39 Gifts for 9-Year-Old Boys That They Will Cherish for A Long Time

Game consoles, wireless headphones, and puzzles are some of the gifts you can get for boys around age 8 or 9. They might be trendy but it doesn’t guarantee that the boys will love them. Sometimes, searching for the most suitable gifts for 9-year-old boys can be intimidating and expensive if you only go for what’s trendy.

Understanding their interests, or asking them what they want instead, whether it be music, arts, sports, or science, it’s important to find the best fit. The last thing you want is that the expensive toy you bought is left sitting on the shelf collecting dust. Once you get a gist of what piques their curiosity, it is easier to drill down on the item that they will cherish for a long time.

Gifts for 9-Year-Old Boys

KareFLASH Champion Lambo LP

The race car building block of champions is made only for those who dare to break through. If your son or nephew has been building lego cars for a while, level up his game with a KareFlash race car kit. It’s not for beginners but for existing lego creators who want to put their skill to the next level.

This 1696 sophisticated Lamborghini model kit will push his patience and attention to details out of his comfort zone. Armed with the manual instruction, he will jump from a 9-year-old young creator to a 39-year-old expert builder in no time. The final piece is an end-product that he will cherish forever. It’s a true jaw-dropper that is worthy to be put on display.

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Taco vs Burrito

The game that is made by a kid (Alex) for kids will undoubtedly be a hit for any boy at 9. Who can resist great snacks like taco and burritos? And what more if it is made into a game! So, if you run out of what to give your brother for Christmas, the taco vs burrito strategic card game will be a great gift. It is the only food fight that will be allowed in the house. So, get this for your brother so you can fight “legally” with each other. Get family members and friends to join in this amazing game of food smashing with the action cards.

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LEGO Chain Reactions

Playing chain reactions for kids is great because even adults will have fun doing and watching it. Regardless of the boy’s interest, he will love the chain reactions. This will be a hit not only for him but for the entire family. The 33-piece lego chain reactions come with 80-page instructions on how to put all the pieces together. Once done, and he wants to be more daring, he can create one himself. Watch the machines swing, roll, lift, drop, and spin until it reaches the end. This is an exciting and cool way to play with a bit of Physics involved.

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Rocks & Fossils Kit

Future archaeologists will be enthralled at the rock and fossils Kit. This is the ultimate rock collection for boys who dream of becoming Indiana Jones or archaeologists one day. Give in to his interest and give the best set with National Geographic Rocks & Fossil set.

The collection includes rough and polished samples of over 200 pieces of gems, rocks, and crystals. Also, in the pack are genuine fossils from Prehistoric animals and plants. To get into the whole experience, he will also get a magnifying glass. Plus, a learning guide and identification sheet to identify one from the other. Create a mini-museum and/or make-shift excavation site to incorporate play with the set.

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Foldology Origami Puzzle

Introverted boys love to have peaceful moments for themselves. Instead of just living them alone, give them something they can be busy and have fun with. The Foldology is a cool toy that will keep their brain and hands engaged. Anyone who dares to ruin their mood would need to solve the puzzle with them (which most likely they wouldn’t).

Foldology is a stimulating puzzle that includes going through 100 challenges to solve the puzzle. This isn’t a jigsaw puzzle for kids. It’s a game made for inquisitive minds. Having knowledge of origami is needed to complete the big picture. This is a game he can play when he wants to be alone because no one will try to bother him and fold everything all over again. However, he can also include like-minded folks to help him finish all-100 challenges and make it a fun bonding moment.

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Toysmith Classic Pin Art

Boys who are fond of arts and crafts will love Toysmith classic pin art. Gone with 2D puzzles, 3D puzzles are the trend nowadays. With pin art, they can use moveable pins to make 3D images, with the help of adults. A fun activity that parents and son can do together. It is a classic game that will stimulate a boy’s intelligence and creativity. He can create anything that fits in the 5 x 7 inches frame like a car, house, and the like. No other supplies needed. All he has to do is move the pins in the frame to bring the images from his imagination come to life.

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Kickit Original Birdie Soccer Trainer

Soccer and badminton are two sports that most 9-year-old boys play. Imagine if you can infuse those two games together, that will be a bop. Kickit made this game possible. It re-engineered the badminton shuttlecock or birdie to be used for the feet. No rackets needed. From this, he can master both his ball control and juggling skills. All that he needs is to use his feet (no hands) to hit the birdie. So, if you are tired of your brother kicking items in the house. Give him Kickit instead to brush up on his soccer skills. He can even compete with his friends to see who gets the most number of hits on the birdie.

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Military Toy Rocket Launcher Set

War zones are dangerous for kids. But not when the weapons are made from foam and plastics. Boys at the age of 9 love to play war games with their friends. Equip him with the rocket launcher to beat his opponent up. No worries, no one will be harmed as this artillery launcher is made from LED foam shells.

The new blaster toy can propel the rocket up to 16FT (5M) and makes the sound “Boom” as it launches. Kids who will hear this the first time will be shocked and caught off guard. This is his opportunity to launch another one and defeat his enemies. He will be hailed the king of the battlefield with his powerful rocket launcher.

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Multi Voice Changer

Is he tired of his usual games? If yes, add some variety in his toys with the Tech-Gear voice changer, which features up to 10 different voices made through an electronic voice synthesizer. Give him this unique toy on New Year’s Day to spice up the celebration of the new year with 10 different voices. He can adjust the amplitude to create more unique voices resulting in hours of fun and laughter. The voice amplifier comes with colorful flashing LEDs that will keep your child busy for the entire year. He can even record himself doing these voices to show to his friends.

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7 Balls Newton's Cradle

If your 9-year-old son is a fan of Isaac Newton (who said it can be rare?), or if he’s fond of physics and loves understanding various concepts, Newton’s cradle is perfect for him. It is a game that can be set on a table. Made of 7 balls that swing from side to side, it uses nanotechnology to make the marbles swing. This is Newton’s Law of Conservation of Energy in full action. For all you know, he might also create inventions that Tadashi Hamada from Baymax failed to complete.

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Electronic Coin Money Bank

For your beloved little boy, teach him to save money while he is young. And the best way you can do this is to give him a piggy bank. The best part? This piggy doesn’t let anyone steal his money as it needs a password. YES! Finally, a password for a piggy bank. It works like the bill slot in vending machines that rolls the money in automatically. Coins are not accepted, only bills are allowed. This way he would need to “earn” his keep and save them in this highly-secured piggy bank.

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Foam Bow & Arrow Archery Set

Do you have Robin Hood or Hawkeye in the house? If he loves to mimic these two fictional characters with makeshift bows and arrows, time to give him a foam archery set. The faux bow is a great set that looks cool and performs well, making him a swift archer. Fire away and beat bad guys like Thanos with this faux bow. It comes with a spinning handle that makes firing arrows easy as 1-2-3-4-5-6. Get some action into the set with the bow that shoots as high as 100 ft in incredible speed. Even players using toy guns will be caught off guard and end up impressed.

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HEXBUG BattleBots Rivals

Transformers are great fictional characters that are loved by kids. And if he dreams of becoming the boy with a robot in Real Steel, then Battlebots could be the most suitable birthday present for his 9th birthday. The battlebots may not be as big as Atom, but they can fight like him on the battlefield. Remote controls are used to control the robot equipped with button-activated weaponry. This game will open up his interest in robotics. One day, perhaps, he can customize his own robot and enter it into a competition.

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VTech KidiZoom Smartwatch

Most parents worry about their kids’ screen time all the time. One smart way to get them off their gadgets and up on their feet is with a VTech smartwatch. This is the digital watch that boys at 9 will find interesting and parents find helpful in their daily routine.

The digital watch encourages kids to be on their feet, monitoring their steps through a built-in motion detector. With the watch, they can also take selfies, pictures, and videos with funny filters. Then, share them with family members and friends. Also has free games installed to kill time. No wifi needed. It can be connected to the smartphone via Bluetooth and includes features such as parental game controls and time limits. Now, that’s the watch that both parents and kids will love.

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Inflatable Kids Punching Bag

Let boys be boys. In those little bodies, there’s a huge chunk of energy waiting to be released. It is only normal to see kids at this age jumping, boxing, running, and kicking to relieve all their pent-up energies. For boys who want to be a ninja, UFC champion, or wrestler in the future, you can’t go wrong with this inflatable punching bag. Don’t shut him down. Instead, give him a safe way to punch, kick, and karate chop until he drops.

The free-standing boxing bag is a fun and exciting way to punch the stresses away, kick all those tensed muscles, and karate chop all the bullies in his head. Calm your hyperactive kid down after burning off all those energies sitting in their gut. No harm was made on anyone except to the annoying punching bag that keeps coming at him.

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Walkie Talkies

Gear up boys with a mission, and fulfill his dream of becoming a hero with the walkie-talkie. Get one set for you and your boy to transmit any important mission for the day. Make each day’s chores and assignment missions they need to accomplish.

The walkie-talkie, as analog as it is, does not fail to make every child and adult feel like they are on a mission in a warzone. Or, detectives solving crimes and mysteries. Use this 2-way transmission to bridge the gap between you and your young ones. Giving them the independence they need with your guidance. This is a fun birthday gift that will make every boy happy and ready for any adventure that may come.

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Mafiti LCD Writing Tablet

Whether you are trying to raise a young budding writer or digital artist, show your support by giving him the tools he will need. The writing tablet is one of the most suitable gifts for boys who want to express and develop their artistic side.

The best way to nurture a budding artist is to start him young. With the drawing tablet, he can write and erase multiple times without leaving any marks. All it takes is one click of a button. The stylus makes it easier for them to express themselves in writing or drawing. Effortlessly save his work digitally while saving the environment. No more trees will be cut and paper wasted. And yet, his beautiful artworks are saved for a lifetime.

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Pop Fidget Guitar

Do you know anyone who fidgets a lot? If this is the habit of your 9-year-old nephew, fear not because there is a way to make him calm down and focus on the task at hand. Tickle his imagination with the fidget pop guitar. If he loves music, as much as loves to move, then this is the most suitable stocking stuffer to relieve his stress.

Small and lightweight, it can easily slide into his pocket. He can bring it anywhere, even in school. Popping the silicone guitar helped him channel all his pent-up energies to the toy. This will help him reduce his anxiety and center his attention on what is in front of him. The pop guitar may be cheap but it is effective.

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Giant Inflatable Football and Tee

Sports-themed birthday parties are highly recommended for football fans. So, if your son is a huge football fan, celebrate his 9th birthday with a football party. Kick off the decoration with an inflatable football that is 3 feet tall. Decorations are a must to add a statement to any birthday party. What is a sports-themed party without football decorations? Ditch the old-school cardboard football standee. Get him the inflatable football that guests can play with during the party.

Everyone will have a good time kicking it around. Makes a great game to add to the list of activities. Never a dull moment with this inflatable football. When the party’s over, he can always bring it with him to the beach to play with family and friends.

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OBUBY Real Binoculars

So near yet so far, that’s what you get when you have a binocular in your hands. Explorers have this handy to see what is ahead of them and to find what they are looking for. Nine-year-old adventure-seeking boys are no exemption. A must-have on thess explorer’s backpack is a set of binoculars. Binoculars are great educational toys that encourage 9-year-olds to explore mother nature and things around them. Small and compact, this particular binocular can fit in his bag. It is user-friendly, safe to use, and magnifies objects up to 8x. Gear up your boys for their next camping or hiking escapade.

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Threeking RC Cars

No more wind-up cars for boys. Be the cool aunt or uncle to your nephew with the stunt car. This is the age where the toys they want allows them to program or control using an app or remote control. RC makes the stunt car do basic moves like rotating 360 degrees. Get the car into action as if he is watching Transformers or Mission Impossible. It can run indoors and off-road. Adrenaline will be pumping as he watches his car flip, turns, and run. Oh! It can even dance.

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Electronic Shooting Target

If you are tired of your son targeting your expensive vases and items in the house, there’s a way to live a peaceful day with your son who loves shooting. No more vases or glass shelves were broken. The shooting target lets your son feel like he is a pro shooting on specific targets to test his skills. Equipped with flashing light and simulated gunshots and broken glasses. He can choose to play alone. Or, compete with the sibling to find out who is the dishwasher for the day. Put his game face mode on to free himself for the night’s duty as he aims for the bullseye.

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Arckit Kids Scale Model Building Kit

Don’t underestimate a little boy because he might be able to design and build architectural structures that will blow your mind. You will only know if you get him an Arckit. Test his knowledge and skills. Watch as those sketches he made on paper become real right before your eyes. Boys who show their prowess in sketching architectural design will find pleasure with the Arckit. Instead of the usual popsicle sticks, the modeling system of Arckit allows them to explore more and bring ideas to life. Get him to start developing his skills early on in life to pave way for a great future ahead.

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SmartLab Squishy Human Body

Future doctors know that understanding the human body is the first step to becoming a trusted medical frontline. Other than the usual medical kit, add the SmartLab to the collections of your boys. This will tell you and your family if he is up to the role or not. The SmartLab includes 29 pieces of tools that will help the young doctor wannabe discover the human body. Using various tools such as forceps and tweezers, he is like a young medical student who may be the next Doogie Howser someday. Through this toy, he can master human anatomy using the 24-page illustrated book and 21 realistic bones, muscles, and vital organs.

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LEGO Overwatch Wrecking Ball

Any Overwatch fans out there? Boys who are fans of this game will be jumping and running on a treadmill with the Lego Overwatch playset. The Lego Overwatch comes with a complete set of hamsters and a cockpit. Start building mechanical toys, transforming the mech into an epic ball. He will love all the detailed designs on the set which closely resemble the items in the game. This construction set brings hours of entertainment while honing his building skills and patience to finish the entire thing.

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Code Car Circuit Toy

Programming is fun but can be intimidating for non-programmers. But guess what?! Boys at the age of 9 are so advanced that they can easily learn coding in no time. Once they get into the programming world, the sky’s the limit with what he can do. Start his journey to the coding world with the code car. The code car lets young boys learn Real C++ coding through play. Learning is fast and easy when he watches videos and applies the concepts to real items. Inspire the next generation of programmers through it. He can create various games, projects, and he’ll be amazed how simple codes will let him control the speaker, lights, and buttons on the car.

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Ravensburger Gravitrax Starter Set

Ravenusburgh will surely make a 9-year-old boy jump onto the toy rather than diving into his gadget the moment he comes home from school. So, if you are racking your brain trying to figure out how to get him off his game console or phone, this is it! The 122-piece track will challenge his mind, creativity, and patience. Let the marbles roll on this self-made track and let gravity take over as it races to the finish line. He can follow the instructions provided. Or, experiment with the various items to play tricks and stunts so the marble can roll faster towards the end of the line.

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Orboot Earth by PlayShifu

Homeschooled 9-year-old kids can learn and experience science in a different way. If he is starting to learn about the planet Earth, the Shifu Orboot is a fun and effective way to discover the only planet humans have. This would be a great Christmas present that will help you and your child go on a journey around the Earth “in peace” (without arguing every few minutes).

The Orboot Earth is equipped with visual storytelling using the app. It also includes music, world quizzes, animal facts, and challenges that make the entire experience memorable and interesting. You will be surprised to find out how he quickly grasps the concept and might end up knowing more trivia than you.

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Kinetic & Potential Energy Construction Kit

Engino is designed for boys who love to build things. Whether they are into studying or not, they will not hesitate to jump into the projects. The assembly instructions included in the kit illustrate step by step guide on how to complete the 8 working models. Some of the projects he will be working on are balloon-powered planes, crash cars, catapults, and the like.

Applied physics at its best. The most effective way to teach physics without the complicated works. Whether he knew it or not, he is learning Newton’s laws. Isaac Newton will be his new buddy after all these experiments. Even his siblings and friends will be learning more about science compared to just plainly reading books.

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Scoot LED Hand Operated Drone

Kids are fast learners with technology nowadays that even toddlers can easily navigate smartphones in a matter of minutes. It’s not surprising to know that even 9-year-old boys are into the latest gadgets like drones. While getting them high-end drones may not be ideal, start with an indoor LED drone which is perfect for beginners.

See the wonder in the eyes and the pride on his face when he is learning to fly the drone for the very first time. Watch him cheer as the drone makes a 360 flip with a swipe under the drone. The LED drone looks like a UFO inside the house that will catch anybody’s attention. It is controlled using a remote control. The avoidance motion sensors let it hover indoors without causing any harm towards itself and others.

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Sphero BOLT

When it comes to buying gifts for 9-year-old boys, cater to their interest in various fields like programming. And as kids, you have to add in an element of fun and entertainment to make learning exciting and easy. Boys who are into programming will find Sphero BOLT amazing. The Sphero is an innovative, interactive way to teach programming to kids. It comes with a full set of instructions that kids and their parents can follow along. Plus an App that will let them program the robot ball to do various things. Create endless possibilities and unleash the creativity of the innovators of tomorrow.

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Crystal Growing Kit

Educational toys may sound boring. But not if you have natural crystals growing before your very own eyes. Boys who are fond of National Geographic and/or Earth Science will find these growing crystals fascinating and intriguing. It is such a unique gift that is beyond comparable. While others are growing plants and animals, he is growing crystals!

The crystal growing kit has everything a boy would need to grow crystals at home. No need for any lab scientists or paraphernalia to make this wonder come to life. Join his journey in growing 3 real gemstones and watch them bloom as huge crystals. It’s a great science project plus wonderful decorations at home! A win-win situation.

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Kids Against Maturity

Make family dinners and night games entertaining for boys with the game Kids Against Maturity. They will even volunteer to start the game rather than lock themselves in their room. This is the card game to break the monotony of the same classic board games your family has been playing every family time.

The deck includes 600 question and answer cards that will bring out each family member’s wittiness and quick thinking. Wait till your son brings out all his meme cards and has everyone else rolling on the floor. Humor is a must in this game, otherwise, you will be the loser every time who is in charge of the dishes.

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Playz Advanced Electronic Circuit Board

If he has a knack for fixing electronic devices like phones, speakers, and the like, you can’t go wrong with the circuit board. The fact is that not all kids will appreciate it. But for those who do, they will create magnificent results plus advance their learnings on engineering, physics, and mechanics.

Playz circuit board lets them explore the world of electricity in a creative way. Experimenting with electricity is dangerous but not for this toy which is safe, fun, and entertaining. The nine-year-old boys can create over 300+ experiments from AM/FM radio, doorbells, and the like with their own hands. The kit comes with a 64-page illustrated instruction manual to help them assemble items using the power of technology.

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Geospace Original Walkaroo Xtreme

Is he fascinated by giraffes and is not afraid of heights? Give him a tool that will give him the giraffe’s perspective that is safe and sturdy. No need to go to the wild outdoors, he can experience being above everyone else with a simple trick. That is through the Walkaroo. Get him Walkaroo balance stilts which will allow him to tower from the rest. It is so easy to use as it’s engineered for balancing with ease. He can waddle in a crowd of people and still be seen. Or, ask him to clean some hard-to-reach shelves in the house (that is if he agrees).

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Jetson Spin All Terrain Hoverboard

When your boy wants to have his own wheels or just wants to be mobile and cool at the same time, the hoverboard is the perfect set of wheels you get him. He will not complain knowing that his older siblings will have a hard time catching up on him when he’s on one. The Jetson hoverboard is a cool toy with blinking wheels that sparkles as they spin. It’s a great way to improve his sense of balance and coordination. Unlike other hoverboards, it can manage any terrain and thus, great for adventurous off-road rides. Watch him hover around the neighborhood or around your house for hours and hours.

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Dig a Dozen Dino Egg Dig Kit

The world of dinosaurs is fascinating, especially for kids. These legendary creatures who walked the Earth before humans did are as unique as they can be. And according to some beliefs, children who are interested in dinosaurs will grow up smart and successful. So, if your 9-year-old son has an obsession with these humongous creatures, let him be. Further encourage his interest with the Dan & Darci dino eggs.

Instead of the usual bunny eggs, hide dozens of dino eggs in your backyard. Let him and friends dig up the place like young scientists out in the field. Surprise them with actual dinosaur models hiding in each egg from T-rex to Ankylosaurus. Let the boys swap and collect their favorite reptiles.

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Marvel Comfy Throw Blanket

Summon spider-man in the house because the boy around the age of 9 refuses to go to sleep. When nighttime turns to a battle between you and your son, it’s time to step up your game. Find creative ways where he will willingly jump into bed without being forced. Make sleeping time fun with this Spider-man blanket.

Have your son wear this when he is about to sleep. Tell him that this is the only time when he is allowed to do so, otherwise, other people would know his identity. Nine-year-old boys who are whipped for Spidey will not refuse mom’s offer. So, “spider up” nighttime routine to make it peaceful and quiet for the entire neighborhood. Yes! because the little spidey saved the day.

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Is your boy a future chef in the making? Roll up his sleeves and roll some sushi for his next culinary challenge. Ditch the playdough set and give him a SushiQuik sushi-making kit instead. This will teach beginners how to make sushi at home. Even older folks can’t. It includes all the tools needed to make great sushi like a pro such as a rolling mat, roll cutter, rice paddle, and Pre-measured rice frame. Let your grandson have an outlet for his love for anime and culinary arts through it. Everyone at home will be surprised when he presents his restaurant-quality sushi on the dinner table.

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