25 Inspired Gifts for Artists Who Draw, Paint and Dream

The world of an artist is unlike that in which the rest of us reside. Where most of us simply see objects and people, an artist sees masterful strokes of profound colors and hues, carefully composed and elaborately designed. They have such a unique insight and take on the world that shopping for the best gifts for artists is as difficult as trying to draw two eyes that look vaguely similar – absolutely impossible to all but the trained professional. However, with a combination of dedication, skill and a handy list on your side, you can find a gift that will have your favorite artist singing your praises (or more likely, painting your praises).

Best Gifts For Artists

Da Vinci Mini Wireless 3D Printer

3D printing has redesigned artistry forever. The ability to create from scratch unique figures and forms on a 3D plane opens new doors of creative expression previously unavailable to the common man. For the artist inspired to take on an original new technique, the da Vinci Mini 3D Printer is not so much a gift, but an opportunity they can’t afford to miss. We’re at the threshold of a style destined to define this generation – now is the time to follow in da Vinci’s footsteps and innovate.

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Bamboo Tabletop Flip Clock

The unusual, eye-catching and thoroughly original are the favorite gifts of any artist. Original modern pieces can inspire through their bold use of motion and form and are essentials for the modern artist’s studio. The Tabletop Flip Clock is one such piece. Do away with the vintage face and the computerized digital clock; in the age of modern aesthetics and sharp, clean lines, this clock is the tool of the artists and the inventors.

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3Doodler Create+ 3D Printing Pen

As established previously, 3D art is the art of the modern-day. 3D printing can be an intimidating process to those of us with limited technological know-how though. Many artists prefer to work with their hands than with their computers. If your artist prefers a more interactive, free-form approach to their work, the 3D Printing Pen offers an alternative approach to the 3D trend. Artists can bring their work to life like never before when they pick up this incredible gift and let their imaginations run wild.

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Smart Digital Frame

Skilled artists deserve the opportunity to proudly display the fruits of their labors. Yet for many artists, displaying a painting for the public is not ideal in the long term. Exposure to light and air for extended periods can distort an original piece, a lesson any seasoned artist has learned, so especially valuable pieces should be stored in specific conditions. With the Smart Digital Frame, your favorite artist can have the best of both worlds: the frame renders paintings with remarkable realism, allowing the public to appreciate pieces in all their glory while the original work is stored for safe-keeping.

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1000 Colors Jigsaw Puzzle

Artists are skilled with their use of color and light in their work, but just how strong are their color matching skills? When an artist needs to wind down after a hard day of work, the Colors Puzzle is just the gift to keep their mind sharp while their body relaxes. Constructing the vibrant CMYK color spectrum should be a breeze for those with a strong understanding of how colors interact with one another. Is your artist up to the challenge?

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Adobe Ink & Slide Cloud Connected Precision Stylus

Digital art gets a bad rap, but in such a diverse world, there’s room for all forms of artistic expression. In fact, some of the most provocative work is created when these different forms interact. The Adobe brings together traditional pen and paper art and a technological world to grant artists a new creative approach to their expression. With pinpoint accuracy in displaying each stroke of the Adobe pen, the Ink & Slide is bringing traditional art into the 21st century.

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Field and Studio Sketchbox Easel

As with any profession, an artist requires an optimized space to work at. An easel that keeps materials neat, organized and within arms reach is vital to the painter. Portability is key as well; world conditions change, so what is the ultimate work environment one moment may be impractical the next. This Art Easel makes creating a workspace not just possible, but a quick and easy process for any artist. An artist is only as good as their tools – fortunately, once they’ve received this great gift, your artist will have the very best at their disposal.

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Kuretake Watercolor Set

Watercolor art is incredibly difficult to master, and doing so can require years and years of practice. If your artist tends to reach for the watercolors over any other paint, then you can be sure of two things:

  • They are incredibly patient and hardworking, willing to put in the time and effort to develop this difficult technique.
  • They’re going to require a lot of watercolors over the next several years for practicing.

So paint is always a welcome gift for a watercolor artist, and in terms of variety and quality, the best choice in paints is this Watercolor Set.

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Genuine Crafts Watercolor Brush Pens

Every artist has their own go-to tools for creating their work. Still, any artist can benefit from understanding how to best use a number of tools – even if painted art isn’t your most developed skill, there are times when paint lends itself to a piece more readily than any other tool. When shopping for the creative gifts for artists, always consider what could expand their horizons. Could they branch out into or away from watercolors? A gift like the Brush Pens are ideal for the artist interested in mastering a new technique, but not sure where to begin.

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Nix Mini Color Sensor

Rarely will an artist have all of the colors in a painting sitting in a bottle in the closet. A big part of the painting is blending colors to create a range of hues throughout an image. While this can result in a vibrant, eye-catching image, it does pose a unique challenge to an artist – when it’s time to mix more paint, how can you know you’ve produced the exact same shade the second time around? The Mini Color Sensor takes all the guesswork out of identifying hues. Scan a color and check your phone – perfect color matching is in the palm of your hand.

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Rite in the Rain Weatherproof Bulk Copier Paper

Not all art has the luck to be stored in a comfortable museum or in a millionaires private gallery. Much of the art we see day to day comes in the form of flyers stapled to telephone poles and fences outside. Works of art that need to withstand the elements require special care to ensure their survival – they require Weatherproof Copier Paper. Environment and printer-friendly, these weatherproof papers are convenient to use and drastically extend the lifespan of your flyer.

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The All Media Easel Artist Set

The Artist Set: the mother of all artist gifts. If your artist is a regular jack-of-all-trades, a master of the pen, pencil, acrylics, and oils, then no single gift is going to meet all their needs. The Artist Set is an incredible assortment of utensils, all neatly organized in one convenient box. The set even features a built-in easel, allowing artists to create wherever they take this ultimate artist’s gift.

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World's First Electric Drawing Pen

Of course, an artist loves to draw and with the addition of technology in this modern-day, why not think about giving your artist friend or family member the electric drawing pen. This will allow them to make creations in an entirely new way, one which perhaps, they have never experienced before. With varying speeds, the artists can select just how they wish to use this innovative tool.

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A4 Ultra-thin LED Light Box Tracer

This is the ideal gift for an artist who loved precision, giving them the ability to draw using the assistance of the lightbox. Featuring a fully dimmable bulb that can be powered using the USB connection. The product is lightweight and thin meaning that your artist friend can take it with them wherever they go. It comes in an A4 size which is the most popular paper size and so will get many hours of usage.

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Bamboo Slate Smartpad Digital Notebook

In this digital age, no artist wants to be carrying around multiple paper notebooks which can become damaged or lost, meaning that they lose their precious work. So why not consider buying them this impressive smart notebook where they can pen their designs and ideas and then, at the touch of a button, transfer them to a smart device of their choosing. The notebook uses Bluetooth technology and can be paired with both Apple and Android devices. This makes a wonderful gift for any creative mind and will definitely be well received.

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Scribit Drawing Robot

This futuristic-looking drawing robot makes for an exceptionally unique gift for any artist. The robot is used to create images on the walls of your home, which are non-permanent and cause no damage. Simply use the bot to create your design and change it up as often as you like. It is not uncommon for people with creative minds to become easily bored with their surroundings and this is the perfect solution to that problem. Your artist friend will have a choice of working with four colors and works with an app that can be installed on their smartphone.

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Doodle Duvet

This quirky doodle duvet is the perfect gift for someone who is massively into art. The product gives them the chance to literally doodle and design their own duvet, and the possibilities are endless. This is an excellent way to let your artist friend express their creativity and will be a gift that they enjoy for many years to come. Best of all, the doodle duvet can be machine washed so that the artist can begin the process all over again, giving many hours of enjoyment.

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Color Muse Device for Color Matching Paint

When an artist is trying to color match their paint perfectly, many problems can often arise but this whole process is made much more simple by giving the color muse as a gift. This handy little device is able to match to a whole host of brands and does so by scanning and entering the information into the brilliant little app that sisters this product. This is not only a gift that an artist will love but is also one that will be of great use to them.

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Wall Mount Manual Pencil Sharpener

This isn’t just any ordinary pencil sharpener, this is a retro classroom pencil sharpener. An artist is always going to have a need for a tool such as this and why not take them back to their childhood by giving them this amazing looking sharpener that can be mounted onto the wall and comes in a smart chrome finish. The sharpener features eight holes suitable for a variety of different pencils and is extra durable so this will be a gift that keeps on giving.

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Magnetic Hourglass

If anything, this product just looks simply amazing. Delicately hand blown, this sand timer is ideal for any artist either as a functional or decorative piece. The timer runs for 25 seconds and its most defining feature is the beautiful iron stand on which it sits, which attracts the tiny iron filings inside the device giving a unique and creative display. For those times when your artist friend needs a distraction, this is the perfect gift!

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Prinker Temporary Tattoo Device

One of the perks of being an artist is that they can create their very own beautiful tattoos but not all artists want a permanent piece on their body. With this super useful temporary tattoo printer, the artist in your life will be able to print her or his own temporary tattoo designs. For use with the specialized temporary tattoo paper, this gift will provide hours of entertainment for anyone who loves to design and create.

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Golden Ratio Coloring Book

Whilst this is a slightly more expensive coloring book than you might usually see, it is certainly one which is completely individual and like nothing your artist friend will have ever seen before. Coming from Verona in Italy, the feel for art has already been instilled in this piece and features beautiful hand-drawn pictures from a renowned artist. This is perfect for keeping the creative mind happy and with the super high quality of paper, it will be something that they can keep long after they have finished using it.

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Gun Cylinder Pen Holder

Any artist will tell you that they are forever losing pens and would love somewhere to keep them. If this is the case, then why not consider giving this stunning pen holder as a gift. Made from durable stainless steel that will not scratch or mar, this is a gift that will last the artist for many years. With the capacity to hold up to six of your artist’s favorite pens, this gift will prove to be an invaluable addition to their desk space.

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Transon Art Portfolio Case Artist Backpack

Many artists will not only spend their time working in one location and so it is important that they have something in which they can transport all their things. This super useful artist backpack will provide a solution to this problem and also comes in a variety of colors meaning that you can tailor the gift to the person’s own taste. This large bag has a selection of pockets which means that your artist friend can carry everything they need with great ease.

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3D DIY Puzzles

Do you have artists friends who are into creating complicated things using their hands? Are they into putting brains to the test with brainteasers? It is quite likely that they would like to try stuff that involves both skills (handicraft and intelligence) such as scale models, neat gadgets, and 3d puzzles. This gift will suit their taste. Made completely out of plywood and birch, it is durable and resistant, the pieces are laser cut with absolute precision so each will fit right perfectly, you won’t even need glue to create this cute little safe. Not only is it delicately crafted, but it is also beautiful, which means you will have plenty of fun when building it, and when looking at it, storing things inside as well.

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Buying the best gifts for artists is an experience all of its own. An artist is someone who has a unique personality, the creative mind works in weird and wonderful ways. So when it comes to choosing the best artist gifts for those who draw, paint and dream, it can be a little overwhelming to select just the right thing. These quirky and unique people deserve a gift that is just as wonderful as they are, and this list provides you with some great choices when it comes to buying gifts for artists.

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