World's Largest Giant Gummy Bear

If you have a giant sweet tooth, it is pretty likely that you love gummy bears. And if you love gummy bears (and are a bit weird and quirky. Don’t worry, we are not judging) it is likely that you have asked yourself “hey, how come they don’t make bear sized giant gummy bear”?

Well, I mean, a 600 lbs (300 kgs) gummy bear sounds like a terrible idea, but if you want the second best thing, we are proud to introduce you to the giant 5-pound gummy bear!

Weighing as much as a small cat, the giant gummy bear comes in 9 different flavors to delight all sorts of gourmands (that’s french for “sweet-tooth-having”) and it makes a great gift for children, adults and just about anyone!

Use it to replace the cake at a children’s birthday party, make it a gag gift for that workmate that is always talking about how much they love sweets. Or get it for yourself to have a bed companion you can hug at night and snack on the next morning! 

Be careful though, just like any other gummy bear, this titanic sized abomination is also sticky and can harden over time, so be careful and store it in a cold, dry place where dust and dirt can’t get onto it.

8.8Expert Score

Kick the sugar and enjoy gummy bears guilt free.

Value for money

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