Giant Coffee Mug The World's Largest Coffee Mug

If you are one of those people that can’t function before coffee… you know sometimes it’s going to take you A LOT of coffee. Like, A LOT. at least a gallon or so. Sometimes you might as well fill your bathtub with coffee and dunk yourself into it like a Digestive cookie. For those times when you need enough coffee to give tachycardia to an elephant, we would like to introduce you to the Giant Coffee Mug.

This coffee mug of titanic proportions is 11 inches wide for 9 inches tall, which probably makes it the largest coffee mug ever (We can’t promise, though. We haven’t checked) and it legitimately can hold a gallon of coffee inside it. Not only that but this mug is microwave and dishwasher safe, as long as you can find a microwave or dishwasher that can fit it.

This ridiculously, absurdly, monstrously giant coffee mug is a great gag gift for those workmates that can’t be bothered with basic manners or language before their coffee, for that friend that is always sipping on some Starbucks; and it can be a great plant pot, towel holder, bathtub for smaller dogs, cats or any smaller animals, fountain for birds or emergency baptismal pile, in case you need to baptize your baby in a hurry.

To be honest, this cup doesn’t have much of a real purpose. We know you don’t need it, but we know that by God, you do want it. It’s OK, plenty of things in your house ended up to have no use, anyway!

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Size does matter when it comes to drinking coffee, right?

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Big enough

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