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26 Awesomely A-Mew-Sing Gifts for Cat Lovers

Cats behave like the feline kings they are. They only allow petting when convenient, try to communicate unspeakable things with multiple tail gestures, go on huge neighborhood tours for days (and actually return fatter), and perform impressive jumps from roof to roof. Did I mention they’re adorable too? And that I love cats? The way they prance around, the soft fur when you touch them and the purring sounds… it’s the perfect pet, I swear!

Honor your spirit animal! Cat lovers unite: it is time to purchase gifts for our furry overlords! These gifts for cat lovers on this list are sure to keep your kitty bouncing happily as he goes about his day.

Gifts for Cat Lovers

Cat Bed Cave

Batman has a bat cave, and now your cat can have a cat cave! The hero of the neighborhood, protecting cat lovers from mice and sadness, deserves a good hideout after the day is done. Rest easy, the cave is not made of rock. It’s merino wool, much more comfortable and cozy. It’s hard to be a hero, and with this gift, you’ll show appreciation for your kitty!


Cat Castles

If you’re a creative cat lover, drop everything you’re doing and get this. Cat Castles comes with 20 cardboard habitats that you can build to keep your cat (or cats) entertained. Build igloos, treehouses, cars and more! Be careful with this gift though, don’t build a Cat Parliament, Ministry of Kitty Defense or Feline Army Barracks: if you do, cats will finally take over the world! Well… actually, it would be great if cats ruled the world. Let’s get to it!


Foldable Cat Tower Tree

After your cat destroyed your sofa, you realized it might be cheaper to get some scratching posts. Now, now, don’t look mad! I’d like to see how you’d fare if you had amazing claws and nowhere to sharpen them! With this cat scratching post, your kitty can play all day and take care of those claws. And put yourself in your cat’s position: try getting your nails under control without a nail clipper! You’d go through more sofas than your companion!


Fish Shape Cat Scratching Pad

Hey, stop ripping the curtains! Quick! Kitty, look here, it’s a sisal rope multi-colored fish gift! Yes, yes, it is amazing isn’t it? Do you like it? Good… good… ok, now we can start repairing the whole house. Everything is scratched, even the ceiling?! I’m a cat lover, don’t get me wrong, but I never expected this… let me just get ten or twenty more of these while we renovate.


Ultimate Cat Scratcher Lounge

Fellow cats, we’re now featuring the classy cat scratcher lounge: sleek design, durable material for a million scratch sessions, and a favorable shape to pose cutely for food or petting. Be the top cat. To get this gift from your cat lover owner, walk close to her legs, wave tail mysteriously twice and look back with big eyes. Delivery guaranteed.


Cat Scratching Post and Hammock

Almost like a pedestal, this hammock is supported by two scratch posts, offering three important things for your cat: a place to take care of the claws, a place to rest for a while, and a place of power to be admired and adored by the human masses. All hail king Tobias the first! Ok, now everyone bow and pet. And food, gimme food. Now!


Deluxe Cat Home

Apartment-style stacked housing has reached the feline world as well, as rent prices for cat dwellings rise in the kitty city. All the cats are moving to the city to find more human vassals, petting opportunities, and tasty treats, so it’s time to do your job as a cat lover and purchase this durable three-level cat home, with paw-friendly design. The perfect gift to boost the adorable economy!


Interactive Laser Cat Toy

Hey cat lover, it’s time to get the camera and film some cat acrobatics movies! Get this interactive laser gift, which will point a laser at random points in the room. Place it in the middle and let the games begin! Your hunter-cat will feel the thrill and try to follow it everywhere. Your cat will be happy from playing, you will have fun seeing him play and so will the internet.


Space Capsule Pet Carrier

Dog people get those daily walks in the park every day. You, as a cat lover, have never had that habit. But fret not! With this cat backpack gift, you can take your furry friend anywhere! Put him inside the well-ventilated backpack, put the pack on your back (or over the shoulder), and go show him the world! Yes Star, see, the world is not just the bottom part of the living room couch! And when you feel like stopping, you can set the backpack down and it’ll be a good field bed for your cat too!


Cats Wind Chime

To further increase the catness of a cat lover’s home, this set of wind chimes with multiple kitty shapes are a great gift. Set it anywhere around the house and let the wind throw the feline shapes against one another, and that eerie and magical sound will start filling the air… quite enchanting, isn’t it? Very much like looking at a cute cat!


World's Best Cat Perch

If you have either large windows or no space on the floor, this cat perch is the perfect gift. It fixates itself firmly on glass surfaces, so you don’t have to worry about your friend falling down from it. If you buy multiple and set up the perches as a staircase, your cat can set himself at the top of the house, having a commanding view over the whole space.


Silicone Cat Egg Mold

Love for cats doesn’t have to be limited to gifts for cats. What about this funny cat egg mold? Get two eggs ready to fry and put them on the mold, for a feline-inspired treat. Tasty eggs… and they look great too! The ultimate proof you are really a cat lover, and not just a cat… liker?


Cat Tree

Though domesticated cats no longer need to hunt for their prey, modern felines still search for secure, secluded vantage points from which to survey their domain. Cat lovers know that their pets deserve a fortress of their own from which to do just this. This impressive 72-inch Cat Tree is the perfect climbing environment for these little explorers, making it a gift sure to satisfy cats and their owners alike.


Cat Litter Box

Even the world’s biggest cat lover is probably no fan of managing their kitten’s excrement. If you are looking to get on your cat lover’s good side, this enclosed, private litter box is the gift you’ve been looking for. The domed container keeps litter and odor confined to the litter box itself, allowing cat owners to reclaim order in their home. As a bonus, the litter box affords cats a bit of privacy when they most want it.


Pet Tent

A cat needs a space of their own, a space that is as cute and independent as Kitty himself. Cat lovers will appreciate the sweet aesthetic charm of this freestanding cat tent; cats will adore the gift of privacy. The shelter is incredibly easy to set up and to clean, so maintenance of this unique cat home certainly will not be too in-tents. And as all cat lovers know, caring for their kitten is not always going to be a spick and span process.


Vertical Cat Scratching Post

Your companion loves their cat. Their cat loves scratching all the nearby furniture to shreds. What’s a cat lover to do? Get your friendly cat lover the gift that can save their furniture from the wrath of their furry friend. PetFusion knows that not all cats think the same, which is why they’ve designed this ingenious new scratching toy. The triangular shape gives cats the freedom to manage their scratching behaviors in comfort (and cat lovers the freedom to display their favorite furniture again!).


Cat Scratching DJ Deck

Ultimately, owning a cat should be fun. For your favorite cat lover, it’s time to party! This hilarious scratching toy transforms Fluffy into DJ Fluff, the cutest up-and-coming DJ that the world has ever seen. Cat lovers will get a kick out of the image of their cat playing with this creative gift – and you’ll get all the credit! In an increasingly unpleasant world, there is something so sweet about such a humorous, harmless gift that felines will love.


Catit Senses 2.0 Food Tree

The pampered kitty has life all figured out. But it’s the challenges in life that help us to reach our full potential. House cats don’t have to go on the hunt any longer, but that doesn’t mean that their next meal should always be served on a silver platter. Cat lovers concerned with their feline’s physical and cognitive development will find great value in this next gift, the Catit Senses 2.0. The food tree challenges cats to work for their next meal, stimulated their bodies and mind in a safe, controlled environment.


Automatic Cat Feeder

No doubt your cat lover would spend all day with their kitty if they could, but unfortunately, this is not possible for all feline fanatics. For the cat owner with a busy life, ensuring that their beloved pet is properly cared for can be a huge source of stress. This gift can relieve some of this anxiety. The PetKit Cat Feeder allows cat owners to preset a feeding schedule for their pets. Food is then automatically released according to this schedule, promising that their loved one receives consistent, healthy meals every single day.


Hide and Seek Teaser Toy

The cat chasing the mouse is an image we’ve all come to know. This gift can transform your loved one’s kitten into the next Tom, entertaining them as they track down that ever-elusive Jerry. The Hide and Seek Toy can be set to switch on and off on schedule, meaning that cat lovers can treat their furry companion to playtime even when they can’t be home.


Cute Cat Shaped Candle

For a cat-themed gift that is truly one of a kind, look no further than the PyroPet Cat Candle. This unique geometric candle is crafted in the image of a cat, making it not only a perfect gift for cat lovers, but also a lovely decorative centerpiece everywhere. Beneath that wax hides an unexpected surprise though – an aluminum skeleton core. Cat lovers with a passion for the uncanny will love their prize once they burn through this cool kitten candle.


Cat Scratcher Lounge Bed

Maybe you can’t decide on the best gift for cat lovers. After all, you really want to blow your loved one’s mind when they open up the perfect gift. If you’re still feeling indecisive, perhaps the solution is a gift that’s a little more versatile? This cat bed may not look like much, but the unusual form holds an awesome secret. The flexible structure of this bed allows cat lovers to transform it into a variety of forms. Does kitty need to sleep? Make it a bed. Antsy cat? It’s now a scratching post or a toy! Whatever a cat needs to be content, the YouThink Cat Bed can deliver.


Cat and Dog Water Fountain

As humans, we often struggle to consume enough water throughout the day. But did you know that many cats have the same problem? If you know a cat lover whose feline isn’t drinking as much as it should, perhaps it’s time to gift them the Cat Water Fountain. A constant stream of falling water entices pets to drink from this bowl, helping to keep Fluffy happy and healthy for years to come.


Mens Best Cat Dad Ever T-Shirt

Your friendly cat lover is one cool cat. Nothing captures this notion better than the Cat Dad T-Shirt, a comfortable, colorful top featuring the beautiful image of the trendy feline itself. Men are oftentimes discouraged from expressing adoration for a creature as small and fluffy as a cat; it’s about time that we flip the script. Celebrate your cat lover’s furry friend with a fashionable and functional gift for all the cat dads out there!


How To Talk To Your Cat About Gun Safety

If you have a cat, you know they can be little furry gremlins that are too smart for their own good, and the world is becoming increasingly dangerous with the epidemic of drug use and the rise of the Internet: have you ever told your cat that it’s not OK to give their personal information to strangers on the Internet ? Or even worse, have you ever told your cats how to safely use a gun? Don’t worry, we are giving you an aid to help with this awkward cat gift: How to Talk to Your Cat About Gun Safety.


Cat Bonnet

Is your cat interested in historical fashion? Is she a fan of Little Women? Would you simply like to annoy your cat to no end while making them look super cute and Instagram ready? We have a gag gift that is going to make all those cat lovers chuckle: this cat bonnet. Featuring a lovely, modest, flowery design that will catch a moderate and modest, reasonable amount of eyes, it fits most cats. Turn your cat into a mighty fine lady with this high quality, 100% cotton, satin-lined cat bonnet hat.


For thousands of years, humans have adored the gentle mewing of our furry feline companions. Cats have a reputation for being aloof and independent, which is exactly why we feel so special when our beloved pets chose to curl up with us. Cat owners know the face of a true, loyal companion when they sit near their furry friend. In order to impress your neighborhood cat lovers, you’ll need to give great consideration to the gift-giving process. If you are not sure where to start, the list above features an array of great cat gifts guaranteed to catch those cat lovers’ eyes.

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