30 Sweet Gifts for 5-Year-Old Girls That Will Spark Their Creativity

Neither a baby nor a lady, 5-year-old girls are cute and sweet small humans spreading love and happiness in every household. They are a bundle of joy who can capture anyone’s heart with their wittiness and unending charm. On their 5th birthday, celebrate another milestone in her life with meaningful presents they will cherish for a long time. Kids, in general, are easy to please, especially when you have no idea what they truly want. Filter the items to what matters the most and what will make a difference in their lives. Here is a list of gifts for 5-year-old girls:

Gifts for 5-Year-Old Girls

Deluxe Wood Lacing Sneaker

At the age of 5, girls tend to start doing things by themselves. There would be times where they insist on doing things their way (pretending as if they know everything). One of such things is tying their own shoelace. But lo and behold, they only twist and turn the lace and never got to tie them at all. For these misses who want to be independent, teach them the right way through the lacing sneaker.

The wood lacing sneaker is an educational tool to teach independence and develop their fine motor skills. Young girls can practice tying the shoelace on the wooden shoe. Once they are confident, they can switch to their own shoes. When she has outgrown the item, it can be placed on the shelf as a decorative piece. Or, pass it on to toddlers or young kids who need to learn the art of lacing.

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Fashion Show On-The-Go

Pack everything up and hit the runway. Teach your little princess to organize her toys, especially LOL dolls. The 4-in-1 cute case is the perfect tool to get this done. Plus, add in all the doll’s clothes, accessories, and pets. You’ll never have to keep nagging her to clean up after playing as she now has a home for all her cute dolls. During playtime, she can pull them out of the case and hit the catwalk. Playing is crucial for any youngster to have fun, learn, and be entertained. Unveil the red carpet in the case and let the dolls get on a fashion show.

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Pretty In Petite Makeup Organizer

Never run into another drama of “mom where is my lipstick” all over again. The Caboodles is the best makeup organizer for petite and cute ladies who love to glam up. Girls can play as makeup artists or beauty bloggers showcasing all their tools in one carrying case.

On-the-go girls need carrying cases for their essentials like makeup. Your little girl will not get bored on board a plane or train because her toys are with her. The setup is the same as the usual makeup case with two swivel trays and a bottom compartment. It can hold everything from palettes and brushes to lipsticks, wet tissue, and hair accessories.

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Butterfly Kite

Let butterflies fly with the wind as a young girl holds on to the kite. Girls, at the age of 5, can take advantage of the wind and get their colorful butterflies grazing the sky. Create a magnificent view on the horizon. And watch as she maneuvers the kite smoothly up. The dazzling butterfly kite can soar high up to 300ft, using 50lbs string. easy to assemble, and easy to fly, it surely satisfies the youngster who is just learning to control a kite. Let her paint the sky with the replica of a butterfly floating swiftly with the clouds.

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Wooden Pen Holder

Create a rainbow for your little girl and add a super cute statement on her art table with a fun pen holder that’ll brighten her day. The rainbow caddy is the best place to organize her pens and brushes. Encourage them to keep their art supplies organized at all times with an adorable desk organizer. The rainbow caddy adds a cheerful vibe to any table. It also eliminates the need of getting multiple containers on the table. Girls can use it for other things such as small dolls and makeup accessories.

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Princess Castle Playhouse Tent

A princess needs to have her own castle. Make this dream come true with a castle tent. Install it either indoor or outdoor, wherever the pretty princess prefers. The tent comes with light and can withstand the bad weather outside. Girls need privacy too, like adults. The princess tent is her playhouse and safe heaven where she can retreat any time of the day. Made from high-quality material, you are guaranteed your girl is safe in her mini castle. Add fairytale ambiance to the tent with the beautiful LED star lights. Let her castle sparkle in the night as she squeezes in to listen to bedtime stories.

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BERG Buddy

Do you think your girl is too young to get her own bike? Don’t let your hesitation stop her from having fun with her own wheels. Instead of a bike, get her a pedal cart. The four-wheel toy car is safer for girls to drive. The go-kart has an adjustable seat that will allow her to change the seat to her desired position. Safe and easy to use as she can stop the vehicle using the pedals. Also, use it to reverse and take corners swiftly. The pneumatic tires are less resistant which makes strolling on any surface smoother and lighter. Let her move freely on pavements.

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Rainbow Lab

Girls should be encouraged to explore various things, other than playing with dolls and makeup. Inspire the aspiring scientist in her with the Galt rainbow lab. Discover and learn from different scientific experiments such as color mixing and growing jelly-like crystals. Who knew you could make rainbows in a test tube? Probably, only scientists. Allow your girl to have fun discovering these wonderful creations. Opening her mind to the idea that science is cool will make her more receptive to the scientific way of thinking and also learning science in school. Log all her observations in the 24-page lab book to continuously remember her new learnings with each experiment.

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lunii My Fabulous Storyteller

Do you have a niece who can’t sleep without listening to stories? Quit reading the same book over and over again. Let her decide on which audiobooks she wants to listen to. She can save up to 48 stories in Lunii, and download new ones when she’s finished with all 48 in the gadget. Girls can be superheroes too. Let her listen to stories where the kids are the heroes. This will inspire her to not underestimate the power kids hold. In that small body frame lies a courageous soul and tenacity of a roaring lion.

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Touchscreen Interactive Smart Watch

If you are looking for trendy items for your little girls, the smartwatch is the best way to go. You will never go wrong with it as it can do more than just tell time. Make her happy with a cute watch that can take fun selfie cam and videos, play games, and track steps. It has other functions such as a calculator, stopwatch, and alarm. Download and share beautiful memories captured with the camera. It also comes with a USB cable they can use when the battery has died. Send the smartwatch over to the birthday celebrant to enjoy all the features included in the smartwatch.

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Hatchimals CollEGGtibles

Animal lovers will certainly adore Hatchimals. Your girl will have a fun time collecting all 12 glow-in-the-dark characters. Like regular egg cartons, the toy animals are lined up on an egg tray. However, these aren’t just eggs, they contain various pet animals that hatched from the egg. If she insists on letting the animals loose, tell her patience is a virtue. She needs to treat the egg with extra tender loving care until it emerges from the fark. To activate the glow in the dark feature, let her turn off the light and watch the animals glow.

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Walkie Talkie

Interact with your girl in a fun way through a cute walkie-talkie. Call them through the gadget to remind her to sleep, eat, or play with friends for some detective games. The walkie-talkie creates a clear sound. It can also reduce noise which will help them catch and watch what the other person is saying on the other end of the line. Also, it’s a great tool to monitor her and avoid getting lost in the crowd. Featuring an auto-shutdown function, it is great for saving energy.

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Mermaid Blanket Wearable Blanket

Ariel’s young fans will go berserk with the mermaid blanket. Let her “grow” her tail as she swims to dreamland. Cuddle in between soft fabric to keep her warm and cozy all through the night. Bring this comfy blanket wherever she goes, be it sleepovers or camping. The “fairy tail” will make her anticipate each sleeping moment because she has transformed into a mermaid. Add some sparkle of magic in her sleep with the snuggly mermaid blanket. Young babies will be elated at the thought of wagging her tail on paper.

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Piggy Bank Craft Kit

Let children learn how to save in their early years. Instill the habit of saving as young as 5. One way to save money is through the iconic piggy bank. Ditch the plastic piggy and go artsy the sea. Five-year-old girls can freely battle things out in their hometown. With the piggy bank, he can have some glitters and fun. Because saving is fun and underrated. Add some colorful stickers on the piggy bank so they can identify them as their own. Make savings fun and easy.

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Jewelkeeper Porcelain Tea Set

Little princesses deserve their tea time with rabbit, the duke, and dolly, the duchess. Treat these young girls with a pleasant surprise with a tea party set made for royalty. Designed for pretend play, this 13-piece porcelain tea set is one of the cutest gifts for girls around the age of 5. Not made from plastic but porcelain, it teaches them how to take care of their belongings well.

Coming in a durable carrying case, it’s perfect for picnics at the park and sleepovers. Tickle her imagination as she pretends to be the host of the party. She can also improve her social skills by tending to guests. And being creative in throwing out the best tea and snack for her charge.

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Temporary Glitter Tattoos Kit

Five-year-old girls have a very vivid and wild imagination. Give these girls an outlet to showcase their creative prowess through the GirlZone fun glitter tattoos. Art shouldn’t be restricted to pen and paper. Let her experiment on various mediums and find what she loves best. The fun glitter tattoos include 24 stencils, cosmetic glitters, and make-up brushes, which are made from non-toxic ingredients so parents won’t need to worry about allergies or rashes. Plus, they are easy to apply and remove on the body – a fun activity for both parties and campings.

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JoJo Siwa Dress & Play Boutique

Playing dress-up is fun, especially for 5-year-old girls. If they love dolls, a miniature girl’s closet is a great match. Pretend as if they are walking into Jojo Siwa’s Boutique playing dress-up with the small dolls. Girls should be taught to dream big and not drown their imagination. The girl’s closet is a miniature version of an adult’s dresser. Her dolls’ outfits and accessories will now be stored properly in colorful and cute storage. Plus, all components are safe to play with because they are made from non-toxic materials. Let her imaginations run wild as this will help in improving her cognitive, social, language, and emotional skills.

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Imagimake Mapology World

Geography may be boring for some. But if your daughter thinks otherwise, then the Imagimake world puzzle is for her. With Imagimake, she can have fun while learning about the different countries all over the world. Imagimake is an amazing puzzle that enhances her knowledge about the world’s geography. The set includes the foam puzzles of the world map and Europe map. Plus, included in the pack are 83 country-shaped pieces, flags, and capital stickers. With the puzzle, she will get to know the countries’ locations, together with the national flags and capitals.

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Kidz Bop Karaoke Microphone

Children’s skills and talents start to show at the age of 5. For the future diva in the house, make her dream come true with a karaoke machine she can practice with. Expose her to various songs and genres to widen her perspective about music. And let her belt out to her heart’s content.

The Kidz Bop karaoke machine comes with a microphone she can use to sing her favorite tune. It comes with cute voice effects such as echo, chipmunks, low pitch, and high pitch that she can play with. For the true diva, connect the mic to the various apps such as YouTube, Spotify, and Apple Music to sing along with her favorite artists. Recharge after 8 hours for another of her house concerts.

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Teddy Bear Backpack

Young girls usually have accessories and toys they play with all the time, and parting with them can be disheartening. But with a cute and practical backpack, they can bring along these comfy essentials wherever they go. This backpack has an adorable brown bear stuffed animal. Traveling is no longer going to be annoying and boring for them. They can play and learn while on the road. Put all their loved belongings in the huge compartment. There will never be a day when they will feel lonely.

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Deluxe Standing Art Easel

Too much screen time is harmful to girls. Ask her to put down the gadget and explore her creative prowess with the art easel. She doesn’t need to be skillful in drawing. But with continuous practice on the art easel, she can hone her skill. It’s a great way to unlock the artist within and develop her fine motor skills which she needs when she grows up.

The art easel kit is easy to assemble. It has everything she needs to create a masterpiece from the dry-erase board, chalkboard, paper cutter, paper-roll holder, clips, and plastic trays. No rules on the canvas. Let her explore and play to find her artistic style. You might be surprised at what she will come up with.

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Studying Lamp with Pencil Holder

Brighten up your girl’s room with a flower lamp that will add a spark in the dark space. It is sensitive to touch and has a dimmable brightness, the young girl can control. A girl’s room should be surrounded by fun and cute things to inspire creativity. Add sophistication to any room with the adjustable gooseneck tube and cute flower design. Charge via the laptop or computer to save on battery. Placed on the study table, she can organize her pens in the container for easy access. Even fairies will be proud of the cute flower lamp perched on her desk. Just don’t let the bees in.

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PonyCycle Official Ride-On Horse

When you live nowhere near a ranch and your girl has been bugging you for a pony, simulate the experience with the PonyCycle ride-on horse. Young girls can have the ride of their life with the toy pony they can call their own. She can play indoors or outdoors, as long as it’s on a flat surface. The PonyCycle teaches young girls balance and coordination. Instead of walking or running, she’ll gladly take her horse. Let her burn all that energy as she bounces to let her horse go places. Best of all, it’s low maintenance. No grass is needed or manures to clean. Yet your daughter is having a blast!

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Flybar My First Foam Pogo Jumper

For your girl who has the energy of 10 squirrels, get her a Flybar to burn all those away. Get her to boing, boing indoors and outdoors while squeaking all around. Flybar pogo stick will keep her active and bouncy at the same time. It is the ideal pogo stick for young girls to jump around while balancing themselves. This is an active play that’ll help develop her hand and eye coordination. It also teaches her how to balance and improve her motor skills. Make her jump off her bed and seat with the pogo stick. By nightfall, you won’t even have a hard time coaxing her to bed. She’ll be so exhausted that she’ll fall asleep on her own.

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Highlights Hidden Pictures 2021

Girls who love to play hide and seek or solve puzzles will love The Hidden Pictures, an activity book that will stimulate their brain to pay attention to details and find the missing objects. Once they have found these objects, she can color the illustration to her heart’s content.

The 32-page puzzle is a great offline activity they can bring anywhere. Get those pens and colored pencils out for hours of fun and excitement. Bond with your young ones to find all those hidden objects in the picture. Hidden pictures are fun and educational gifts for girls who love uncovering secrets and hidden meanings.

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Fire 7 Kids Tablet

Screen time is okay as long as it includes parental control. For girls who love interactive learning and play, Fire 7 gives girls access to a multitude of apps, videos, audiobooks, games, and other educational content from Disney, Nickelodeon, and the like. Parents can provide access (if they want) to other apps like Netflix and Minecraft. There are other features that parents will love such as putting time limits and filtering content. While girls can still enjoy all the contents with a few clicks of their small fingers. Watch through wifi or view what was downloaded in the 16GB internal storage.

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Bunch O Balloons

Is your 5-year-old sister hyped up for summer? Make her summer an unforgettable one with the Bunch O Balloons. Fill 100 water balloons in one minute and get her to hurl them in the air. Let her squeal in laughter, running and chasing after family members and friends. The balloons have self-sealing technology which makes filling them easier and fun. Best of all, you don’t need to throw them away after. Sign up for the Terracycle program to upcycle the balloons. Get ready for action and bring in the summer fun.

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Star Galaxy Bathrobe

The princess of the galaxy deserves to be treated like a lady. Bring her unicorn in, and wrap her up in a cozy bathrobe as she steps into wonderland. Let her smile through her slumber and wake up as a burst of bright sunshine to warm everyone’s day. The galaxy bathrobe is cute and unique sleepwear. Girls will have a great time snuggling in soft, colorful pajamas. It has a tie closure which young girls can manage by themselves. Send the bleak monster under her bed away with the cute unicorn design on her wardrobe to scare it away.

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Paint & Plant Growing Kit

Girls who love flowers and plants will not be able to resist Paint and Plant. Pass on your fondness for gardening with the DIY garden you and your child can create. Paint the tin planter to make it her own. Let her freely express her creative process so she can easily identify her plant in the garden. Help her fill the container with soil to plant the seeds that came with it. She can write the name of the herbs on the markers, too. Sow the seeds, water the plants, and watch them grow together. It is a great bonding activity to teach her patience and take care of nature.

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