gift for the fully booked gym nut.

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Fusion Motion Portable Gym

Get the variety of workouts offered by a well-stocked gym all in the comfort of your own home! If you know a fitness guy that is always on the go, the portable, versatile home exercise equipment is a gift you won’t want to miss. The home gym set, including eight separate attachments for endless workout possibilities, is easy to take on the road with the included FusionMotion carrier bag. Pack the full set and go wherever life takes you. When you arrive, feel good having access to over 200 unique exercises, ideal for beginner fitness fans, or seasoned pros.

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Mark Bell Sling Shot

When the same old gym equipment is no longer a challenge, a fitness guru may be tempted to invest in a new, expensive upgrade. But fear not: with the gift of the original sling shot, even familiar workouts take on a challenge of their own. To get the most out of every trip to the gym, fitness fans need only slip on the comfortable, injury-free tension cord. With this colorful cord around their arms, they will be able to push their bodies to more extreme limits than ever before, giving them the strength to truly optimize the bodies. If your fitness guy has proven to be a beast on the weights, now is the time to up the ante.

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CubeFit Pulse Vibrating Foam Roller

Pain is the enemy of the fitness lovers, but aches and sores are an unfortunate reality for every gym rat. Pushing your body to its limits can leave your muscles aching for days afterwards. The vibrating foam roller seeks to eliminate this pain. A simple, cost-effective alternative to a day at the spa, the cubit roller massages aching muscles to relax your post-workout body. With adjustable LED vibration, it can be calibrated to optimally soothe every muscle. Best of all, a rechargeable lithium battery allows you to enjoy this relaxing gift for years to come, making it an absolute gem for its low cost.

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ARC-NRG Push Up Machine

Get the benefits of an intense workout now! The push-up is a powerful exercise, but building your strength to the point that a push-up centered routine is feasible can seem far off. The pushup machine allows fans of fitness to begin sculpting their muscles and burning fat immediately. By simply selecting the amount of resistance for their body to work against, gym lovers can make the push-up as easy or as difficult of an exercise as they so desire. Know an old pro? Challenge them by bumping up the resistance. Buying a gift for a beginner? Start low and let them work up to higher levels. Whatever their skill, the strategic training tool is the ultimate workout for your fitness lovers.

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Gorilla Bow Resistance Bands

Get a fitness guy a gift that allows them to channel their inner Katniss Everdeen or Hawkeye. The resistance exercise kit, a gift worthy of our favorite fictional heroes, utilizes the form of a classic bow to inspire a new, unique workout that tones muscles even when the gym is out of reach. With 3 included resistance cables and the potential for doubling up on bands, fitness enthusiasts can customize their bow to their own individual skill level. The kit is ideal for those unable to stop by the gym – easy to pack away and with no spotter required, it allows you to take the workout on the road.

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Sweet Sweat 'Workout Enhancer' Gel

When an athlete hits the gym to begin their workout, they want to know their body is making full use of this time investment. Sweet Sweat guarantees that every workout is a seriously impressive one. By improving circulation, it encourages the body to sweat as you exercise, keeping the freaks motivated to continue and improving recovery once the workout is complete. If pain or fatigue is a frequent complaint of your neighborhood fitness buff, the workout enhancer might just be the gift to truly optimize their workout and cool down.

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Power Reels Resistance Fitness Tool

In everyday life, we will avoid tension at any cost. When working out, though, a fitness lover knows the value of introducing a little bit of tension. The resistance fitness tool tones muscles and burns fat by relying upon the benefits of increasing resistance; In other words, with a little tension, it can give a trainer the body of their dreams. Portable enough to take to the gym and simple enough to learn in the security of your living room, the portable fitness product is truly a workout that bends to your loved ones’ unique lifestyle and needs. 

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Adidas NMD_CS1 GTX Primeknit Sneakers

Running is a popular exercise for its low cost and high reward, but over time this repetitive workout can take its toll on a runner’s feet and knees. A gift such as the Adidas GTX running shoes is an amazing option for the seasoned runner in your life: with its primeknit fabric and responsive cushioning, these stylish shoes make each jog as comfortable and as safe as possible. With such handy shoes, your fitness fanatics will be able to enjoy their morning run for years to come.

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MoonRun Portable Cardio Trainer

For anyone who loves to keep in shape, the ability to work out at home is essential. Quite often exercise equipment can take up a lot of space and this makes it much more difficult to achieve a training routine from home. However, with the compact yet effective aerobic trainer, fitness lovers will be able to work out and have their space.

The flexible trainer gives the opportunity to take advantage of compatible smartphone apps, giving a running experience like no other. Fully immersive training helps with resistance, strength, and stamina, perfect for the determined gym guy. What’s more, the trainer comes complete with a virtual personal trainer, meaning that no session will ever be the same. Set up anywhere and get training within minutes!

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Garmin Fenix 6 Sapphire Multisport GPS Watch

Any fitness guru will tell you that having a device that has a wealth of functions can come in super handy. This Garmin watch certainly gives you bang for your buck with many features to make the life of the trainers much more simple. It can measure heart rate and distance which makes it great for tracking a workout and has fully integrated GPS, giving the option to follow a map. 

Should the user want to listen to music or make a purchase on the go – it’s all possible with this watch! If this wasn’t enough, it is made from extremely durable materials, making it ideal for rugged activities. Your fitness friends can wear the watch in confidence.

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Mass Suit

Resistance training is something that many people with a passion for fitness enjoy taking part in. It allows them to build up strength and muscle and is a vital part of any work out routine. In order to get the most from this type of work out, a mass suit such as this one can make a great accessory.

Whilst the name may suggest a bulky suit, this mass suit is slim and comfortable to wear meaning that it will not interfere with training, only enhance it. The suit is designed to clip around the body and provide resistance with every movement, wear it for running, weight lifting, yoga – any type of physical activity and build great results.

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Professional Workout Bench

If your workout friends are looking to build up their very own home gym, a workout bench is an absolute must! That being said, this portable bench can be taken when a fitness guy is traveling, allowing them to work out on the go as well as from the comfort of their own home.

Many work out benches can be unstable but the low center of gravity on this one coupled with the extremely durable materials from which it is made makes this incredibly sturdy and safe to use. On top of this the bench is designed to be comfortable when using and features rounded edges as well as hand and foot markers for optimal positioning.

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Jacob's Ladder Gronk Edition Step Machine

We’ve all seen traditional work out machines, but some of these are dated and boring. But with this innovative and exciting step machine, building strength and fitness has never been more fun. Not only this, but the step machine is ideal for both targeting certain areas such as the legs and arms as well as bringing an all-round cardio workout.

The machine has been designed to be just as aesthetically pleasing as it is functional and will fit in perfectly in any location – whether it is placed within the home or a more professional environment such as a gym. Easy to use and perfect for weight loss – this is a fitness gift that will bring hours of pleasure to any athlete.

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Aqua Training Heavy Bag

If you are looking for a training bag that looks amazing then this one certainly fits the bill. However since we know that looks aren’t everything, it stands to reason that this training bag also has a range of features when it comes to functionality. Unlike traditional training bags, the aqua training bag is used by filling it with water. This removes the risk of those annoying hard or soft spots that can often occur when filling with solid materials. The bag arrives flat and to get started, all you need to do is add the water. Not only is this super easy to use, but building strength and stamina has never been easier with the extremely heavyweight bag. Choose from a range of colors to allow the bag to fit seamlessly into any environment.

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RumbleRoller Beastie Bar and Stands

Working out is a lot of fun, but for those who make it a big part of their lifestyle, it can come with muscle aches and pains – pain is beauty, or so they say. But this doesn’t have to be so much of a problem with this handy RumbleRoller. 

If you want to give the gift of comfort to a fitness friend, this roller will provide relief from muscle knots and tension as well as massively reducing post-workout pain. Gone are the days when the fitness freaks would have to wait for an appointment with a sports massage therapist – now they can give themselves a massage right from the comfort of their own home.

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Celebrity Sweat Omniball

If you know a guy who has everything and is struggling to find something that will excite them, then the omniball is an excellent fitness gift idea! No one has much time in this modern, busy life for a lengthy workout but with the omniball this isn’t an issue. For the busy fitness lovers who want a quick yet effective workout, this is the ideal companion.

Simply attach the ball to the hands or feet and use it for resistance training or a full-body workout. The balls come in two weights – 2lbs or 4lbs giving you the freedom to select an option to suit personal needs. Not only are these balls effective but they are also compact and easy to store, making them a great choice for those with limited space.

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When someone becomes an athlete, their sport can become one of the most important elements in their lives. This means that when it comes to gifts buying, an athletic themed present can often be very well received. These fantastic gifts for athletes will be sure to bring a smile to the face of any active recipient.