43 Unique Gifts for 10-Year-Old Girls She’ll Love and Use

Tweens are the children who fall in between childhood and teens. 10-year-old girls are on this bridge, too young to explore on their own but old enough to have their own preferences. This is the time when girls start to groom themselves more than their Barbies. Or, shift from clay dough cooking to actual cooking in the kitchen. On the other hand, some would completely flip their interests and would jump from drawing cartoons to singing and dancing. For this reason, often looking for the perfect gifts for 10-year-old girls can be challenging.

However, all it takes is to drill down on their current interests to allow them to explore more of what they are capable of. Instead of seeing things not being used at all, here are some gifts for 10-year-old girls that you can consider:

Gifts for 10-Year-Old Girls

GO Glam Nail Stamper

Girls start being curious about mommy’s or their older sister’s manicure at this age. They may try some of the stuff on their own or would offer to get their sister’s nails done. Time to step up and ensure they get the color appropriate for their age. Not settle for the blazing red of mom or black nail polish of her older sister, the Go Glam manicure set helps.

What’s good about this kit is it comes with 8 patterns and 4 nail polishes. And they fit her personality and age where she can mix and match paw prints, unicorns, and any fruit design of their choice. She can have her own salon with a dryer at home. It is easy and safe to use. Having her own nail salon will give her the opportunity to express herself and share it with others. The best activity for the girl’s next birthday or pajama party.

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Wreck This Journal

Dealing with tweens can be inspiring but often tough for a lot of parents. This is the stage where they are starting to insist on what they want. Won’t listen to what their parents say and do something “crazy” because they can’t freely express themselves. If you see this, get them a Wreck This journal that will help her break free from her limitations. Each page comes with illustrated prompts to engage with her creative mind. It includes activities that will let her release some “destructive” thoughts and acts to channel the artist in her. Encourage her to make something out of nothing and let her creative juice flow.

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4M Glow Crystal Growing Kit

Chemistry and Geology are not the favorite subjects of the girl you know. Can’t blame you because you went through the same phase yourself. Good thing is, nowadays, learning has been made fun. Surprise her with the 4M crystal growing kit. Girls will never resist sparkling items. Watch her transform into a scientist as she discovers and applies STEM concepts on the crystal. She will be enamored at how the crystal grows, having fun while learning. In about 7 to 10 days, she will have a fully grown crystal. It is something she can bring for Show and Tell or an inspiration for the next Science School Fair.

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Beanie and Infinity Scarf Knitting Kit

For the fashion diva wannabe girl in the house, encourage her to make her own accessories and clothes at home. No complicated equipment needed. Start with a knitting kit to introduce her to the world of pools, hooks, and needles. It will make them the trendsetting tweens in their school. She can make a customized accessory with bows and sparkling beads outshining everyone else in her group. It’s a rare handmade item made exclusively by her. The world would have to prepare for the next world-class fashion designer who will be found on every runway.

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Pixel Dual Compartment Backpack

Gifts for girls should not only be functional but fashionable. Tweens their age will find it fascinating to have a pixel backpack that they can personalize. No more accidentally swapping their backpack with someone else. She can change the design on the bag as many times as she can depending on her mood. When she does, her bag will stand out from everyone else. Ensuring she brings home the correct bag every single time. And she can pinpoint it even from afar. Of course, it is fully functional with a dual compartment, side pockets for additional storage, and an adjustable shoulder strap for the best fit.

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The Foodie Kids Cookbook

The clay dough cooking gal is moving up to the kitchen. It is time to make her fascination with cooking a reality. Give her a Kid Chef recipe book for the holiday. The book includes recipes that are healthy and fun to cook for kids her age. Level up her cooking skills from the usual pancake to junior MasterChef-worthy recipes. These are dishes not only for kids but for the entire family. She will be looking forward to every weekend cooking episode with the 75 recipes she can choose from.

Start her young. Everything that she needs to know about cooking from creating a grocery list to using the kitchen equipment at home is in the book. She will grow up capable and self-sufficient. And ready to be hailed as the next junior Masterchef on TV.

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Mystical Owl Wooden Jigsaw Puzzle

From the huge Disney puzzles, let the girl expand her puzzle-solving skills. Challenge her with fun and artistic pieces she can complete. Whether she solves it on her own or with friends, it is a fantastic way to chill and have a great time. The unique shape of this puzzle is what will draw her attention. By the time she completes it, she will feel accomplished for all the hard work she put in. Hang it on the wall for her as great memorabilia of the hours she put in to finish the piece.

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Pink Ceramic Stone Table Lamp

A 10-year-old is the time to let your girl feel like her room reflects her taste. She can redecorate the room to her own liking. And if she is someone who loves pink, then give her the stone lamp for her birthday to add character to her own space. It can spark inspiration on how she can go about decorating her room. The study desk will never be boring again with the stone lamp in shades of light and dark pink. It gives off a feminine charm that is both exquisite and cute. And the good news, it looks luxurious without the hefty price tag. You can even pair it up with another lamp next to her bed.

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Portable Karaoke Machine

Have you met the next Beyonce or Billie Elish? Don’t look far, maybe she is hiding in her closet or in the shower of your own house. If you have been hearing constant humming or someone belting her heart out in the shower, it is about time to give her a mic. Wrap up a karaoke machine for her birthday and watch her eyes shine like a diamond, shouting at the top of her lungs. That would be a great way to warm up.

The karaoke machine lets her connect the mic to an app on the phone or tablet. She can blend in with her favorite artist on YouTube or sing solo on Smule or other karaoke apps. Bring out the singing diva-in-hiding with the full light effects for her centerstage. Ensure that you warn everyone in the house beforehand to avoid any shock.

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Polaroid Mickey's 90Th Anniversary Edition

A girl who loves arts and crafts will fall in love with the Polaroid camera. While it is fun to post their favorite shots on their social media account, keeping photo prints out and adding designs plus notes provides a different vibe. The polaroid will give her 600 prints instantly that she can choose from for her journal or photo wall. This is the original film format used in the 70s to 80s. If she has an old soul and loves the analog vibe, this will be the perfect gift for her. She can even share some of the printouts with friends and acquaintances as souvenirs for their time together.

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Mermaid Blanket Wearable Blanket

Little Ariel has grown to be a beautiful tween flapping her tails on the ground. Make your girl’s dream come true of becoming a mermaid with a mermaid blanket tail that’ll keep her warm and inspired while dreaming. The blankie tail sparkles like a true mermaid’s tail perfect for cuddle nights and themed sleepovers. She will keep using the blanket until it wears off or when the little mermaid can finally stand on her feet. Bring the magic into her room and sparkle like the moon at night. And if she is up and about, she can still use the blankie while binge-watching or reading her favorite book of all time.

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Ponytail Beanie Hat

Get your girl something she can wear all the time. Girls often grow their hair at this age. However, having long hair can be tough when she needs to use a hat or bonnet in the chilly weather. Be their genie to save their day. Send her a ponytail hat to keep her head warm and hair sleek all the time. No more messy buns. No more being exposed to cold all the time. The ponytail hat lets her put on a high ponytail even in winter. This is the best accessory to wear while playing snow sports or other outdoor activities. She will look fashionable and warm at the same time.

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LEGO Ideas Ship in a Bottle

Who says Lego is only for boys? Instead of cars and robots, give your girl a ship in a bottle. This is a fun, challenging, and mesmerizing Lego puzzle that will test her skills and patience. Once complete, it would be a perfect decoration on the shelf or in her study room to display. The kit includes a full-on pirate’s ship with cannons, mast, sail, captain’s quarters, and the like. And, she can pair it up with other building bricks for creative play. Let her imagination run wild to create a ship that fits her liking.

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Kids Pod Swing Seat

A 10-year-old era can be a stressful stage in a girl’s life. Allow them to recuperate with the swing seat. Install it in her room or by the yard so she can chill and relax after all the demands from school and work. The pod swing seat is comfortable and breathable. Best of all, it is completely safe to ride. The swing helps her to develop a sense of balance and physical sense. It will become her secret space to be with herself, relax, and re-energize. Nap, read, or listen to music while tucked in the swing seat. It is so comfortable and fun, even adults might envy her.

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littleBits Electronic Music Inventor Kit

Help your girls discover and develop their skills and potential. Instead of giving them regular toys, surprise them with educational toys they will love. Unleash the next rockstar diva with littleBits. The electric synth guitar can be built, customized, and transformed into various musical instruments. Tickle their imagination and let the musicians in them break free. Play for hours using the in-app activities or rock it out combining various instruments. She will not have fun but also discover her passion for music through creative play.

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Nostalgia Classic Snow Cone Maker

No matter the weather outside, ice cream is a dessert no one can refuse. Quit driving to the nearest grocery or convenience store to satiate the little one’s sweet tooth. Surprise her with a snow cone maker machine. Beat the heat with the homemade fluffy snow cones. It is safe to use and whips up delicious snacks in no time. Girls will be so happy that she can’t wait to show it to her friends and other family members. The perfect dessert for the next party is homemade snow cones she made herself.

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Hair Chalk Salon

Hush your young sister from bugging you to get her hair colored in vibrant shades of the rainbow. Parents won’t allow the crazy hairstyle. So stay in between. Surprise her with hair chalk that will make her hair as vibrant as her personality. Get her hair done for special occasions. The color isn’t permanent as it washes off with the use of shampoo which your parents will love. It also comes with accessories such as elastics, metallic beads, and a hair beading tool. A gift that is guaranteed a win-win situation that both parents and the tween will like.

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Disney Mickey Mouse Waffle Maker

If she couldn’t stop craving for the waffle she ate at Disney, give her a Disney waffle maker. Thanks to it, you don’t need to drive hours and break the bank to give her what she wants. This 10-year-old gal can whip up her own Mickey waffle anytime she wants. The waffle maker shapes every waffle into Mickey’s face. It is completely safe to use with non-skid rubber feet to ensure it stays in place. The nonstick cooking plate makes a perfect-looking Mickey waffle every single time. With this, she can cook as much as she wants until she gets tired of it.

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Flashing Cube

Is your 10-year-old niece bugging you for a new toy for her birthday? Cater to her whim with the flashing cube which will quickly become her new fave. It’s a fun toy that tests how quick her fingers are in solving games and puzzles. The flashing cube has 4 games that will test her speed, memory, and agility. Easy to learn but tough to beat.

Bring out her competitive side as she tries to beat each game. Improve her brain skills, as well as hand-and-eye coordination. She can also test her patience and perseverance to master the games. She will be so immersed in her new toy she will completely forget about going out for dinner.

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Thicken Tatami Mat

Girls love lounging on their beds or on the floor. Sometimes, they will invite friends over only to see them all lying on the ground. Keep her happy and comfortable, together with her friends, with the Tatami floor mattress. She won’t be sweeping the floor with her clothes ever again. The futon mattress is made from high-quality memory foam which provides ultimate comfort and support. Packed in its own storage bag, it is easy to unfold and store anytime. She can easily bring it out from the storage during sleepovers. Or, tag it along for her next camping adventure and road trip.

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Hasbro Scrabble Deluxe Edition

Who could ever forget scrabble? No one. It is the classic board game that will never go out of style regardless of how advanced the technology is. If you want to encourage a girl to do offline activities, everyone in the circle can’t refuse a Hasbro scrabble game.

The classic scrabble comes with a folding carrying case which makes it a hit for any camping or sleepovers. It even comes with slide-and-store trays for quick storing. Have at least 2 players on the board to start the game. Everyone else will be jumping on board to stretch their vocabularies. Give it some twist and add slang words to make it fun.

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Razor Electric Kids Ride On Scooter

Girls who have been studying hard deserve a prize. If she has been using the same bicycle for years, it is time for an upgrade. Let her zoom out with the Razor mini electric scooter. She will love the new sense of freedom. Hopping on to her own ride and going places around the town.

Your girl won’t wait to flaunt her new Euro-style scooter making her wheels the coolest ride on the block. It can speed up to 15 mph (24 km/h) which makes it safe to ride for tweens. She won’t go far either as a one-time charge will let her run for minutes. Enough time for her to get some fresh air and get back feeling rejuvenated and relaxed.

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iHome PowerClock Glow Alarm Clock

Do you have a hard time waking your little sister up? Get her off the bed in no time with the iHome smart alarm clock. Rather than pretending to sleep after being forced out of her bed, she can wake up her way, her style. The iHome alarm clock can be connected to her device via Bluetooth. Thus, allowing her to customize the alarm tone.

She can use her favorite jam, a preset FM station, or use an existing alarm tone from the clock. What’s more, she can also pair with any device to play her songs, podcast, and the like. It is also a cool decoration on her desk as it flashes off different colors that are dimmable to match her mood.

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Unicornbot Kit

When it comes to the best gifts for 10-year-old girls, be girly and techie at the same time. With the UnicornBot, she can show off her programming or coding skills using a cute Unicorn robot. If she is not into coding yet, this will be a good way to start her into the coding world. Using her knowledge of coding, she can create new custom actions for UnicornBot. The kit comes with a free app to let her get to operate the robot in whatever way she pleases. She can program the horns to display various colors. It is a multi-awarded game that tweens will love. Educational and fun to play with.

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4M Green Science Weather Station

Science isn’t boring. In fact, it can be fun using some creative and educational toys. Introduce girls to a world of fun with the Grow-A-Maze game. She can create a maze and watch plants grow at the same time. The interactive game lets her immerse in the world of plants and science. She can watch the plant grow and work its way through the maze that she designed to the top of the soil. It comes with a clear container that allows her to see the development of the roots to the growth of the plant. This is how you can introduce her to the magical beauty of nature.

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Apple AirPods

Tweens, nowadays, can’t live without music in their ears. However, they may often get into a tangled mess because of the wired headsets or headphones they are using. The best headset to pair with their Apple device is Airpods. It is easy to set up and connects automatically when turned on. She can double-tap to play her favorite tune or skip forward to the next playlist. Also, with the phrase, “Hey Siri,” she can access Siri right away. When not in use, she can put it in the case that also doubles as a charging station. Untangle her life and set her free from the messy wiry situation with a pair of Airpods.

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Craft-tastic DIY String Art

Artistic girls need to have an outlet for their creative juices to flow. Gear towards developing their love for arts and crafts with a Craft-tastic string art kit. Imagine the various artwork she can create with a few strings, push pins, and canvas. The kit comes with pre-patterned foam bases. All they have to do is string away. But with the foundation in place, who knows what other masterpieces they can create with a few loops. No other tools like a hammer or nails are needed. Everything is included in the kit which makes it convenient and safe for kids to use.

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Garmin vivofit jr

Who says fitness trackers are only for adults? Girls can have them too, whether it’s for health monitoring or for athletic activities. Get her active with a device that can monitor her activities. Vivofit Jr. is the perfect digital watch that can give her the time and monitor her progress every single time. It may have been recommended by their doctor or out of their free will. Regardless, the tracker can be connected to the parent’s mobile app which will help them keep track of their development and growth. The tween won’t mind either because it is fashionable and comfortable to use.

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Kidzlane Dance Mat

Keep your girl dancing. It is in the tween year where girls start to discover their love for music and arts. If she loves dancing, then get her a dance mat to keep them in the groove. It is also a fun way to move to the beat and burn some calories. The dance mat lights up with the beat of the built-in music. Or, if she wants something else, she can connect the mat via Bluetooth or Aux to her device to play her favorite track. Get her off gadget and into the groove as she dances the night away. It even comes with arcade games she and her friends can play and dance with.

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GirlZone Mermaid Sparkle Slime Kit

The tween time, ages 10 to 12, is the best time to transition kids from childhood games to teenie bop hobbies. But, it is also the era where they get to do what they want by mixing the best of both worlds, a time of exploration and developing skills through interactive and tactile playing. Let them dig into their creative prowess to create their own tactile game.

Teens and adults may find it gross but tweens wouldn’t mind all the slimy stuff. Get these girls DIY slime, mixing and matching various colors and add-ons. Go anywhere from bubblegum scent slime that glows in the dark. Or, slime with confetti, peras, and seafoam balls. The sky’s the limit as to what they can create with this kit.

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Unicorn 3-Shelf Bookcase

Do not restrict to toys, give her furniture that suits their age and style where they can organize all their trinkets. Getting organized is easier when you start the habit at a young age. Rather than plastic containers they will outgrow, get them wooden bookcases they can use over time. And, repaint when they get older. For the cute girls, go for the cabinet with colorful artwork filled with bows and unicorns. The 3-layer shelf can house all their trinkets from books, notebooks to toys and trinkets galore. It is a durable bookcase that will last them for years. The content may change but the shelf remains the same.

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Girl Cave Sign

If men have a man cave, girls can have one too. Tweens are at that stage when they start to become independent. This is the time when they want to enforce privacy, especially from their siblings and friends. So, let them be. Give her the Girl Cave sign that says “No Boys allowed, except dad.” The unique door sign will keep unwanted visitors from barging in. Adding the girl’s vibe and spirit on their door. It is high time people start respecting her privacy. The plastic sign is made from PVC waterproof printing which will last for a long-time. So be warned. The sign might stay on her door as long as she wants to.

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Doodle World Map Pillowcase

Girls aged 10 love to doodle. Encourage them to develop their creative side and not limit them to notebooks and sketch pads. The Doodle world map allows them not only to exercise their love for arts but also familiarize themselves with the world map. Basically, you are hitting two birds with one stone with it. Learning can be fun if you let these youthful spirits blossom without restrictions. Let them safely doodle on the soft pillow pillowcase, coloring all the countries around the world. Have fun discovering the different wonders, wild animals, and countries around the globe.

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Color Your Own Water Bottle

Girls, as young as 10, are keen to express their style and are protective of their possessions. This is the time when they will not let other people touch their stuff. Let her creatively show this side of her. The Color Your Own Bottle is designed for tween girls who love arts and express their authority on their possessions. Girls should be taught to let the artist in for free.

It helps them express their style to showcase it to the whole world, a fun activity she can indulge in with herself or share it with family and friends during sleepovers or parties. Once done, she can flaunt her style and attach the carabiner to her gym bag or backpack.

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Giant Teddy Bear

At one point in any girl’s life, their room is full of teddy bears and stuffed toys, the best friends with whom she grows up. Sharing all the laughter and tears from her childhood to her adult life. Don’t hold back and give her a giant teddy bear instead of the small ones. The giant teddy bear will be her partner for life. And the perfect buddy to snuggle and hug during the warm and cold nights. For sure, the teddy bear will safeguard all her secrets neither her family nor friends know.

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Costzon Kids Recliner Chair

If dads have their own “throne” in the living room, get the princess her own “throne”, too. The kid’s recliner is a gift that will suit the “royalty” in the house who deserves all the royal treatment for being a great girl in school and at home. Made from high-quality PU leather with a stable structure, it will last for her teenage years.

It’s every girl’s dream chair that gives the ultimate comfort while watching TV, reading books, or taking a nap. Sit back, let the footrest pop out, and relax after a long day at school. While at it, she can put her favorite drink on the cup holder and reach out to her books and toys stored in the side pocket. She will be seated on her throne the whole day and no one can blame her.

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72 Watercolor Pencils Professional

The tween years are the time of discovery and exploration. Girls can dive into their artistic side to doodle and color all they want. Get her a set of watercolor pencils and a brush that can last for a long time. YES! You heard it right. These are watercolor pencils and not the usual ones in a rectangular container. The pencils dissolve in water and come with a brush to give them more amazing effects. It gives them more versatility as they can apply it directly on the paper, after dipping them in water, or mix them with other colors. The 72-watercolor pencil set comes with a sturdy storage case she can bring with her anywhere.

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All-Natural Spa Lab

The perfect mother-daughter or sisters’ bonding session is sharing beauty secrets through the spa lab. This is their gateway to becoming beauty scientists, exploring the scientific facts behind all those shimmers and balms. Let her natural beauty shine through with the Do IT YOURSELF spa lab kit made from ingredients that are chemical-free, thus, safe for the skin.

Explore the wonders of chemistry as she mixes and matches the ingredients to make homemade beauty products. Allow these girls to express their creative prowess while diving into the world of chemistry to concoct bath bombs, scrubs, and the like. Hopefully, this starts her interest in creating homemade beauty packs which she can share with family and friends. It is a great bonding session that will deepen the relationship between girls in the household.

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5,000 Awesome Facts

If your niece has a knack for learning trivia and the like, the “Awesome Facts” book is an absolutely fantastic gift you can give her. No more boring days with a book that lets her in the world of amusing information about underwear, dessert, pirates, famous landmarks, and more. Even children who don’t like to read will be immersed with all the beautiful illustrations and fun facts on every page. Once they start, they will never go back. This is a good way to let them off their gadgets and learn some interesting information about the world.

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DIY Dreamcatcher

Does your daughter love dreaming? Or, does she love arts and crafts? Combine this together and she will probably fall in love with a dreamcatcher. Inspire her to make wonderful crafts that can catch sweet dreams for a good night’s sleep. The DIY dreamcatcher will make this wish and dream come true.

It comes with the hoop and other accessories like glittering threads, glossy ribbons, beads, and butterfly pins. Plus, instruction on how to put them all together. Help your daughter develop the visual, fine, and general motor skills that they need to explore the real world. Have a blast learning while letting their creative juice flow with their creation.

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Cat Ear Headphones

Girls who love music will be jumping to the moon when they get the MindKoo headphones. Whether they are kitty fans or not, these cute cat ear headphones will become one of their priceless possessions they will be using till it wears out. Watch them wear the headphones day in and out, wherever they go.

These cute kitty headphones glow in different colors adding fun to the entire musical experience. Connect it to their phones via wired or wireless connection to listen to their favorite sound. They can go hands-free and control everything from the earmuffs. Go for 30 hours with the lights on and 70 hours of music streaming without. Then, charge it when the batteries are out, ready for endless music streaming.

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Dollhouse Miniature

Dollhouses are great collectibles that girls can keep for years to come. Transition them from the usual Barbie dollhouses to miniature dollhouses they can collect over time. These cute DIY houses are fun to install and assemble with her friends or family members. Made from high-quality wood with realistic designed LED light, ornaments, plants, and furniture, everyone in the family will surely love it. Plus, it comes with an English manual on how to assemble each piece one by one. Once done, it can become a priceless family heirloom that deserves its own spot on the shelf.

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LEGO DOTS Secret Holder

Girls when they are as young as 10 love keeping secrets from their families. And often, these secrets are found in their diaries or small boxes that they hide from everyone else. Don’t discourage this behavior, unless it’s alarming, and give them a little leeway for their private moments. Reward them, instead, for their birthday, for being a responsible daughter and sister with a LEGO DOTS secret holder. The kit features a box where secrets are kept through its hidden compartments, storage tray, and tiles. Create some cool arts to store those letters and items the girls want to cherish only in their hearts.

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LED Self Balancing Scooter

Girls should be encouraged to get out and be active. Get them their safety helmet and pads on. And roll away in the hoverboard. She will be head over heels with her new ride that is equipped with lights and sound. The one-of-a-kind ride allows her to connect the hoverboard to their phones via Bluetooth. So, she can listen to her favorite track while rolling on the pavement. It is certified safe to use, as everything can be controlled via the hoverboard. This ride will teach tweens to balance themselves while having a blast.

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