A Guide to 19 Delicious Food Gifts for All Your Favorite Food Lovers

The way to a loved one’s heart is through their stomach, but not all gourmet gifts are created equal. Your friends and family deserve the most delectable gifts on the menu; how do you separate the tasty from the trashy? For those foodies with a taste for the finer flavors, the delicious food gifts in this list are guaranteed to delight and amaze stomachs, tongues, and hearts alike.

Best Food Gifts

Acorn Fed Iberico Ham

Your food fanatic might think they know their meats, but you haven’t tasted ham until you’ve bitten into genuine Pata Negra fresh from Spain. This gourmet leg of black ham derives its one-of-a-kind flavor from a unique 100% acorn diet followed by a two-year curing process, a level of dedication to a craft not exhibited in typical grocery store packaged ham. Quality ingredients and meticulous recipes ensure a flavorful, heart-healthy cut of ham that will leave the pickiest foodies begging for seconds.

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Hot Sauce Gift Set

Too often, hot sauce is forced to compromise in either flavor or spice; in the pursuit of the spiciest flavors, companies craft sauces that overpower a meal and drown out the joys of a varied, flavorful dish. Fuego sauces, however, are the exception to the rule.

With the Good Hurt Fuego gift set, your loved one gets a selection of seven hot sauces varying in spiciness and in flavor. Each hot sauce is an expert balance of great taste and spice, and even the hottest concoctions are designed to satisfy as they burn. As a gift for a lover of all things spicy, the hottest sauce is undeniably on Fuego!

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Carnivore Club Gourmet Food Box

The greatest food gifts introduce loved ones to an amazing product that they’ve never before experienced. For the ultimate carnivore, the Carnivore Club Gourmet Gift Box is an incredible introduction to a range of artisan meats, each with the potential to become your meat lovers’ new favorite dinner. And although the gift box serves as a delicious “sampler”, the Carnivore Club definitely doesn’t skimp on the meat – each box contains around 1.5 pounds of various gourmet meats. From chorizo to biltong to prosciutto, each product contained within the Gift Box is a testament to flavor, quality, and darn good meat.

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Astronaut Foods Freeze-Dried Ice Cream Sandwich

While most food lovers are probably not headed to space any time soon, many still experience the adventure of an on-the-go lifestyle. Hiking, camping, and vacationing often means bland, unoriginal dishes that can be prepared on the fly, but your culinary connoisseur deserves better than that. This Astronaut foods ice cream sandwich is a mess-free, non-refrigerated desert worthy of NASA’s finest, and now it can land in your food lover’s hands. Astronaut sandwich are a fantastic food gift for the adventurous soul with an equally-adventurous stomach, serving up flavors that are out of this world!

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Edible Black Forest Scorpion

Perhaps your adventurer is not a sweet tooth. For the foodie whose appetite takes them around the world, no food gift on this list is more unique or unusual than the Black Scorpion. The scorpion is a 100% natural snack, containing no artificial flavors or colors, and provides a serious protein kick to those brave enough to give this creepy crawler a taste. Rest assured, this arachnid won’t sting, but nevertheless, it’s flavor will leave your food lover floored.

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Toblerone Jumbo Bar

An eye-opening, stomach-rumbling gift doesn’t need to be picked off of the forest floor. What food lover can resist the sweet, creamy crunch of a Toblerone? Toblerone is a bar of classic chocolate that has withstood the test of time due to its delicious combination fine Swiss chocolate, sweet honey, and almond-y nougat, and no sweet tooth can ever have enough of this sensational bar. For a gift that will satisfy appetites for weeks to come, the jumbo 80 centimeter Toblerone is an unbeatable icon from its memorable triangular shape to its unbeatable sweet filling.

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Soylent Meal In A Bottle

Soylent (not to be confused with the infamous movie food Soylent Green) is a delicious meal in a bottle made to power you throughout the day. Whether your food fanatic is looking for an easy lunch at the office or just wants to explore a new culinary delight, Soylent is a nutritious, one-of-a-kind food gift that is as easy to store as it is fun to eat. Vegan, gluten and dairy-free, and low GI, Soylent can be enjoyed by just about anyone with a taste for the innovative.

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Huel Vanilla Flavor Nutritionally Complete Food Powder

Nutrition rarely goes hand in hand with delicious, but Heul is here to proved that anything is possible with the right blend of ingredients. Containing oats, seeds, coconut, and protein from peas and rice, Heul serves fiber and protein in a shake your foodie can look forward to drinking each day. Vegetarians and vegans can both take advantage of the energy kick this delectable gift provides, making it a convenient food option for sharing or for enjoying on your own – though once you taste the incredible vanilla flavor, odds are you won’t be so willing to share!

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Go Cubes Energy Chews

We all need a bit of an energy boost from time to time. No food lover should ever settle for a boring coffee or sugary soda though; those with an appetite for the delicious and unique can now power up with the power of a portable, potent GoCube! GoCubes feature all the incredible flavor of a steaming cup of coffee but easily fit into a purse, backpack, or briefcase to provide an on-the-go pick-me-up. Now foodies can enjoy the perks of their daily caffeine fix without the mess or the stress of a run to the cafe.

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Molecule-R Gastronomy Starter Kit

Molecule-R meals are modern, original, and flavorful like you wouldn’t believe; now, they can be crafted in the sanctity of your own kitchen! if your food fan hasn’t had the delight of sampling a molecular meal, the Molecule-R Starter Kit is just the gift to reinvent their dining experience. Molecular meals are simple enough to be crafted by any lover of gourmet food, and make for the ultimate dinner food to blow guests away. Your foodies new favorite gift is here, and its sphere!

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Dutchman's Buttery Coconut Oil for Popcorn

Coconut oil can be used in a variety of dishes and brings a unique flavor especially when cooking up a flavorsome Asian dish such as a Thai curry. You could choose a basic coconut oil but why do that when you could give the gift of this wonderfully tasty buttery coconut oil. Not only is the natural oil super healthy but it is also suitable for a vegan diet making it extremely versatile. This particular coconut can be used for a variety of reasons but its main use is to create gorgeous buttery popcorn that any food lover won’t forget in a hurry.

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Halfpops - Half-popped Popcorn

If you know a food lover with a sweet tooth then popcorn is probably high on their list of favorite foods. In that case, why not consider gifting them this extra crunchy, very tasty popcorn which comes in a great variety of flavors from savoury seas salt or cheese all the way through to a sweeter caramel flavor. If the taste wasn’t enough, this popcorn is extremely good for you with no added nasties which can be found in many other brands. It is totally nut-free, gluten-free and there isn’t a trace of trans fat anywhere to be seen.

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Chirps Cricket Protein Chips

Protein is an essential part of our diet but many products simply don’t contain enough of it. These chips are made from cricket flour and whilst that may sound a little crazy, they’re actually a pretty yummy snack. Not only this but using this method of producing chips is much more environmentally friendly since crickets are much more sustainable. Your food-loving friend will be over the moon with a gift that is not only nutritious but also earth-friendly. The chips come in a great variety of flavors such as smoky BBQ, cheddar cheese, and spicy sriracha, what could be more appealing!

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Carry On Cocktail Kits

When someone loves all things food, they will likely have a passion for drinks too so this cocktail kit can bring the perfect accompaniment to a tasty meal. The kit enables your food-loving friend or family member to create a wealth of delicious cocktails all they need to do is grab a bottle of their favorite alcohol and start mixing. With its compact size, the cocktail kit makes a great partner for a long journey or a trip away.

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Augason Farms Freeze Dried Sliced Strawberries

Is there anything more satisfying than the taste of strawberry? This fresh, sweet fruit is a favourite of many but when buying them fresh, they don’t last very long. This tub of beautiful freeze-dried strawberries is ideal for sating those fruity cravings no matter when or where the food lover might be.

The tub contains 18 servings, meaning that this is the ideal food gift that will keep on giving and is perfect for adding to desserts, eating alone, or perhaps saving for an emergency. Not only are there plenty of helpings in this tub but amazingly, the freeze-dried strawberries last for an astonishing 30 years, so even if the food lover doesn’t have a craving until the year 2050, they’ll still be good!

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Luxury Truffle Gift Tray

For the upper-class foodie, why not consider this beautiful truffle gift set, made lovingly in Italy. Each set contains a selection of handcrafted truffle products such as the truffle risotto and the truffle glaze. Despite this being a slightly more pricey gift, it is definitely one that will be extremely well received. The gift set isn’t only perfect for a special meal but it also comes in a stunning black and white package making it as aesthetically pleasing as it is gastronomically. Oh, and it made its way onto Oprah’s favorite things list – if it’s good enough for her, it’s good enough for us.

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Truff White Truffle Hot Sauce

Many people love the addition of a spicy hot sauce to bring some zing to their meal, but have they ever tried a truffle? This limited-edition sauce features the rare white truffle bringing a totally new experience to any hot sauce fan. Not only is this the perfect accompaniment to any meal but the sauce also comes in a beautiful, elegant bottle that will look amazing on any kitchen display unit. Whether the sauce will be added to a tequila or a tea-time favourite, its sophisticated recipe is sure to impress even the hardest to please foodies.

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Gourmet Gift Basket

If you aren’t sure which direction to take your food gift in then selecting a gift basket is always a great option. This one is sure to please and features a selection from Dan the Sausageman. inside the gift basket, you will discover cheeses, sausage, and salmon amongst other delicious discoveries. The gift basket comes in a rustic designed box that has a true countryside feel, giving you the confidence that the food inside will be comforting a delicious. The company prides itself on providing its customers with only the best quality food, something that any food lover is sure to appreciate.

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Toast! Before You Drink Gummies

All those glasses of fine wine with a meal might lead to a sore head the next morning, nobody wants that but with these incredible toast gummies, the hangover may be a thing of the past. The food lover can take a toast gummy before beginning drinking alcohol and the biologically approved ingredients will give them the confidence that they can enjoy their food and wine without the worry of an awful hangover the following day. What’s more, the gummies are made with everyone in mind so no matter whether your friends prefer halal, is vegan or only eats kosher, these gummies will not offend.

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For some people, food is simply a means to gain energy and nutrition but for others, it can be a form of entertainment, something of a hobby. For anyone who enjoys exploring the wonderful variety of foods that the world has to offer, a food-related gift can really bring a smile to their face. Now turn any special occasion into a big deal with some of the most inventive and wonderful food gifts in this article.

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