Giant Knit Blanket Chunky Cable for Cuddling up in Bed

If you are into pop culture, you might have heard of the new term making the rounds: “hygge”, the Danish word for “coziness”, meaning a soft, simple life that is mostly spent indoors enjoying lazy hobbies like watching Netflix in your sofa, wearing pajamas, or drinking hot chocolate while reading a book. If this sounds like your kind of life, we are proud to introduce you to the quintessential “hygge” element for your house: this giant knit blanket.

When it comes to a blanket, your comfort is always the first priority to be taken care of. This giant knit blanket is made out of 100% chenille yarn for an insanely soft and comfortable touch that doesn’t shed, and it measures 60 inches x 50 inches so you can burrow yourself in it. Not only that, but chenille yarn is lightweight and hypoallergenic, making it perfect for people that are allergic to wool (yes, we exist).

Due to the delicate nature of this blanket, it is best washed separately in a cold, gentle cycle and use a bar of soap without bleach as to prolong its life, and to dry flat to be able to keep the shape and softness of the material.

If you are kind of a homebody who hates going out and whose idea of a perfect night involves watching movies in your pajamas while eating popcorn strewn in your sofa, or if you have a friend that is always complaining about how cold it is, this giant knit blanket is a perfect option!

9.6Expert Score

An insanely comfortable winter accessory that will make you hug it to death!!!

Light weight

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