30 Teen Approved Gifts for 17-Year-Old Boys That Don’t Suck

What happens to boys who turned 17? They feel that they’re at the top of their peers in junior high and middle school. One more year and they are off on their own. Imagine the excitement and stress for the last year as a dependent child. It is during this time when they seek to experiment on various things and discover their passion. Thus, for others, looking for gifts for 17-year-old boys can be challenging. But, it all boils down to understanding what their current interest is and what they are good at, to pinpoint the exact present that suits them. With that in mind, here are some unique gift ideas you can consider for these 17-year-old boys.

Gifts for 17-Year-Old Boys

Luna Controller with Phone Clip Bundle

Hard-core gamers know the importance of having the right tools to play well on the online battlefield. For a teenage e-sport gamer in the making, the Luna controller is a great accessory to jumpstart his career. Gear him up with the controller with a phone clip to look like the pros he follows and watches on a live stream. Thanks to the Amazon Luna controller, he can get the pro-feel switching easily from various platforms like PC, iPhone, Mac, and other Android devices. It is specifically designed for gaming with its textured grip and low-friction thumbstick. Thus, making gaming easy and comfortable.

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Assault Gun AR-T Model Kit

You know your teenage guy is ready for the real deal when they are interested in real-life guns over online weapons. However, they are too young to get a grip on the real ones. So, for his birthday, surprise him with a Wood Trick assault gun model kit. This automatic rifle is only a toy but with realistic features such as telescoping buttstock, removable clip for 12 rounds, sight, and fuse. One way to teach how to handle guns responsibly and safely. Before they can even start using the gun features, he had to build the gun first. This is where he can learn mechanics fundamentals plus instilling patience and attention to detail to get it done.

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Shock Clock Vibrating Alarm Clock

Parents know that teens are the hardest people to wake up in the morning. And your 17-year-old son is no exception. If this has been your morning routine for the past years, it’s time to switch it up. Make your mornings stress-free and your son jumping up on his accord in no time. The perfect solution is the shock clock.

It will ensure your boy starts his mornings right away. With 6 options to wake him up from vibration, beep, zap, plus a combo of all 3. It even has the jumping jack mode that will make him on his feet in no time. Because the only way to stop the alarm clock is to jump jack. So don’t get shocked when you see him sweating during breakfast.

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OnePlus 8 Glacial Green

At 17, boys do go through a rough time in school and their personal lives. But if they have been doing so well, time to reward all their hard work with a toy for the big boys. Get them a OnePlus 8. This Android smartphone is equipped with a 6.55” AMOLED screen which makes it easy to look at the device indoors and outdoors. Comes up with a splendid multimedia experience and effortless scrolling and swiping. He can get the best pictures and video using the 48MP main camera with Nightscape and AI scene detection. Plus, store all his files and applications using the 8 GB RAM and 128 GB internal storage. Definitely, the coolest gift he can get that’s worth all the sleepless nights.

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Samsung Galaxy Tab A7

Artists and content creators may not get the same satisfaction and productivity result when they work on a small screen. For once, support his aspiration to become the artist that he wants to be. Surprise him with the Samsung Galaxy Tab A7. The Samsung Galaxy is one of those high-end gifts for teenage guys who deserve to be rewarded for all their great work. With the 10.4-inch ultra-widescreen display, he can stream, browse, and make beautiful creations. He’d be able to save a lot of his works plus references, apps, and files with the upgraded memory.

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With all the advanced features of the camera on the smartphone, nothing will beat the features of an actual camera. If your 17-year-old nephew has the eye for capturing beauty with his lenses, get him a KODAK PixPro. The camera comes with a powerful 16. 1-Megapixel CCD sensor. This means he can zoom up to 42xand crop without compromising the quality of the picture. Whether your nephew loves taking pictures of landscapes, animals, or humans, he will be able to capture the details with a flick of a finger. The camera can detect a blink and smile to capture the perfect picture.

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Tile Pro Essentials

No more… “Mom, where is my…” daily shoutouts. Get a more peaceful day with less stress coming from your son with the Tile Pro essentials. From this day forward, he will be able to get a new pair of “eyes” to see what he is looking for. Tile locates and tracks items easily without sending an SOS warning to mom. It comes in 4 packs which include 2 Black Pros, a Slim, and a sticker. With this, he can attach the Tile to at least 4 of his essential items such as a bag, smartphone, keys, and wallet. Then, download an app on his smartphone for easy tracking within 400 ft.

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JBL Pulse 4

Seventeen-year-old boys are often on their headphones the whole day. Free their ears from the rein with the JBL Pulse Bluetooth speaker. Get them off their own little space and share with the rest of the world what they are listening to. The speaker isn’t boring at all as it comes with high-resolution 360-degrees LED lights. Plus, it gives off a powerful Pro sound that makes every beat of the song raving into his ears. Connect wirelessly up to 40ft away from the smartphone. Thus, the perfect speakers for parties and camp out with friends. Party for up to 12 hours of continuous playtime.

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Ranger Tactical Pocket Wallet

Bulky wallets don’t look nice even on a good pair of jeans. Get them fully loaded with the bulky feel on the back pocket of their jeans. The slim wallet is secured as it comes with a heavy-duty band closure. No more discomfort when sitting down. It is extremely compact, giving a minimalist design and an almost non-existent feel in the pocket. From this small wallet, he can keep up to 8 cards and cash. Plus, it also comes with a tactical wallet tool card with 12 tools in 1. It’s one of those items that is “Small but Wonderful.”

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Deflecto Organizer Caddy

Tired of seeing a messy study table in your boy’s room every day? Teach him the KonMari method with this organizer caddy. The best way for him to sort out and keep only what gives him joy in his studies and personal life. The first way to whip his life into shape is to get his stuff organized. With the caddy, he can store the desk accessories that bring him joy and productivity such as pens, staplers, paper clips, and the like. It comes with a lift and lock feature that makes everything neat and clean. Clutter-free his room and life with Deflecto.

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The Clearly Impossible Puzzle

Is your 17-year-old brother a puzzle freak? Give him a brand new challenge with the clearly impossible 100 piece puzzle. When your house is already surrounded by the puzzles he has been solving as a child, brings in something new. The 100-piece puzzle is made from durable clear acrylic. No picture needs to be completed. He would need to use his imagination, patience, and keen eyes to figure out which pieces come together. For once, he will be surely asking the rest of the family to jump in the craziness. It will be the perfect bonding moment to find out who is the most impatient and craziest in the family.

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Parblo PR112 Tablet Stand Holder

If your boy is an artist, the drawing tablet stand holder will help him immensely in his work. Give him support with his future masterpiece with a tablet stand that will make it easier for him to draw. The tablet stand is made of high-quality aluminum alloy that is built to last. No slips and scratches as the superfine fiber pad keep the drawing tablet in place. He doesn’t need to keep adjusting or moving just to ensure his tablet stays in place. Lesser distractions, better results for this young artist in the making.

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Bundaloo Basketball Laundry Hamper

Is your boy better at basketball than cleaning his room? Get him a basketball laundry hamper for his birthday. You get to his basketball prowess throwing in his dirty clothes in the hamper. For sure, he will not stop until he gets everything in. The best way for you to see a less cluttered room for once. It will make chores fun and easy for your boy. Plus, it is too easy to assemble, even your son will volunteer for you. Position the basket at the end of the basketball hoop to get all his laundry out in one scoop.

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Thor Hammer Water Bottle

Marvel fans will be channeling their inner superhero with the Thor hammer water bottle. If your brother is a huge Marvel fan, get him this bottle as a stocking stuffer. No one else will be able to slip in their gift after you. But, he will be awfully delighted at the huge gift waiting for him for Christmas. This is a fun bottle to use while he is at the gym or football field. Watch everyone’s reaction as he brings out his superior hammer from his bag. Refill his energy with Thor’s power to level up in his game and zap everyone one.

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Thera-Works Handy Sleep Bolster Pillow

With more schoolwork under their sleeves as 17-year-old boys enter senior high, they have more sleepless nights. Eyes and shoulders droopy, catching some Zzz’s anywhere becomes a norm. Be the angel to him and show him your care with a Thera-works sleep bolster pillow.

Save your boy from the sleep marks from shirts or notebooks that will make him the laughing stock in his senior high. With the memory foam pillow, he can sleep comfortably any time of the day. Its multifunctional design helps in alleviating pain in any part of the body, from the back, neck, arms, and legs. Sleep the stress away and wake up ready to get on another fight with the books and projects at school.

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Merge VR Headset

Complex topics can be hard to grasp, especially for visual and kinesthetic learners. When books can get boring, add some fun and entertainment in the field of learning. For your teen guy who is struggling at school academically, rather than scolding them, help them to ease their way in school with the Merge VR.

The VR headset takes learning to a new level with 360-degree videos and educational games. When the books make them sleepy, bring them to life with the headset that will let them fly into the solar system. Or, go on virtual field trips in the Jurassic era and anywhere in the world. Connect it to their phone and he is on his way to a fun and entertaining way of learning.

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Holy Stone HS190 Mini RC Drone

One of the best tech gifts that you can give to a 17-year-old boy is the Holy Stone foldable RC drone, especially when he is fond of taking pictures and videos. With this toy, he’d feel more of an adult rather than a kid playing with his helicopter. The pocket drone can hover up in the air after its easy take-off. No need to be an expert to fly the machine because it is easy to control and maneuver. Be amazed at how great the pictures and videos look with a bit of editing. The finished product will look like it was done by a pro.

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LEGO Star Wars Darth Vader Helmet

Too stressed? Escape for a while with the Star Wars Lego building kit. You can never go wrong with this iconic mask from this legendary movie. Even non-fans will easily recognize that it is from Star Wars. Let the force be with him as he recreates every detail of the helmet. Play some Star Wars soundtrack in the background while building the piece to bring him to another space and time. By the time he is done, he would have swoosh all the negative things away as the good force awakens.

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1MORE ComfoBuds

Don’t think that when teens are on their headsets, they are being anti-social. In fact, they are only listening to music and trying to focus on what they are doing. Instead of letting your boy look like a snob in his huge headphones, give him a 1More wireless buds.

The Bluetooth-enabled earbuds have noise cancellation and sound quality perfected in one gadget. He will get the best of both worlds, enjoying his favorite tune to the next level. Also, he can take calls without reaching out to his phone. And when the battery runs out, he can quickly charge it for 15 minutes for 2 hours of nonstop listening. A gadget for the new generation which fits the busy schedule of a 17-year-old boy.

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Rubik’s Connected

Is your teen guy a Rubik’s expert? If yes, challenge his skill with the Rubik’s Connected. Even if the game is a single-player, it lets him interact with other Rubik’s enthusiasts. No more lonely days for the genius because he can connect with other Rubik’s buddies who share the same interest. The Interactive feature of the upgraded smart cube game levels up the gaming experience. It lets him track his progress as he joins the leaderboard in the community. And he can use this feature to introduce the game to friends who want to take on the challenge.

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SanDisk iXpand Flash Drive Go

Is your son’s phone screaming “LOW MEMORY?” If yes, he is not alone. Teens tend to save anything and everything interesting they see on the internet. This takes up all the space in their phone’s memory. Imagine their mortified face when their phone gets corrupted, wiping all those wonderful moments in their phone. Save them from heartache and insanity. Give him a ScanDisk to save his life’s worth.

Free up the space and safeguard his files with the ScanDisk. It is compatible with most iPhones and iPad. He will also get the iXpand Drive app to help him back up his files automatically. Transfer the files to ScanDisk and set up a password so no one else can access them if it gets lost.

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Fire TV Stick 4K Streaming Device

When you hear a boy continuously sighing, it means they are bored. Instead of letting them go out all the time, give him something he can be entertained with at home. With the world in the palm of his hands with the internet, Fire Stick is what will elevate the experience to a whole new world. No more straining their eyes on the small screen of their phone.

With Fire Stick, they can stream movies, live tv, photos, YouTube on their TV together with families. No installation required as it’s a plug-and-play device, so long as there is internet. Voice-activated, no more looking for remote control in the hidden crevices of the house. Upgrade the TV experience without adding to your monthly bills. A win-win experience for both you and your boy.

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Logitech Wave Keyboard & Mouse Combo

Seventeen-year-old boys are on their computers most of the time. And often, you will see them twisting their wrist or cracking their knuckles. This means their hands are experiencing fatigue from too much typing. The best way to ease the pain and avoid discomfort is using an ergonomically designed keyboard. The wave design of the Logitech keyboard helps them to position their hands comfortably when typing. It also includes a soft grip mouse suited for right-handed boys. Both are wireless. Making it comfortable to use with laptops and desktops anytime and anywhere.

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CO-Z Hand Press Juicer Machine

Growing teens need the best nutrition to stay fresh and energized the whole day. However, most of them end up eating junk food all the time. End this junk food life with Co-Z’s hand press juicer. Nothing beats getting homemade fresh juice at home. He can even concoct his own mix to suit his taste. The professional home juicer can squeeze out all the juice from pulpy fruits like orange, limes, grapefruit, and the like. It is the power breakfast or snack they can drink in the midst of their busy schedule. Don’t compromise their health with store-bought energy drinks. Make homemade fresh juice instead.

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Rocketbook Smart Reusable Notebook

Let’s be honest, boys hate bringing notebooks and books to school. Often, their backpack is like an accessory with nothing in it. Don’t give him the liberty of bringing heavy notebooks as an excuse for not taking notes. The Rocketbook is a digital notebook that will get them to start saving notes. And, saving the environment.

Using a 48-page environmentally-friendly notebook, they can save their handwritten notes to the cloud such as Google Drive or iCloud. When done, they can simply wipe it clean and use it again. The new way of saving notes that also allow them for quick search and email transcription which are not available in the old school method of notetaking. With the great power of technology comes the responsibility to take down notes.

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Under Armour Undeniable Sackpack

The number 1 accessory for 17-year-old boys is their knapsack. It is almost an extension of their body which goes wherever they go. The Under Armour Sackpack is made from 100% Polyester with a drawstring closure. No more annoying zippers that get stuck every so often. And it is machine washable, so they won’t go around walking with a huge dirtbag flung on their shoulders. Side and front pockets provide extra storage and organization that are easily accessible. Give him the armor he needs for the battlefield in life.

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Sport Squad Hockey Table

School and personal life can be demanding for teen boys at the age of 17. Allow them to unwind and relax after a stressful day outside with the Joola Slide hockey table. The game table brings him to those days when they hit the arcade playing for hours with friends. With the sports squad, he can bring his friends to his house instead for a round of games. It is so easy to assemble and only takes 5 minutes to put everything in place. Bring home the fun with the slide hockey table to beat the stress away.

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Black and Silver MOVA Globe

Looking for an out-of-this-world gift for the future world traveler? Then the MOVA globe is what you are looking for. MOVA globe is slightly larger than a softball. The landmasses are colored silver floating on bodies of black water. It rotates on its own using solar power. No batteries or wirings are needed for installation. This will be an incomparable study desk accessory that a boy will keep for a long time. Its unique feature will draw attention from whoever visits his place.

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YMX Boxing Reflex Ball Set

Stress can burn anyone down, not to mention 17-year-old boys. Having a stress reliever is recommended to avoid burnout. Instead of sulking or bumming around, the most suitable gift for teens to melt the stress away is YMX boxing. Box their way out of the negativities. At the end of a tough day at school, punch the reflex ball to blow out some stream. When he is feeling relaxed, he can use it to compete to find out who can box better. Also, a great workout without the fuss. Install one in their room for a round of punching and jabbing.

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