16 Best Gifts for Boaters To Explore the Seven Seas

Stormy waters create powerful bonds between sailors, bonds that survive long after the waves die down. Now that the sailing is smooth in your friendship, you have the opportunity to express your gratitude for the loyal boater in your life. But how do you discover the perfect gift amid an ocean of let-downs and un-seaworthy flops? Consider this list your treasure map, charting the course to a collection of the best gifts for boaters that the internet has to offer.

Best Gifts for Boaters

Oru Kayak Lightweight Folding Kayak

A passionate boaster likely has an assortment of impressive vessels for exploring the seven seas with their beloved crew, but what about when the crew is busy? The Oru Kayak foldable kayak is a reliable ship built to endure while still remaining manageable for a solo boater to transport and to sail. The first time you see it, wow will be the only word that comes to your mind. By folding into a 29-inch x 33-inch carrier bag, the high performance kayak can fit in your trunk or be slung over your shoulder, reducing the hassle in preparing for an afternoon on the river. Extensive testing has proven it to be a durable seaworthy gift for over 20,000 folds and has garnered the innovative kayak numerous awards in Forbes, CNN, and more.

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Onyx Inflatable Life Jacket

Water safety should never be underestimated, not even by professional, long-time boaters with a history in the open-water. With this simple life jacket, when danger appears, your loved ones can feel secure knowing they have a trick under their belt. When sailing is smooth, a mere 1-inch belt causes minimum disturbance to the wearer; once the cord is pulled and the oral inflation tube is used, the inflated jacket provides nearly 30 pounds of additional buoyancy. It also comes with a D-ring attachment for small stuff. For anyone over 16 years, it could prove to be the difference between life and death, so for an avid boater, stand-up paddleboarders, anglers, and other paddlers who can’t stay away from the water, this convenient boating gift is once that they need to get their hands on.

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Inflatable Floating Cooler

Boating is a chill, laid-back hobby for those searching for some fun in the sun, so gifts for boaters should be just as chill. The Intex mega chill II is the ideal boat gift for a lazy afternoon down by the shore, storing up to 72 cans in its cool, floating container. The cooler also includes 6 cup holders in the base, allowing swimmers and boaters to enjoy their drinks without ever leaving the water. The floating base makes for a great addition to the mid-summer beach party with friends and families, particularly at events with other attachable Intex pool floats present. So this summer, kick back, relax, and enjoy an ice-cold beer with all your favorite boating buddies.

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Clear Bottom Inflatable Raft

Young boaters are eager to explore their world, but water sports can always pose a danger to these adventurous souls. The inflatable transparent raft offers these young sailors a new, safer method for exploring the subsurface world. With a clear bottom ideal for viewing the ocean or lake floor, a child can observe the vast sea life below without needing to submerge themselves. Safety handles and an attached pull rope give parents and mentors a fun way to play with their young ones, ensuring a long summer afternoon full of sunshine and laughter for all. When the day is over, this inflatable boat deflates quickly for easy transport and storage, allowing the whole family to return home right away. A truly unique experience that boaters will love!

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Subwing - Fly Under Water

Do you know a boater with a passion for hosting? The Subwing flying board is a fun, affordable gift for boaters looking to entertain all their friends and family on their favorite vessel. When attached to the back of any motorboat, the underwater board makes a thrilling aquatic experience for those holding on. Most water sports demand speed and adrenaline, but the Subwing provides an exciting rush at only 2-4 knots, allowing those on board to relax after an energizing run. This fun boating gift, ideal for the adrenaline junkie, is available in 4 unique color options and guarantees infinite ways to have fun in the water.

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Airhead 1-5 Rider Hot Dog

Move over, Banana boat – the all-American Airhead Hot Dog has arrived! A thrilling joy-ride that attached to the back of most motor bots, the towable tube can accommodate up to 5 adventurous riders at a time. If your boater has a family reunion or a summertime barbecue approaching and is looking for activities for the event, the hot dog boat makes for a fun afternoon for family and colleagues alike. Best of all, the Airhead “giant wiener”, designed with padded handles and seat, ensures a comfortable experience for all those on board. Don’t fear the chaffing and bruising so often associated with an afternoon on the water – the Airhead tube is comfortable and thrilling for all those aboard!

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Boat Dock Fender Bumper

Even the most dedicated boater has to come ashore sometimes, and when they do, the last thing they need is for an awkward dock to scratch up their beloved vessel. The beautiful boater with the beautiful boat deserves the elegant strength of the Sentry fender, an innovative new tool for docking a boat without damaging the hull. Thanks to its 3 color options and contoured design, this innovative hanging system compliments each unique boat perfectly, securing the vessel without detracting from its gorgeous aesthetic. The dock fender eliminates the need for complicated ropes or fenders that damage the rub rail; now, your boater can dock their boat with a gift that grants them true peace of mind.

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ACR C-Strobe Emergency Signal

No boater wants to imagine that the worst could happen to them, but the truth is that anytime you get out on the water, the potential for going overboard exists. A gift such as the ACR- C-Strobe can help them prepare should that potential ever be realized. While a life jacket or float can keep a sailor’s head above the water, this emergency signal can help attract aid by literally shining a light on the situation. This bright emergency strobe automatically activates when submerged in the water, allowing your boater to focus on staying afloat in the case of a tragedy. The greatest sign of love that you can gift your favorite boater is the one that has the potential to save their life – a gift such as the C-Strobe H20.

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Two Person Transparent Kayak

Giving this amazing crystal kayak as a gift will make your boat loving friends the talk of the water. Not only does this boat have a unique and stunning clear design but it is also built for so much more. The boat is made from durable materials meaning that it will last through many outings and has a wide range of useful and interesting features. Take for example the handy cover to ensure that the boat is always well protected and the rear storage pocket that makes taking essential items out on the water a cinch. In addition to this, the kayak has been designed using fixtures that are professional and reliable such as the marine grade clips and the skeg that is resistant to corrosion. What’s more, the kayak is lightweight and can be used by boaters of all abilities.

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Brunton Dash Mount Compass

When sailing out on the open water, getting lost simply isn’t an option, for this reason, every sailor needs a reliable compass to keep them on track at all times. If you are looking to give a professional compass that is sure to impress, this marine compass will certainly be a well-received gift. The device features an easy to read design which is super lightweight and compact, making it easy to install on any boat no matter how little room there may be. If that wasn’t enough, the compass comes with a lifetime warranty, giving the boater the confidence that they will forever be on the straight and narrow.

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Rover AeroBOTE - Boat in a Duffel Bag

If you know someone who wants to take their boating trip up a notch, then this makes the ideal gift. Not only does the inflatable device make getting out on the water easier than ever, but the sleek and simple design also makes for easy transportation. You are getting the best of both worlds. This boating paddle board is super reliable and boaters and sailors can be confident that they will be secure and safe aboard this vessel. The deck is flat and spacious and features rails for that added stability. In addition to all of that, the deck is made from military-grade materials to ensure that it will last for many years and through whatever nature may throw at it.

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Aqua Quest White Water Duffel

When you get on on the water, there are plenty of things that you are going to want to take with you – mobile phone, first aid kit, food and drink, spare clothing – the list goes on and on. However, there is always the chance of water damage occurring on your precious cargo and so a good water bag is invaluable. This attractive and stylish water duffel provides the boat lover with all they need when it comes to storing and transporting their items. At an impressive 75 liters, there isn’t much that the boating enthusiast won’t be able to fit into their luggage, and what’s more, it will all be fully protected in this waterproof design.

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LoopRope Adjustable Cargo Strap

If you were to ask any boat lover what one of the most important accessories was when it comes to boating, they would tell you that it is a reliable rope. A sailors rope needs to be strong and versatile, and that is what you will be getting with the handy LoopRope. The large rope comes equipped with carabiner clips which are essential in safely securing anything on the boat. What’s more is that the rope is designed to last and will stand the test of time, delivering over and over again. The loop rope is designed to secure items on the boat and measures an impressive 3ft, giving the sailor the option to secure larger objects.

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5-Person Inflatable Boat Set

What is the better way to enjoy their hobby than to allow the boating enthusiast to get out onto the water with his or her best friends. This five-person boat is the ideal solution to family excursions and provides comfort and safety, which is paramount. The inflatable boat is super easy to transport, giving you the freedom to explore waters anywhere in the world and blows up to an impressively spacious vessel with an attractive design. The three air chambers provide superior buoyancy and allow for fast inflation of the boat. It comes with oars which can be attached in a variety of locations, and is made from durable vinyl to ensure that the boat withstands the pressures of being out in the open.

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SteriPEN Ultra UV Water Purifier

Pure, clean water is a must and when you are out in nature, there is always the chance that bacteria and germs can multiply. Or the boater may simply want to take a drink from the river or lake in the knowledge that there won’t be any nasties inside. That is where this handy water purifier is invaluable. Not only is the device super compact meaning it can easily be taken on any boating excursion, but it is also extremely reliable. You don’t want to carry gallons of water and it thrives where traditional water filters do not. The purifying system can provide up to 50 treatments before requiring a battery charge, making this an excellent gift for boaters for weekend trips and the like. Besides, the simple and easy to read OLED display shows the boating lover everything they need to know in a quick glance.

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MPOWERD Inflatable Solar Lantern

Whether it is for simply seeing in the dark or attracting help when it’s needed in the hours of darkness, a reliable light can be invaluable when out on the water. It is for this reason that this handy solar lantern will be a very well-received gift for anyone who often goes boating. The light is not only bright enough to get noticed but is also inflatable, and so will float on the water for extreme ease of use. This can also be used in the case of an emergency such as the boat going under. That being said, it also functions perfectly as a decorative light on any boat. It can be charged with either 14 hours of sunlight or with the included USB cable, making it versatile as well as useful.

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Getting out on the water is a real privilege for many people, in fact, some people love doing this so much that they make it a way of life. Whether they enjoy boating for the sheer relaxation of being at one with the waves, or whether they do it as a form of income, with some of the best gifts for boaters on the market today, you will surely impress them on their birthday or any other special occasion.