15 Best Gifts for Brother That Are As Cool As He Is

You love your brother, but how on Earth do you know what to buy a boy or young man of the 21st century? Tech is evolving, fads change with each passing moment, and the perfect gift today is the forgettable clutter of tomorrow. Your brother deserves a fun, iconic present that is as cool as he is. In this list, we’ve collected the trendiest modern gifts for brother designed to withstand the test of time and thrill your favorite sibling for ages to come, each conveniently available on Amazon.com – and guaranteed not to leave you groaning, “Oh, brother!”

Best Gifts for Brother

Marty McFly Cap Replica

Take your hats off for the best gift a film buff could ask for! No young man screams timeless quite as loudly as this iconic time traveler. Marty McFly remains a legend for young men all around the world, even decades after the initial release of Back to the Future, and no accessory will make your brother feel cooler than the very cap that the film’s protagonist rocked all those years ago.

This replica Marty McFly Cap boasts eye-catching reflective material that will have your brother shining like the star that he is when he steps out in the distant past, the far-off future, or the familiar, modern-day scene. And with an adjustable Velcro closure, leading men of all ages can don the unmistakable cap that shook the 1980’s. Whether your brother is a fan of the classic franchise or completely unaware of the iconic films, he’s bound to appreciate the style and the boldness of this one-of-a-kind metallic cap.

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PENTAX 3 in 1 binoculars

Countless grown men of today went through an adventurous outdoors-man phase, but few ever got to unleash their inner Indiana Jones with such professional tools as the PENTAX binoculars. Your brother can explore the wilderness effectively with this multi-functional device: explore distant jungles with the 4x binoculars, search the depths of space with the 16x telescope, or become a crew of plundering pirates with a friend with two 4x monoculars. However he chooses to play, your brother can safely enjoy this gripped, waterproof, shock-resistant tool and discover the vast world around him in the process; for a young, developing mind (no matter how old your brother might be), the PENTAX 3-1 binoculars are the ultimate nature-friendly gift.

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EARIN World's Smallest Headphones

Wireless earbuds are all the rage nowadays, but hassle-free audio is not always worth the high price-tag. However, with EARIN wireless earbuds, your brother doesn’t have to choose between price or convenience anymore – these affordable headphones promise up to 12 hours of music without the need for a single wire! EARIN earbuds are incredibly lightweight, even when tucked snugly inside the sleek, stylish charging case included with each order, ensuring on-the-go comfort on short trips and long. With unparalleled sound quality and unmatched aesthetics, a man truly can’t go wrong with the low-cost, hassle-free, small but mighty design of the EARIN wireless earbuds.

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Soda Pop Bottle Tank Water Guns

The water gun fight has been a staple of long, hot childhood summers for brothers and sisters for decades now, and there’s a reason this tradition continues to go strong – nothing beats the heat quite like a squirt from a water gun! This Water Gun is no ordinary water gun, though; instead of the classic bulky form, this set of convenient shooters store the water supply in a pre-used soda bottle. Your brother and his friends can play in the yard for hours using these simple, lightweight guns with an unmatched 2-liter storage chamber, ensuring that this set of 2 Water Guns provides you with the greatest bang for your buck as you gift shop for your favorite playful brother. Recycling those used soda bottles has never been so fun – or messy!

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Men's Slip-Ons Sock Walking Shoes

A good pair of shoes can make all the difference between an incredible day around town and hours of painful agony. An athletic, outdoorsy brother needs a lot out of his running shoes: breathable materials that aerate the sole; a sturdy rubber sole that supports the foot muscles with every step; a lightweight design that doesn’t weigh down the foot; and a pleasant design that he can feel proud wearing for all to see.

These Slip-On Shoes do more than just meet expectations – with 7 unique color/style options and stretchy, snug, slip-on material, these incredible shoes offer comfort and style to spare! There’s nothing afoot when it comes to this awesome gift, just a quality pair of sneakers built to support a man through his entire fitness regime without ever breaking a sweat.

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Ramen Noodle Soup 3D Pullover Hoodies

What young man hasn’t lived off of Ramen for some amount of his adult life? Now, this staple of the college dorm room is leaving the kitchen and stopping by the closet in the form of this comfortable, fashionable gift for brothers of every shape and size. Available in 3 unique designs and 2 inclusive size options, your brother can show off his love for his favorite noodles loudly and proudly. Each Noodle Hoodie uses 80% polyester, 20% spandex fabric for a light, airy fit ideal for a cool summer evening, or a fall afternoon with the boys. If your brother could stand for an update in the style department, no gift makes more of a fashion statement than the unmistakable look and cozy feel of the Noodle Hoodie.

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Inventiv Sport Wireless Audio Sunglasses

Your brother knows nothing about all-in-one technology until he tries on the ultimate all-in-one accessory. Inventiv is a set of sunglasses; it also happens to be a Bluetooth audio player, and hands-free phone, and a stylish accessory worthy of the pickiest fashionistas. Within the arms of these tech-savvy sunglasses, 1-watt dual speakers deliver crystal clear audio to the wearer, allowing for truly hands-free music, phone calls, GPS, and more.

The 3-hours battery is ideal for the young man preparing to take a jog around the neighborhood, providing directions and entertainment more conveniently than a cell phone or an mp3 player could ever hope to achieve. Your brother will be the talk of the town – or at least, of his pals – next time he rolls up sporting a pair of the powerful, high-tech, sleek, and stylish Inventiv sunglasses.

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LEGO Nintendo Entertainment System

If your brother spent his childhood enjoying the fun that Nintendo brought to so many children, he would surely love to recreate those memories, especially if he was also a fan of Lego! The two iconic brands have combined to bring you a gift for your brother that will bring him many hours of pleasure as he builds his very own Lego Nintendo console. What’s even more exciting is that the Lego Nintendo can be used with the interactive Mario figure, which can be purchased separately so that your brother can watch the action unfold right before his eyes. Once the Lego model is complete, it is the perfect size for decorating either the office or for taking pride of place in the home.

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Genius Focus & Brain Booster Supplement

For the brother who loves to game, it is important to find a gift that will allow him to enjoy his hobby without causing damage to his eyes and that is where these supplement pills can be a real game-changer. They provide the essential vitamins to keep the eyes safe which is vital when spending a lot of time in front of a screen but this is not the only benefit to taking these unique supplements. The Genius Gamer pills offer improved focus, mental clarity, and heightened reaction times meaning that when in competition, your brother will exceed and put himself in first place every time.

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3D Thor's Hammer Keyboard Keycap

One of the most well-loved heroes of our time is Thor and it is little wonder, with this mighty hammer and incredible strength, most of us know or have a brother who longs to be more like the God of Thunder. Whilst this may not be possible in real life, why not give your brother a Thor accessory to brighten up his keyboard and remind him of his favorite superhero? This keycap features a miniature version of Thor’s infamous hammer and is made from strong and durable titanium aluminum alloy meaning that, just like the God himself, it will stand the test of time. What’s more, the keycap boasts an attractive green backlight that is sure to make his keyboard the envy of everyone else in the office.

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Sevenfriday M-Series Automatic Men's Watch

You could buy your brother an ordinary watch but if you really want to get him something that he will treasure forever, why not get this modern and unique watch from SevenFriday? It features a sleek-looking dial with an analog display – but this is unlike any other display you have seen. What’s more the lightweight design means that this is a watch that can be worn every day without feeling heavy or bulky on the wrist. If your brother has a unique sense of style, this is, without doubt, the watch for him. It is also perfect for those with an active lifestyle since it is made from durable materials and is water-resistant up to a depth of 30 meters, leaving your brother free to enjoy sports without worrying about damaging his watch.

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Spyderco Heavy Duty Pen

Do you have a brother who constantly needs a pen in his pocket for work, or perhaps his hobbies? If so, why should he carry a bog-standard, boring pen that everyone has? Give your brother the gift of something unique that will certainly become the talking point of the workplace. This futuristic-looking pen features a design that promotes good hand-eye coordination. The two outer arms mean that the pen can be twisted, flipped, and maneuvered in a way that no other pen can.

What’s more, the SpyderCo pen allows you to adjust the speed of your creativity with ease giving your brother to learn tricks with the pen that turn drawing and writing from mundane into something visually pleasing. Made from superior stainless steel, you can feel confident that the pen will endure many creations and tricks so that your brother can enjoy it for many years to come.

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Pop-A-Shot Basketball Arcade Game

Life doesn’t have to be all work and no play so why not give your brother a gift that can bring him a little joy on his lunch break? This arcade basketball set is the ideal addition to the office or play space at home and comes with two baskets and balls which will allow your brother to engage in a little healthy competition with his co-workers or members of his family.

Never miss a shot with the almost 100% accuracy and always keep on top of the scores with the LED display that ensures each player knows exactly how they have performed. The product is designed for continued use and features a sturdy steel frame which ensures that, no matter how many hits it takes, it will stand the test of time. The frame is also fully adjustable meaning that it can be altered to suit the mobility and height needs of any player.

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AboveTEK Portable Laptop Lap Desk

For the brother who is always working on the go, the right accessories are essential. It isn’t always easy to use your laptop but this sturdy portable laptop desk makes using your laptop anywhere a breeze. The portable desk is made from top quality materials that are heat resistant and will stop the laptop from sliding off and becoming damaged. What’s more, the product features a pull-out mouse table and is large enough for any laptop. The innovative design means that the laptop will never overheat and any heat that is produced will not be transferred to your body. This is the ideal gift to make working, accessing social media, or gaming whilst traveling or in bed easier than ever before.

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Bill Back Pattern Magic Cube Puzzle

We’ve all seen the colored cube puzzles that are notoriously difficult to solve but these are old and we’ve all had a go – but this dollar cube brings new life to the puzzle cube with its unique and fun design. Your brother will never be bored again whilst trying to solve this interesting cube puzzle and the game is not only fun but is also a great way to relieve stress and wind down after a hard day. What’s more, the cube is designed to challenge the brain and give it a workout – something that we know is super-important. There is the option to adjust the tension so that you can speed up how quickly you are able to solve the puzzle – why not turn it into a family game night and see who can solve the cube in the quickest time?

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