28 Sweet Gifts For 8-Year-Old Girls to Explore, Develop and Enjoy

Gift-giving to kids these days is a hard job with them having such discriminating tastes when it comes to entertainment and play. However, perhaps even harder is to find the best gifts for 8-year-old girls. 8 is an age when they are coming out of their fascination with the typical toys and are developing more specific tastes reflective of their developing personalities. If you are short on ideas, then this is the list to peruse – a wide range of options that have proven to be exceptionally popular with girls this age. You are bound to find an item that seems just right for the young ones in your family or circle of friends.

Gifts For 8-Year-Old Girls

4M Mermaid Doll Making Kit

Complete your little girl’s doll collection by giving her the most unique one that no other kid can own. The 4M doll set will allow her to make her own mermaid doll from scratch. Even if this is her first time doing craft projects, she doesn’t have to worry about anything because the detailed instructions will guide her in every step. She’ll definitely produce a cute mermaid doll afterward that she’ll adore. To top it all off, it comes with a birth certificate. She can pick out a name for her little creation and write it down in the certificate to make it official.

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Spirograph Design Set Tin

Let your little girl’s boredom be sucked into a vortex of spiral lines with this Spirograph set. She can whip this out whenever she wants to jazz up her notebooks by creating trance-inducing patterns on its cover or just simply making marks on random pieces of paper. This set comes with nine different patterns that she can choose from. She can experiment with each one and see which among them she likes best. This comes with a tin container where she can keep all her items in one place. She won’t get enough doing these spirals and she’ll soon find that she ran out of notebook pages to write on.

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Moving Paper Robot

Take the art of paper folding to a whole new level by building this paper robot. Your little girl will be awestruck after building one because she’ll never imagine that she can create moving 3D art with just paper. This toy will kill two birds with one stone – your girl will have fun putting the pieces together while learning engineering concepts at the same time. Making use of cranks, assembling them will help her understand how they work. It’s also a good activity to pick when you want to bond with her. This also allows you to guide her learning while both of you enjoy completing the project.

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Mega Slime Kit & Putty Lab

Playing with the slime will no longer remain as a mere tactile experience when you get her this mega slime set. She can now learn about science even when they are having fun playing because each slime included in this set has its own unique properties. Some of them have been incorporated with materials that will make them react to magnets, temperature, and light. Some also have different consistencies – from slimy ones that feel like snot to soft and fluffy ones like clouds. The best part is, it also allows them to make their own slime while educating them about the chemical processes involved to make one.

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kipod Toys GrafiTape

Awaken the inner Van Gogh of your child and make her bedroom walls her own canvas using the GrafiTape. Whatever design she has on her mind, she can bring it to life by displaying it on her walls. Draw the designs on a piece of paper and place them in the projector to be projected on the wall. She can then trace the outline using the washi tapes included in the kit. You also don’t have to worry about the walls getting damaged because these washi tapes are wall-friendly. They easily come off without destroying the paint on the walls.

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Weather Science Lab

No rain cloud or wind will pass without being noticed by your girls when they have the weather science set. This is the perfect tool to spark their love for science especially in the field of meteorology and allows them to predict the weather by observing, measuring, and charting the indicators of weather. It also comes with easy-to-assemble tools that will help them read the temperature, humidity, wind speed, and others. The instruction manual will help them set up the things they need and on how to use them. It will also guide them on how they can make their own cloud or snow.

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Rescue Runts II Plush Pet

Help out a cute runt puppy by adopting one of these Rescue Runts plushies. Your girl will be giving these pups a new chance in life by taking one of them home with her. These adorable fur babies need all the help they can get and she may be the person that can transform them into healthy puppies. It comes with accessories that will help these cuties recuperate like casts, band-aids, and bandages. It also comes with a grooming kit to help your girl remove those pesky fleas. She’ll definitely love how her puppy will look after giving it a bath.

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Root-Vue Farm

All your girls will be bouncing off their beds early in the morning just to see their mini garden grow a little bit every day. The Root-Vue farm will let her observe first-hand how seeds take root and grow into healthy plants. One of the sides of the planter is made of glass which allows them to see the growth process easily. This also makes use of a self-watering system. You’ll be sure that the plants will get water daily without drowning them. It also has three kinds of seeds in the kit – carrot, radish, and onion. They can choose one of three seeds or a combination of them to grow into plants.

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Dash My Pint Ice Cream Maker

Say goodbye to night drives to the nearest convenience store just to buy some ice cream when you have a Dash ice cream maker. In just 30 minutes, girls can make themselves a cold sweet treat in their flavor of choice using this device. You can buy the ingredients ahead of time and place them on the fridge so that whenever their cravings strike, they can just go to the kitchen and not disturb you when you make your reports. Since you control the ingredients, you will also be assured that they are eating a healthier version of their favorite dessert.

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Not Parent Approved

Let your girls have a breather and have their share of fun with this card game. They’ll be free to do things that are not parent-approved when they play this game. Don’t worry though because the activities they will do are harmless but it is tremendously annoying that parents will lose their minds. Kids will surely enjoy every round of this game because they’ll be doing hilarious things that tickle their funny bones. Each of them will draw a card from a deck and do the thing that is written on the card. They can also customize some of them to make it more funny and challenging.

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DIY Miniature Dollhouse

Improve your daughter’s fine motor skills in a fun and creative way by making her assemble this miniature dollhouse. This is the ultimate exercise for her hands because she can experience all the crafting experience in one sitting. With this set, she can do painting, stitching, folding, and others. She’ll surely be good with her hands in no time. Though the set is intricate, setting it up will give your girl no problems because it includes a detailed instruction manual that will break down the building process into steps. Nothing can make her feel fulfilled more than finishing one of these because, after all that hard work, she’ll have beautiful decor to adorn her room.

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Interactive Glow in The Dark T-Shirt

T-shirts will always be one of the go-to gifts for 8-year-old girls but if you want yours to be unforgettable, better get her this Illuminated T-Shirt. This will surely stand out from the rest because this is the only one that allows others to write or draw on it using light. It’s perfect to give to a girl, especially on her birthday. She can wear this on her special day and make her guests write greetings on her shirt instead of just saying them. After using the light pen, the doodles or words will be visible in the dark for 5 minutes before it fades away.

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Girls Bath Wrap

Always make your girl look cute even when she just stepped out of the shower with this bath wrap. Gone will be the days where she will struggle holding on to her towel whenever she walks from the bathroom to her bedroom. This wrap is very wearable – like a cute polka dot dress. Even when she struts her way to her room like a model, this will remain secure on her body. Plus, this is made of 100% cotton that feels so soft to the touch. It will not cause any abrasions to their delicate skin but will still do a good job in absorbing the excess moisture from their bodies.

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My Ultimate Friendship Bracelet

Girls of eight can’t live without their best friends. This is the age where they are inseparable from their friends because they need to have them around for support. Make them appreciate the sisterhood that they have by making them wear a friendship bracelet that they made themselves. This bracelet maker will allow them to make their sisterhood bands in the colors that they choose. This comes with 10 differently colored threads that are pre-cut. They’ll be assured that there will be enough threads to accommodate everyone in their circle. Watch their creativity soar as they try to make their own symbols of friendship.

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Mini Sketch Pad of Paper

Budding artists need only two things to make them happy – paper and a pencil. They can release all of their imagination in one single sheet. To make their masterpieces last, let them use this sketch pad and they’ll never lose any of their works ever again. Made of high-quality paper, it’s easy to draw on its surface. It is also acid-free – your girl will be assured that her works on paper will not yellow over time. Plus, if she decides that she wants to add color to her drawings, she can freely do so without any worries because each sheet is thick enough to handle markers.

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Fashion Design Art Activity Kit

Got an aspiring fashion designer in your circle? Or perhaps you know of a girl who seems artistically inclined and you believe she would like being introduced to the fashion side of things? In both cases, this fashion design kit is the thing to give. With Melissa and Doug, a household name that is known for its quality products, you can rest assured that it is bound to impress as it is designed to be.

What’s more, it offers countless opportunities for a young girl to explore, develop, and enjoy her creative sensibilities. You can give her hours of artistic fun – and with everything she will accomplish – she will be thanking you with all her heart for such a thoughtful, lovely gesture.

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LEGO Ideas Disney Steamboat

Do you know what makes for a killer combination in toys? Disney and LEGO. You can’t possibly go wrong with a toy that combines the magic of Disney with the challenge of LEGO. This is exactly what makes this Steamboat special. And if she has a soft spot for Mickey Mouse, then this particular LEGO set will be all the more valuable to her.

It will provide your young friend with hours of challenging fun and a delightfully impressive final result in the form of a black-and-white Steamboat with Mickey and Minnie to enjoy the ride. And not only will she have a final product she can play with any time she wants, but she will also have a finished Steamboat that can be proudly displayed anywhere in her room.

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MasterChef Family Cooking Game

For the girl who enjoys cooking and recipes, give her this awesome board game inspired by the universally acclaimed TV show, MasterChef, which has been such a sensation across the globe that adults and kids alike have followed it rather religiously even if they weren’t into cooking themselves. While this is the perfect gift to give an aspiring young chef, it is an equally fun and interesting game to give any young girl or for the whole family to play together… For the fun bonding time the whole family will experience from it, they will forever be grateful to you.

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Merkapa 22" Complete Skateboard

Sometimes keeping things simple is the best option. Instead of trying to look for something uber-modern and complicated, try going with a timeless classic – like a skateboard. And with its LED lights and bold colors, it is perfect for a girl who loves to make a bold statement in everything she does. With this Skateboard in her collection, she will take the outdoors by storm in all her colorful glory.

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Perfectly Logical!

Designed to offer endless hours of challenging entertainment, the Perfectly Logical! provides numerous skill-building and problem-solving opportunities. It is the perfect way of helping a smart kid spend some quiet, constructive time on her own – the kind of fun that not only your young friend but her parents will be happy to have her engage in. 

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Smart Planet Night Light

Available in a range of attractive color combinations, this planet lamp has the ability to blend into all types of room decor and lift it…all the while making for an eye-catching decoration within the space. For the girl who holds a special fascination with space and the solar system, this lamp will be something she will be most delighted to own and display. For its aesthetics and other-worldly vibes, she will love the way this lamp adds light and beauty to her space – it will also help make her room an extension of who she is!

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Caboodles Jojo Siwa

Caboodles is a leading name in its field of on-the-go cosmetic storage options. This particular Caboodles organizer is the perfect first step for a young girl to begin her journey of becoming organized with her belongings – be they cosmetics, hair accessories, arts and crafts, or tiny easy-to-lose toys. Brightly colored and latching securely to prevent any spills, it will please the aesthetics of just about any 8 year old while making their job of keeping things safe relatively easy.

What’s more, its large size and various compartments are ideal in helping a young kid to store a large number of things in an organized fashion. Help her develop a habit of being organized and put together that will serve her well for the rest of her life.

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Crocodile Creek

Know one of the biggest concerns for most parents today? That their children are so self-involved they are barely aware of the world around them…and the world they live in. Well, you can ease their worries by giving their girl this Crocodile Creek world map and poster. Beautifully illustrated and colorful, it is bound to attract the interest of even those kids not actually interested in learning about the world.

She will have so much fun learning about what the map looks like that they won’t even know as they learn much about the planet they live on. And for those girls who actually have an interest in geography, they will simply love the whole journey. And the end result…and they will have you to thank for it!

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Lavievert Multi-Craft Weaving Loom

While we can’t deny the value of modern technologically advanced toys, sometimes traditional toy models can prove to be equally entertaining and educational. The weaving loom is one such example. Designed to deliver a simple yet engaging experience, and made from quality materials, it will deliver hours of endless fun and countless opportunities to develop valuable focusing and weaving skills.

While this toy will appeal to just about any little girl, it will be of particular interest to those who already have an interest in learning to knit and weave and wish to embark on a journey of learning how to weave so they can start knitting pieces of clothing for themselves or their family members!

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Crayola Inspiration Art Case

An art case is perhaps one of the most universally loved toys by kids of all ages. You never truly outgrow the fun to be had coloring with colored pencils, crayons, markers, and more! And nothing delivers a quality art case like Crayola! While this case will feel like a godsend to those with artistic inclinations, it is the type of gift that will wow just about any kid…who knows it might actually make an artist out of even the most reluctant individuals. 

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My Very Own Jewelry Studio

8 is the age where girls start developing feminine interests like jewelry and dressing up… With this jewelry studio in her arsenal, she will feel well-equipped to design stylish, fashionable jewelry for different occasions… It allows young ones to express their individuality even while learning beading, organizing, and styling skills. Thanks to this jewelry studio, they will love you for the hours of creative, fashionable fun they have and for the memorable accessories they are able to design and give to their friends.

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Pink Magical Flying Pixie Toy

Hatchimals has taken the children’s toy market by storm, and it has become one of the hottest trends in the current times. There are very few young girls today who do not own a Hatchimal and fewer still who don’t want to own more. For the Hatchimal fan in your circle, make her day and shoot to the top of the list of her friends with this cute flying pixie. Even within the Hatchimal collection, it is considered one of the most awesome pieces to own. Who doesn’t like that? 

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VTech Kidizoom Duo Selfie Camera

In a time where life is all about the moments captured on camera, it is only logical for girls to want to develop their photo-taking skills early on. But let’s be honest, how many parents feel comfortable letting their care-free young ones own and handle an expensive smartphone so they can take pictures as and when they want? Not many. And here is the perfect solution – a VTech camera.

Designed to be handled by kids, this durable kids camera allows them to learn taking pictures – even selfies – in a kid-friendly fashion. However, it offers more than just photography – it also offers entertainment in the form of games the young one can play while bored. What more could a parent or a child want from a toy camera?

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