23 Tasty Gifts for Beer Lovers: Beer Hunting Season is Open!

Beer will always hold a special spot in our hearts. More casual than champagne or wine, less intense than whiskey, rum or vodka, beer is the fun, flavorful drink for the layman. Beer never holds pretensions or prejudices, and for that, we love it. Do you have a neighbor, friend or family member who appreciates the taste of a cool refreshing beer? Then these cool gifts for beer lovers are just the thing to put a smile on their face.

Gifts for Beer Lovers

Alessi"Bulla" Bottle Opener

Is anything more stressful than a bottle of beer just beyond your reach? With this unique gift Bottle Opener, no beer will escape your loved one’s grasp. With its stylish, sleek stainless steel design, the Bottle Opener is ideal for toting around as a cool key chain or an eye-catching necklace, ensuring that it is always on hand just when it’s most needed. For those who enjoy taking their beer to go, the Bottle Opener is a practical gift for your loved ones to have on hand.

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Deer Antler Beer Tap Handle

For the beer lover with a home bar of their own, delicious drinks are never far away. That doesn’t mean that they can’t benefit from a fun beer gift though; in fact, this home system may just the perfect inspiration for your gift. A gift such as the Beer Tap Handle is a gorgeous feature to pull together a cabin-style bar or an elegant high-end study. The natural, eco-friendly Whitetail Deer Antlers may each boast a unique shape, but all are durable, polished, and designed to fit all standard beer taps. With such beautiful handles, every beer lover can look forward to hunting for their next drink.

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Levitating X Beer Cup

Every social gathering needs a convenient conversation starter; once the drinks arrive, this Levitating Beer Cup is sure to get people talking! With its wireless base, your drink can hover over the table, leaving your guests amazed and awed. No matter how worked up your friends or family may get, the shatterproof design of the Levitating Beer Cup makes this glass is a fun, risk-free addition to your beer lovers’ next big party. It’s the only thing more magical than the taste of your favorite beverage!

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Q-Bong Pressurized Beer Bong

While more mature beer drinkers might reach for a cool drink to unwind, for many young adults, the drink is about having a good time. For those old enough to enjoy, why not serve up a gift that can take their next night out to a new level entirely? The Q-Bong Beer Bong is an innovative, fun tool that makes each night out one for the books. With a simple enough design to be used by a single person and a pressure pump entirely in the user’s control, the Q-Bong Beer Bong puts the potential for a good time entirely in your beer lover’s hands.

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German Can in Stein Beer Holder

A good beer is already a perfectly-crafted brew that is beyond improvement. However, you can still pick out a clever gift to optimize the exterior of your loved one’s favorite brand. The Beer Holder, for instance, transforms any can of beer into a classic German pint glass, providing an evening of fun and laughter for all nearby. Maybe your beer drinker has some German in them, or maybe their simply looking forward to the next Oktoberfest; either way, the Beer Holder is a brilliant addition to their own private bar.

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Mount Fuji Beer Glass

A round of beers should never just be the backdrop to a fun night with loved ones. With the right glasses, each drink can be an experience all in itself. The Mount Fuji Glass, with its unusual mountain-inspired shape, is one such experience. With a snowy peak of bubbles and a beautiful amber base, your beer drinker can take the evening to the impeccable vistas of Mount Fuji itself, all with the help of a simple, practical gift. Forget turning mountains into molehills – now is the time to turn beer into the awe-inspiring mountain range of your dreams.

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Chug N' Plug Keychain Tool

At a major social event, keeping track of your drink is a feat easier said than done. If you know a beer lover fed up of having their drinks swiped, a Chug N’ Plug key chain is a gift worth your attention. Each key chain is a colorful “plug” designed to fit the top of a typical bottle of beer, protecting the contents and clearly identifying which drink belonged to who.

With a party pack of Chug N’ Plugs, your loved one can guarantee that next time friends get together, everyone is able to keep an eye on their drink. Need to put your drink down for a second? Not a problem! With the Chug N’ Plug, the world knows to keep its hands off of your favorite drink.

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The Tubby Short & Wide Pint Glass

When you order a pint of beer, you want to know that your glass contains every drop of that 16 ounces of liquid gold. The Pint Glass is a hand-blown, handcrafted gift that can do just that. Not only does each of these elegant glasses hold up to 16 ounces of beer; with their wide bases, your beer lover is unlikely to accidentally knock over their drink ever again. As a neat finishing touch, every glass comes etched with the fun Tubby logo and the Tubby Hippo mascot, exemplifying the pride and craftsmanship that went into crafting each and every one.

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Eparé Clear Ice System

Cold beer is a must for a beer lover of high standards. A typical ice cube can dilute more than chill, though, so what’s a beer connoisseur to do? Switch to the Ice Cube Maker, of course! By eliminating air bubbles in each cube, the Ice Cube Maker creates ice that chills drinks faster and longer than its counterparts. The Ice Cube Maker is easy to maintain as well, boasting dishwasher safe materials that never stick to the freezer for a durable, long-lasting mold worthy of the pickiest drinkers.

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Vacuum Insulated Beer Bottle and Can Cooler

Not all beers are created equal. While some brands are fine at room temperature, many of the tastiest beers need to be served cold to get the ultimate flavor experience. Beer lovers know the best way to drink their favorite brands, so its time they got a gift that will help them do just that. The Asobu Beer Cooler is designed to hold the typical beer bottle and keep its contents icy cold, ensuring a smooth, refreshing drink from beginning to end.

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The Ultimate Drink Holder for Sofa Bed

No beer lover wants to chug their drink; to truly appreciate a good brew, a drink needs to be savored. Holding your drink during a party or a night in can be a pain, though. To avoid spills and the discomfort of a cold hand all evening, a person needs a place to rest their drink from time to time. The CouchCoaster is the solution. With this gift, even narrow surfaces can be transformed into a convenient and secure cup holder. When they have a CouchCoaster by their side, beer lovers can, at last, enjoy their beer without carrying it around all night.

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Bath & Shower Portable Cupholder

Imagine you’ve had a long day at work. Stress is high as deadlines fast approach, your boss is on your back about the latest project and your co-workers seem to be going out of their way to be as little help as possible. What better way to recover from the wear and tear of daily life than with a long, luxurious bubble bath, relaxing tunes in the background and a cool beer at your side? This Cup Holder could be a perfect gift for beer lovers with its complete relaxation. Simply suction it to the wall and beer will always be within arm’s reach.

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Draft Beer Growler

A pint always tastes best when it comes right from the tap. But how is a beer lover to enjoy the flavor of perfectly carbonated beer from the comfort of their own home? With an incredible gift from their good friend, of course! The uKeg from GrowlerWerks carbonates and pressurizes beer on-site and keeps it fresh for weeks, making bar-quality drinks possible without the commitment to a night out on the town.

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YETI Portable Soft Cooler

Whether it be a night out under the stars or an afternoon at the beach, time spent in nature with those you love is never time wasted. These long afternoons or late nights are incomplete without an ice-cold beer in hand though. Fortunately, with the YETI Portable Cooler, your favorite six-pack can go wherever the road may take you. It’s the gift that keeps on giving, as the YETI will accompany beer lovers on every one of their unforgettable adventures with friends, families, and lovers.

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Outdoor Beer Table and Cooler

The Keter Patio Table looks like any other poolside furnishing. The gorgeous dark wicker design seems to radiate elegance. However, in truth, you are witnessing the mullet of patio tables: business on the outside, party hidden within. When the lid of the Keter table is lifted, a secret storage cooler for drinks is revealed. This unique gift is bound to be the talk of the next BBQ!

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Igloo Trailmate Journey Cooler

Longer expeditions require a few extra beers on hand. And since the drinks are non-negotiable, your beer lover must now face the issue of transporting this extra weight. What’s a beer lover to do? The Igloo Journey Cooler is the ideal gift for beer lovers who enjoy making their get-together’s an adventure. This heavy-duty cooler can carry over 100 beers, so there’s no danger of running low on drinks on this trip! Additionally, the cooler is durable, water-resistant, and able to roll across most challenging terrains, ensuring nothing stands between an adventurous spirit and their favorite lager.

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Mini Can Fridge

Know someone with limited space, quirky style and a love for beer? For those who adore decking out their home with eye-catching statement pieces, there’s no better place for a beer stash than this Mini Can Fridge. This one-of-a-kind fridge will keep a six-pack cool in style, housing cans within this incredible mega-can. The Koolatron fridge is a can’t-miss addition to any home bar, game room or certified man cave.

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Beer Chiller Sticks

A cooler is fine for keeping beer cold, but for a drink that’s already reached room temperature, there’s must be a quick, easy way to cool down your beverage once more. And there is: Beer Chiller Sticks are designed just for this situation! If your beer lover is constantly struggling to keep their favorite drink the perfect icy temperature, here are the ultimate gift idea. Simply stick the chiller in a bottle and press down firmly to get a refreshing cold drink once more.

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If You Can Read This Bring Me Some Beer

It doesn’t matter whether your friend is dressing up for a night out or a calm evening in – if they are truly a beer lover, then they’re going to want to dress the part. The novelty Levley socks are as adorable as they are amusing and as amusing as they are comfortable. Beer lovers will never want to take off this fun, colorful gift, and why should they? Night or day, the chances are good that they’re going to want someone to bring them a pint of their favorite cold one!

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Beer Making Kit for Beginners

Your neighborhood beer lover has tried every brand and every bottle that they’ve managed to track down. Perhaps they’re beginning to fear that they’ve tasted all there is to taste, discovered every flavor and concoction that there is to discover. The excitement of discovering a new favorite brand has faded… You don’t need to go to the ends of the Earth to give them a taste experience they’ve never enjoyed before – in fact, they can brew up their next drink in their own kitchen! This beer making kit is a fantastic gift for beginner beer brewers and an awesome way for beer-lovers to learn a new skill.

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Beer Soap

Is there any problem that a beer can’t solve? Perhaps, but B.O. is certainly not one of them! Beer soap is not just an amusing marketing gimmick; it’s actually a great-smelling, great-lathering, cruelty-free soap that happens to contain beer! Beer lovers will get a kick out of this gift’s unusual ingredient list and will look forward to lathering up with this bar during every shower.

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Can Holder Drinker Hat

Wouldn’t it be great if you could hold your beer cans without hands so you could have your hands free for more beer cans!? How come scientists haven’t invented anything for the very basic human need of holding a bowl of chips, the TV remote, and your can of beer at the same time? Annoying, isn’t it? Well, all those beer lovers, say hi to the beer hat. This incredibly fun, cool beer hat is just like the one you have always seen in movies: with two can holders, one on each side, just put it on, place the cans and get to sipping hands-free!

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Bottle Opener

Do you have a friend who is a fan of baseball, likes to drink a good beer after work? Here is the ultimate gift idea. This amazing bottle opener that combines two American favorite hobbies is made from a real baseball ball that has been cut in half, and it is not only really stylish and cool for a new house with a sporty touch, but it works as a magnet too, so you can stick it to the fridge for ease of find and use, and it catches the bottle cap so it doesn’t fall onto the floor. 

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A cold pint of beer is always a refreshing treat after a hard day of work. The people you love most deserve more than just a pint-sized treat, though – they deserve the very best. Fortunately, you can take your neighborhood loved one’s drinks to the next level with just a few clicks of the mouse and a quick search. Looking to serve up some fantastic gifts for your beer lovers? With the inspired beer gifts above, every night is happy hour and the beer can always be flowing!

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