24 Cool Gifts for 11-Year-Old Boys To Explore and Play

Boys will only be 11 years old once. So let them explore, play, and have fun. This is the time between childhood and teenage years that can be confusing for most. Some still can’t let go of their childhood toys. While others don’t want to look back but to jump into the toys for the big boys, a.k.a teens. In choosing the most suitable gifts for 11-year-old boys, you have to know them intently. This will help you drill down which items they will appreciate and use all the time. Worry no more for we have a list of gifts that you can give these tweens. All you have to do is select the best one that will reflect on their personalities and hobbies.

Gifts for 11-Year-Old Boys

Makeblock mBot Ranger

Robots and cars are the most in-demand toys for boys. At one point in their lives, boys would have played with these toys. Some even continue on as they reach adulthood. For some, they take playing up a notch learning how to build them from scratch and code. For 11-year-old boys who are into programming, the Makeblock 3-in-1 robot kit is highly recommended.

Makeblock has 3 toys in one kit, namely: Self-balancing robot, Robot tank, and Racing car. The boys can build the robot from scratch, use the Makeblock app to control the robot, and use Scratch to program it. It is triple the fun and adventure trying to do all these on three robots.

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Big Joe Dorm Smartmax

Boys when they watch movies or play games would usually slump on the floor. This is why bean bags are always a hit for these tweens. Why only get one when they can get the comfort of a bean bag in the structure of a chair. This is when Big Joe steps in. Made of durable materials, it can stand the rowdy boys in the household. Disrupting the boys’ play or movie marathon is no longer an issue as it comes with side pockets to house snacks, electronic gadgets, chargers, and the like. Get them at least two extra chairs to share with a friend or a family member.

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Mars Dust Globe

Do you want some out-of-this-world gift ideas for 11-year-old boys? If you say yes, then brace yourself for this one-of-a-kind present. Ditch the old-school snow globe. Boys deserve to have a Mars dust globe. Mars globe is one of those cool stuff that you never thought existed but glad it does. Future astronauts or scientists will fall head over heels with the toy. It is also a nice addition to your shelf life. Amdining and hars that went sideways.

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Lego McLaren Supercar

Every super boy deserves a magnificent toy. Nothing can beat a replica of the Mclaren Sena GTR supercar. What’s great about this is that the model is made from Lego blocks they have to build themselves. For sure, boys will be ecstatic to build the car and play with it. The Lego Mclaren supercar comes with a replica of authentic specs such as the V8 engine and the doors. Once completed, it is a great toy to play with or put on display. Even the 11-year-old ONCE would want to put the Mclaren toy on the shelf.

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pindaloo Juggling Skill Toy

Is your 11-year-old son frustrated because can’t balance balls in the air? If so, then Pindaloo is the most suitable gift for them. Learn the basics and show off some tricks later on to showcase what they have learned so far. Challenge the boys for a game to find out who can juggle or balance the longest.

This will surely take them away from their electronic gadgets for hours of practicing to show off. It is visually attractive and exhilarating. Besides, it can quickly become an ice breaker in parties and cookouts. This becomes a fun way to be physically active and improve their hand and eye coordination.

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Basketball Arcade Game

Can’t go outside to play basketball? Then bring the basketball indoors for unending play. Bring home the arcade experience with the electronic tabletop basketball. Boys can now practice and enhance their basketball shooting skills. They can even challenge other members in the family to jump in and shoot some hoops.

Each shot is scored and displayed on the screen. Unleash the competitiveness of the boys and challenge them with the most number of hoops. The one with the least score gets penalized with a household chore. Watch how the game will progress with such a task at stake.

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Hydrobot Arm Kit

Boys can showcase their programming skills with the hydrobot arm. For those who have a knack for coding, this cool gadget reinforces and highlights their skills. The hydrobot arm isn’t Robocop’s arm but close. Boys can make the robot arm move in various ways, namely, grip or suction things to move from one place to the next. Watch their eyes beaming in delight for each movement and trick they made using the hydrobot arm.

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Nintendo Entertainment System

When your boy is addicted to arcade games, it is time to bring out the classic. Give them the classic Nintendo console to throw back to the days when they have not even existed. Their eyes will open up with excitement navigating through the various arcade games in the console. Even the appearance of the console is nostalgic, throwing anyone back in the 80s. No more queueing up to get to clean the dishes, etc. Get a second longer controller to kids rolling in hours of battle.

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Tanoshi Laptop

Nowadays, kids can’t go without their laptops. Instead of going to the library, they’d rather “google” the answer or search for the articles they need. The two-in-one laptop comes pre-loaded with apps they need for their homework such as google docs and email. Plus, they have access to thousands of apps via the Google Play store. What’s more is that the laptop comes with parental control. The computer automatically shuts off at a specific time. Parents can also approve or deny apps that can be downloaded on the app. All of these can be controlled using the parent’s smartphone.

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DribbleUp Smart Soccer Ball

Perfectly designed for the soccer player wannabes in the end. When the eleven-year-old boys can’t go out to practice or even get a trainer, the DribbleUp is the answer. Get them to join virtual classes and be mentored to up their skill in playing soccer. They can also monitor their progress to find out where they can improve. Also, highlight their strength. Ready to go when the time comes where they play on an actual soccer field. DribbleUp is a smart ball you can bring and play anywhere. Nothing will stop them from being the next Messi or Ronaldo.

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Fujifilm Instax Mini 70

Let’s admit it: we all love to take selfies, even when he is only 11 years old. Ensure they can capture these moments with the Fujifilm Instax. It is mini and compact, thus, fun to bring along everywhere they go. Boys can take pictures of their friends or targets of interest. The “tween” life, in between teen and childhood, can pass by quickly. Let them create as many memories as they can and capture them with his polaroid camera. Share some pictures with family and friends. Or, they can design their wall with the pictures they took.

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Sky Viper Dash Nano Drone

For the future vlogger in the family, get them a Sky Viper for their birthday. It is a drone that can hover around their head to capture the bird’s eye view of their place. The Sky Viper is one of the best gifts for boys who want to start vlogging. It is easy enough to maneuver as there are no complicated commands and controls they need to use. The drone uses only one touch to auto-launch and to land. Thus, lesser incidents of accidents and damages on the drone.

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JBL JR 300

Specially designed for kids, this headphone is safe for kids to use especially when they are listening to online lectures or classes. Or, when watching videos and listening to music. The bright colors are visually aesthetic and showcase youthful vibes.

The cushion padded headphones fit snugly to the kids’ ears and won’t hurt. It is safe and lightweight which makes it a great accessory to bring even while traveling. Kids can even customize their headsets to reflect their personalities and avoid mixing up with others. The JBL headset is everything the kids can want from headphones.

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Bentgo Leak-Resistant Lunch Box

Boys will never go a day hungry with a Bento-style lunch box. Lunch doesn’t need to be boring anymore with only one variety of meals. With the Bento style box, moms can fit up to 5 different types of food or snack to satisfy their growing boy’s stomach.

The 3 compartments in the box are portioned to fit the eleven-year-old’s nutrition requirement. It is safe to use and safe from leakage. Protect the environment from unnecessary use of plastics and paper. And protect your family’s health with the stainless steel compartments. Best of all, with every purchase, you are not only feeding your 11-year-old but also another child. As part of the proceeds go to a nonprofit organization for children.

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Flybar Pogo Ball

Know of a young man who loves to bounce all the time? Double their fun with a Flybar pogo ball. For boys who can’t seem to sit or stand still, this is a suitable gift. Combining the thrilling experience from a pogo stick, balance board, and jump ball, this is a sure hit for jumping buddies. Flybar is the ultimate challenge for boys’ bouncing skills. This is also a fun way to get them out of the sofa and away from their gadgets. Parents need not worry because the toy is safe. Best of all, this will keep the boys active, jumping their way to a healthier life.

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GAN 460 M Speed Cube

If the boy in your house has already mastered their Rubiks, it is time to level up their game. Give them the Gan 4×4 speed cube to challenge their speed in solving the puzzle. Watch as they break their records one after the other. The speed cube is a sure way to get them away from their gadgets and bring out their competitive spirit. Eleven-year-old boys will be spending hundreds, or even thousands, of hours trying to beat their numbers. They can also invite friends and family members for a battle to see who gets to do it the fastest.

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Elite Sportz Ring Toss Games

Ring toss is an old but gold toy. Boys would love to share this game with family members and friends everywhere. No more boring days or parties. This is the best gift for Christmas that will keep the kids busy during breaks and weekends. The ring toss is a fun game to bring along even during barbecue cookouts or at the beach. It is easy to set up and disassemble. And, the kit includes a carry bag with 3 sets of rings and a wooden peg base. Made from durable materials, you will be playing with it for a long time.

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Kids Against Maturity

Parents would always want to find a way to bond with their children, especially their preadolescent boys. Get them to spend quality time with a card game like no other — Kids Against Maturity. The perfect game to play during the family night which guarantees hours of laughter and memories. It features 600 question-and-answer cards plus a nice box to store it in. It is a test of wittiness and sharpness as each player shares the funniest answer to each question. This is an entertaining way to get to know each other better in a comedic way.

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The Dangerous Book for Boys

Nowadays, parents worry about the amount of screen time their boys have. Often, luring them away from what matters the most — studies, friends, and family. The Dangerous book, written by Bryan Cranston and Greg Mottola, rekindles the boyhood spirit. They highlight essential skills every boy must have from creating and playing slingshots to the complicated questions about girls.

This is one of the most essential gifts for preteen boys that will help them maximize their childhood. It provides great ideas for father-and-son bonding activities that they will remember for years to come. This is also a gift that they can even pass on to the next generation, their future sons, bringing them back to those good old days.

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Magnetic Penny Game

Are your boys fond of solving puzzles or creating structures? Then, the magnetic penny is one of the best educational and fun gifts you can give. The penny game includes the history of pennies while also teaching about math concepts such as basic geometry and planes. Included in the magnetic penny kit are 32 newly minted pennies and 2 small heavy-duty magnets. The game will induce hours of creative gameplay while trying to build structures on its own. They also have the option to use the instruction manual for building huge structures.

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LEGO Star Wars

With 11-year-old boys, you can never go wrong with Lego Star Wars. This is especially if the boys are fond of Lego. Otherwise, this would be a fun way to introduce the classic Sci-Fi series, Star Wars. The kit features The Rise of Skywalker Resistance Y-Wing Starfighter. Let them build the entire starship and have all 5 Star War characters fighting with each other after. Kids can even recreate their favorite scenes in the movie or they create one themselves. The model also includes fun features such as open cocking and bomb elements. Everything is a mastership that is worthy to be added to their collection.

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SmartLab Science Lab Bugs

Bring out the scientist in the eleven-year-old boys with the puzzle box. The SmartLab kit is one of those educational gifts for 11-year-old boys that let me explore and learn at the same time. Science, as they discover, can be found in their everyday lives. Making learning fun and exciting.

The SmartLab includes scientific tools to help the boys study the natural world. They can try predicting weather through the climate station and also record and track changes in their environment. It also comes with activity books for them to test various effects of natural science. This would also be a great idea for their next show and tell activity in school.

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Puzzle Box Enigma Secret Explorer

Are you trying to look for a creative way to also give cash and small jewelry for the birthday of these eleven-year-old boys? One gift that will bring out their wittiness is the puzzle box. You can slide in some bills or drop small jewelry they need to unearth from the box. The wooden box will tease their brain to become strategic with their approach in discovering the trick to unlocking the box. After opening the box, it can serve as a secret compartment for things they want to remain hidden from everyone else. Or, as a unique piggy bank for their coins and bills.

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Nerf Gun

Eleven-year-old boys are known to be at their most active and curious age. Let them enjoy their childhood in a fun and safe way through nerf guns. Best when played outdoors, they can invite other family members or friends for a friendly shooting game. Gear them up with the automatic machine gun. It can shoot up to 50 feet of high accuracy which will make them sharpshooters in the field. They can even customize their gun by adding a few accessories for upgraded tactile games. Each machine gun can load up to 12 darts. And the kit comes with 100 pieces of bullets and 12 darts which mean hours of fun and adventure.

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