15 Funny Coffee Mugs – Unique Christmas & Birthday Gift Ideas

Funny coffee mugs are not only really useful to have for that breakfast coffee, but they can also make a big difference in your morning routine: you are going to feel much better and happier if you have your coffee in the cute, funny mugs that make you smile instead of a regular mug that you won’t even look at twice.

Seeing those cute, unique coffee mugs can change your entire morning. how about buying a bunch of them so you will always have one on hand when you have a long, boring day ahead? If you are searching for funny coffee mugs you have come to the right place: we have all sorts of cool mugs, from fun to cute, from witty to quirky, from elegant to cheeky, so you can indulge in a different one every morning and step out of the door and into the world with a big, wide bright smile on your face!

Funny Coffee Mugs For Gift Ideas

The Original Toilet Coffee Mug 12 oz

Have you ever noticed how, after a big, warm cup of coffee during breakfast… you need to go potty almost immediately? Well, it shouldn’t come as a surprise: studies show that drinking caffeine can stimulate the vagus nerve, which is the one that tells you when it’s time to go. Now that you know this rather nasty fact we would like you to introduce to this crazy toilet coffee mug.

A hilarious way to start your day, this funny coffee mug will make anyone crack a smile and do a double-take, no matter if you are using it at home or the office. Featuring a capacity of 12 oz. and made out of very high-quality ceramic and hand-painted to look like a toilet (please, don’t use it on the microwave or the dishwasher as not to damage the paint). Perfect as a fun, pun, witty gift for any of your family members or office mates that loves drinking coffee and also has a bit of a potty mouth!

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The Recycling Bin Coffee Mug 12 oz

Ecologists can be as annoying as vegans sometimes: yeah, we get that we need to recycle, we get that straws and plastic bags are bad… we get it, and we are doing what we can about it, but hamburgers are great, okay? If you have a loved one that is very much into Eco-friendliness or you have caught the green craze yourself, look upon this object and crack a smile: behold the Recycling bin coffee mug.

This cute, funny coffee mug can hold up to 12oz. of your favorite liquid beverage (which will be, technically, recycled. Ever heard of “the cycle of water” ?) and it is made out of a high quality ceramic and hand-painted, so please don’t put it in the microwave and hand wash it to keep it in perfect conditions. Perfect as a cheeky gift for your Eco-friendly family member or the garbage disposal person in your life, you be sure everybody will do a double-take when seeing you drink out of it!

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The Prescription Coffee Mug 12 oz

A lot of us are barely people before we have our cup of coffee in the morning. Let’s admit it, it is almost like a drug (…well, technically it is considered a drug since it alters our state.) It is a stimulant, it makes us feel awake and alert…Almost like a “productivity pill”, so to say. If you also need a daily dose of coffee to be a person in the morning, you are going to love this: the prescription coffee mug.

This hilarious, witty, cheeky coffee mug can hold up to 12 oz. of your favorite liquid and it is made out of high quality ceramic and hand-painted, so to keep it in tip-top shape please don’t put it in the microwave or the dishwasher. A perfect gift for your doctor or nurse, for any family members that are cranky before their morning cup or even for yourself ! (Disclaimer: you might become addicted to this cup.)

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The Original Donut Coffee Mug Ceramic 14oz

Few things pair with coffee as well as a donut, but you can’t always indulge in this breakfast from the Heavens: donuts aren’t exactly the healthiest of food, and sometimes you need to lose weight or are on a diet for your health. Do you want to always be able to pair a donut with your coffee without actually having to eat it? Then we introduce you to this fun, cute donut mug.

This crazy cute mug that looks like a donut can hold up to 12 oz. of your favorite beverage and it is made out of high quality ceramic and hand-painted to look like a real donut so if you want to keep it on tip-top shape please don’t put it in the microwave or dishwasher! All in all, this mug is the perfect gift for yourself, the coffee or tea lover in your family… or a police officer with a good sense of humor (really, make sure they will find it funny before.)

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3D Lazy Sloth Coffee mug I Rather Be Sleeping

Let’s be honest with ourselves: having to comply with societal standards sucks. Having to do this adulating stuff is no fun, and letting routine take over is annoying. It would be super cool if you could stay at home sleeping and watching Netflix, isn’t it? For those of you that would rather take a nap instead of going to work, this lazy sloth mug is for you.

This super cute fun mug with a lovely, original design acts as a thermal cup to keep your drinks warmer or colder for longer, and it is made out of a very high-quality ceramic material so you shouldn’t use it in the microwave or the dishwasher if you want to keep it in tip-top shape! Besides, the cute, fun sloth perched in its side will sure to put a smile in anyone’s face, and the witty quote will have anyone that looks at it saying “by golly, I can relate!”

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Hidden Animal Inside Coffee Mug

Getting up every morning super early to go to a boring job that barely pays the bills to get annoying fast, and it is not difficult to feel burnt out if you keep up this routine without spicing it up in any way. Wouldn’t it be great if you could start your day with a little fun surprise every day? Then, take a good look at this hidden animal mugs.

These crazy cute, fun mugs will help you start your mornings in the right note. It holds up to 11 oz. of your favorite beverage and features a lot of colors and animals so you can choose your favorite one. Made out of ceramic, these cute mugs are both microwave and dishwasher safe so your morning will be less annoying! A perfect gift for that person that loves cute, fun things, surprises or animals (or for yourself, let’s be honest. This mug is so cute everybody should have one to turn those sad boring mornings into cool, fun ones !)

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Laboratory Beaker Mug 14 oz

It’s a widely recognized phenomenon that a lot of us are barely even people in the mornings if we haven’t had our cup of coffee. We are lethargic, can’t focus and tend to be grumpy, angry and easy to upset. It is almost as if we were a machine that is powered through caffeine! If you are also a coffee-bot, then we would like to introduce you to the beaker mug!

Revel in showing your inner nerd to the world! This mug replicates perfectly the look of a beaker and comes with a really funny witty slogan too. Made out of high-quality borosilicate (laboratory) glass, you can rest assured it won’t explode even when exposed to high temperatures, and the high-quality custom design won’t go away no matter how many washes you put it through. A great gift for the science nerds or anyone that loves their morning strong coffee!

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Camera Lens Coffee Mug -13.5oz

If you have ever met a photographer, you know they tend to be almost obsessive with their equipment and they take not only a lot of care but also a lot of pride in it. The cameras are almost like their babies and they carefully select the perfect objective for every photo, even when taking public bathroom selfies or pictures of their drinks. If you need a gift for a photography nerd, how about this camera lens coffee mug?

Replicating the look of an objective perfectly, this awesome, cool mug comes with 2 types of lids: a retractable one and a no-spill one so you can always be on the safe. It also holds 13.5oz of your favorite liquid and the food-grade ABS plastic and stainless steel interior makes it into a perfect thermos that will keep your drinks hot (or cold) for hours on end as you wait to take that picture-perfect photo (heh !). Just don’t mistake your actual camera lens for your mug!

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Coffee Makes Me Poop Mug Coffee mug

You might have noticed that after you take your morning cup of coffee you need to go… pretty much immediately. And it shouldn’t come as a surprise: studies have shown coffee might be one of the most laxative foods in existence as caffeine stimulates the vagus nerve, which is the one that tells you when it’s potty time. If you are a big fan of coffee and its diuretic and laxative effects, you probably will also like this Coffee Makes Me Poop Mug!

Featuring a chocolate ice cream design (heh !) and a funny little slogan this funny, witty mug can hold up to 12 oz of your favorite liquid and it is made out of high-quality ceramics so you can be sure it will last you! This mug is a hilarious gag gift for the coffee lover in your family, the coworker with a potty mouth or just about anyone that loves collecting fun, witty, crazy mugs: we can guarantee everybody will do a double-take and crack a smile when you drink out of it!

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BigMouth Inc Gigantic Coffee mug

If you were born in the 80s, you definitely remember Sir Mix A Lot’s “Baby got back”. Even if you weren’t around in 92 when the song was released you probably have heard it before: it has become a fun cultural icon that everyone knows. If you were around during the 90s, though, get ready for a wave of nostalgia and to crack a cheeky smile when you see this gigantic coffee mug.

This humungous, huge coffee mug is not only hilarious because of its size but also because of its funny slogan “I like big mugs and I can not lie”, a reference to Baby Got Back. While this mug is enormous, it is less heavy than you would expect and it is quite resistant too as it is made out of good material. Perfect as a gag gift for anyone that likes big mugs or is a fan of warm drinks!

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BigMouth Inc Game Over Ceramic Coffee Mug

If you know a fan of videogames or are a gamer yourself you probably know how cranky they get when they lose a game. The words “game over” might be the ones they most dread to hear and it fills them with terror and anger. If you are looking for a gift for a gamer, or are a fan of videogames yourself this game over ceramic mug might be the best thing you have seen in your entire life!

This very cool, fun, high-quality ceramic mug features a “broken into two pieces” Playstation controller and a “game over” in the inside of the cup so when your fellow gamer sees it they know it is time to refill it again. Coming with a high-quality print and a robust finish you don’t need to worry about the paint chipping off or the mug falling apart in a couple of days, as long as you treat it with care!

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Tactical Military Multifunction Battle Mug

Men are tough. That’s a given. They eat bullets for breakfast, punch bears in the afternoon and roughhouse with sharks in the evening and then wake up early to do it all over again… or at least that’s what action movies try to sell us. If you’ve got yourself a manly man Schwarzenegger type that loves guns, knives, tanks and wars and you don’t know what to get him for Christmas… take a good look at this tactical battle mug!

With a capacity of 600ml and a weight of a little less than a kilo, this mug is rather big and heavy but that only makes it sturdier. Made out the highest quality aluminum, and even the exterior is powder-coated and rugged to give a realistic, cool feel. This mug is not only extremely detailed and works great for keeping your drinks cold (it’s not so good for hot beverages, though, since it is made out of aluminum). A perfect gift for the manly dude, macho men, G.I.Joes of your life!

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Happy Camper Coffee Mug

Are you a big fan of camping? Love being in the middle of nature, feeling the wind on your skin, forgetting about city life, hearing the wild animals do their thing, lighting a campfire… ? How do you feel about coffee, though? If you love both coffee and camping, this happy camper coffee mug will make you the happiest person in the world!

Featuring a cute, fun, witty camping trailer design and holding up to 16 oz of your favorite liquid, this mug is also made out of really high-quality materials and painted with great care for details. Besides, it is also sturdy, resistant and easy to clean which makes it perfect for actually taking it to your next camping trip. All in all, this cool mug is a perfect gift if you have a cup collector, a coffee fan or a camping lover in your family!

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Star Wars Coffee Mug

If you have watched the most recent Star Wars movies, it is quite likely that you have fallen in love with BB8: his small, round shapes, his loyalty, and his cuteness have made him a favorite of the public and he has earned his spot in everybody’s heart right away and he appears on a lot of merchandising of the saga ! If you love him too, take a look at this Star Wars Coffee Mug and squeal with delight.

This incredibly cool mug is made out of quality ceramics and hand-painted carefully to be a perfect replica of BB8. Besides, it is 100% BPA free to keep it safe to put drinks and food in, and it is really easy to clean and lightweight in addition to keeping your drinks hot. A perfect gift, keepsake, or collectible for any fans of the Star Wars saga, rest assured that they will “oww” and “aww” as soon as they receive this super cute, super stylish mug!

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Have a Great Day Funny Coffee Mugs 13 Oz

There are some people that are just not themselves before coffee. While they are adorable, nice, kind, and an absolute delight before coffee… they are angry, rude, and grumpy before, which, to be honest, it is kinda understandable: have you ever woken up early, hungry, to go to a job you hate? If you are one of these people, or simply like cheek in tongue fun novelty gifts, you are going to smirk when you see these funny coffee mugs.

The “have a great day” funny coffee mug comes in a lot of different colors and feature a print on the side that says “have a great day” and another print on the bottom that is much less happy, cute and wholesome. It is made out of high-quality ceramic and come with a high-quality print, so it is both dishwasher and microwave safe: do not worry about it breaking, chipping, or the print going away.

This funny coffee mug also holds almost 15 oz, which is quite a lot of coffee to get through the day, and it is lightweight with an easy to grip handle, so don’t worry about not being to properly hold it.

Take it to the office and surprise anyone that sees you drinking from it, give it as a gift to your friend that is absolutely bonkers about coffee or give it to your flatmate that is just not a bundle of joy before their morning coffee, but rest assured that this “have a great day” funny coffee mug is going to get a laugh out of anyone that sees it.

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