15 Best Gifts for Book Lovers and Creative Minds In Your Life

Books have the power to transport a reader’s mind to distant, magical worlds completely unlike our own. And while half the fun of books is the freedom to recreate the protagonist’s journey in our own minds, every book lover knows that the right gifts can make a fictional world feel just a little more real. These days, a story’s journey no longer has to end on the final page. By taking the time to consider the best gifts for book lovers and creative minds in your life, you give them the greatest joys in the world: freedom, adventure, courage, and hope. Feeling overwhelmed on your gift hunt? Rest assured, the first page of your search starts here.

Best Gifts for Book Lovers

LED Real Wood Book Lamp

A comfortable reading nook must be cozy, soft, and most importantly, well-lit for late-night storytelling. Wherever your reader may go, Bokehtti is a powerful LED designed to travel with them. When folded into its compact form, the Bokehtti light resembles a book itself, bearing a sturdy cover that ensures safe travel. Open it up though, and the pages of this bright book exude a warm golden light or a cool white light that illuminates up to 360-degrees. Thanks to a lithium battery that survives up to 6-hours without a charge and a practically sized 6.6-inch by 8.5-inch cover, the Bokehtti will travel as far as it’s needed in order to brighten up any book – granted, of course, that your reader should remember to “turn on the light.” For the book lover on the go, the Bokehtti is truly one bright gift idea.

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ThinOptics Universal Pod Reading Glasses

Reading is, for many book lovers, a form of comfort and relaxation. No reader’s favorite hobby should ever be a cause for pain; unfortunately, for many literate legacies, ill-fitting reading glasses are doing just that. ThinOptics is the innovative solution to the dreaded headache too many readers instigate: thin, portable, shatterproof lenses expertly engineered to fit your unique face shape. Made with strong, elastic high-grade polycarbonate and stored in a slim ThinOptics pod, these enduring lenses are made to last. Meanwhile, a secure nose that fits as high or as low on the face as desired is a long-overdue sight for sore eyes, promising a comfortable, secure fit for all. If your reader has been avoiding the books as a result of poor-quality reading glasses, this gift is the one to reignite their love for the written word all over again.

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Knock Knock Original Personal Library Kit

As fun as it is to read a thrilling novel, it’s even more exciting to share that novel with a friend or loved one. Books are made to be shared – humans, though, are not all made to be reliable borrowers. No doubt your book lover has a companion with a few borrowed books that are long overdue; that’s why they need the Knock Knock library kit. A classic set of key cards, bookplates, and an unmistakable date stamp, this gift set provides your reader with all the supplies they require to monitor their personal home library and keep track of borrowed books. The Knock Knock library kit will not only help your book fiend keep their home library fully stocked and sorted, but also complete the look of their vintage bookstore with these picture-perfect librarian accessories.

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LightWedge Rechargeable LED Book Light

Every book fan has been up late into the night, telling themselves they have time for just one more chapter; it’s a time-honored tradition and one that should be respected. But as the sun sets and darkness descends, reading becomes an impossible task – unless your reader has a suitable light on hand. The LightWedge is an innovative designed for one purpose only: lighting up your book so that, no matter how late it might get, you can carry on with your literary journey. Lightweight and featuring 2 brightness settings, the LightWedge strains neither your reader’s eye nor arms, and with its rechargeable battery, late-night page-turning never has to come to an end. If you know a reader who simply can’t stand to put down a book before reaching the gripping finale, then you know a reader who needs the gift of a LightWedge immediately.

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The form of a book is iconic. So iconic, in fact, that now your book lover can replicate the feel of flipping through a book when they set up their newest piece of furniture. Bookniture, much like the Bokehtti, integrates the accordion-esque folding book design to create furniture that is portable and space-efficient. Despite its lightweight materials, Bookniture can hold up to half a ton in weight, making it a possible table, stool or ottoman for your favorite reader. When your reader needs the Bookniture, they can fold out this piece and attach the two-tone felt top; when clean-up time rolls around, they can simply fold it up into classic book shape, making storage and transportation a breeze.

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IMAX Convertible Console Table Bookshelf

Great gifts are customizable enough to fit into any recipient’s home. They are also capable of supporting endless books if you happen to be shopping for a book lover. Fortunately, the Table Bookshelf does both in spades. A light 4-pound console table that easily unfolds into a 4-shelf bookcase, the Table Bookshelf allows your reader to set up this unique piece however best fits their space. Despite how light and maneuverable the piece is, the Table Bookshelf is an incredibly strong bookshelf, crafted by hand out of premium iron and tough fir wood. The Table Bookshelf is a gorgeous piece that is designed to accommodate rooms of any size and style, regardless of the space your reader is currently working with.

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ArtsOnDesk Modern Art Paperweight

A dedicated reader deserves an elegant dedicated office. The ArtsOnDesk paperweight makes for a beautiful finish and cool desk accessory to such a reading room. A high-quality steel weight that resembles a twisting cube, this original art piece is sure to catch the eye and start conversations. Despite its small 2-inch by 2-inch size, this cube boasts a large presence that is sure to appeal to refined tastes. For the academic reader with an eye for the artistic, the ArtsOnDesk is a unique, one-of-a-kind gift that you won’t want to “weight” to order. Once your book lover opens the luxury gift box that stores each paperweight, they’ll know the quality of this incredible, artistic wonder.

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Handmade Book Page Holder

Not only is this book page holder a lifesaver when it comes to reading, but it is also a stunning reading aid that definitely catches the eye. Made from natural walnut and coming in a range of different sizes, this is a unique and special gift for any book lover. Anyone who loves to dive into the pages of a good book will know that reading one-handed can be somewhat of a challenge, but the book page holder keeps those pages in place whilst leaving one hand free for sipping a cup of tea or nibbling on a snack. What’s more, the book page holder is lightweight meaning that it can be easily placed into your bag with your book for reading on the go!

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IF Electronic Dictionary Bookmark

When it comes to accessories for the avid reader, it makes sense to deliver an award-winning gift, and that is exactly what you are getting when you buy the IF electronic bookmark. No matter how many books you read, there are always new words to learn and if you are looking to give the book lover in your life the gift of education, this IF bookmark will do this. Simply enter the word and the bookmark will bring up the definition – no more grabbing your smartphone to Google new words whilst reading. If that isn’t enough, the bookmark is lightweight and slim so it can save the page in your favorite book without making it bulky – oh, and did we mention that batteries are included?

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Suck UK Bookrest Lamp

Reading always requires good lighting but why not combine this good lighting with a way to save your page? The Suck UK bookmark lamp does exactly that! The house-shaped design gives off a beautiful glow, powered by LED bulbs which really do stand the test of time and when you have finished reading, you can place your book on the top so you can easily pick up where you left off. The lamp is perfectly safe since the LED bulbs will not heat up, eliminating any risk of damage or fire. The compact design fits easily onto any desk, side table, or cabinet, and what’s more, the lamp comes with a range of adapters allowing you to use it in the USA, UK, or even as far as Australia.

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Scanmarker OCR Digital Highlighter and Reader

Compatible with IOS, Andriod, Windows, and Mac, and coming in a beautiful array of colors, the Scanmarker is certainly a versatile gift for book lovers. Simply scan the text and it will be automatically uploaded to your computer or smartphone – no longer will you have to type out lengthy passages for safe-keeping. Not only this, but the Scanmarker has a retyping rate that is twenty times faster than hand typing making this the ideal gift for students, professionals, or anyone who needs to transcribe from a book to a digital platform. Portable and easy to transport, the Scanmarker uses Bluetooth to seamlessly connect to your device, no matter where you are. If that wasn’t enough, the device works in more than 80 languages!

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Mini Wipebook Pro

How many notebooks do you think a book lover gets through in their life? The answer is a lot! So how about giving them the gift of a reusable notebook that, no matter how long they own, keeps on giving? Designed with a stunning and professional looking brown cover, the Wipebook features coated pages and its very own marker so that notes can be kept whilst needed and then erased so that the page can be used once again. Not only is this super-efficient and will save money but by reducing the amount of paper we use, we are helping the planet. In addition to this, the notebook is small in size so it is ideal for taking to the office, to school, or anywhere you might need to make important notes.

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Multi-Purpose Folding Book Stand

If you are currently reading lots of books or simply need somewhere to display your favorites, the Camino folding book stand may just be the answer. And if you don’t want to store your books – it doubles as a tablet and laptop stand, making this a multifunctional and versatile gift for any book lover. The folding stand is compact and easy to transport meaning that it can be popped in your bag and taken wherever you need to go. There are 7 different angles at which the stand will sit so no matter whether you are sitting, standing, or hanging from a trapeze – you will still be able to see your book. What’s more, the stand locks into position giving you the confidence that it is always stable.

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Kindle Paperwhite

The new Kindle is not only one of the best ways to read your favorite books but is now fully waterproof – so those bathtime reading sessions needn’t be a worry. The device comes in a choice of four beautiful colors, allowing you to cater to the personality of the book lover. But the most impressive aspect of this device is that the anti-glare technology means that even in the brightest sunlight, your book-loving friend or family member is free to indulge in their passion. The thinnest version of the Kindle so far means that no matter where the book lover goes, they can always have their favorite reads right with them – on the subway, in the park, or waiting to see the doctor, there are no limits.

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GC Quill Pen

If someone you know who loves to read has everything to do with books, you may be looking for a unique gift that is sure to be a new addition to their collection and that is where the quill pen makes an entrance. This gorgeous and intricate gift set comes complete with a 20cc bottle of ink as well as a completely unique quill made from owl feathers – each one has its own style and pattern. Quality is key here and the top craftsmanship that has gone into creating these pens is evident, making them a gift that will be treasured for many years to come. The pen also comes with a variety of calligraphy tips made from durable metal giving your book lover the freedom to experiment with a variety of writing styles.

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