25 Must-Have Gifts for Coffee Lovers That They Will Appreciate

I was sitting in a restaurant at the end of a delicious meal. The waiter came to pick up the dishes and seduce me and my father with the dessert selection of the day. “One cheesecake, please”, I said. “Two”, my father added, “and an espresso please”. The waiter smiled and started turning away when I said: “make it two as well, please!”. I was 15 and that was my very first espresso, the first step in a love story that I’m sure will endure for many decades to come.

If you’re a fellow coffee lover like me, a cup of good coffee is always close by, spreading its aroma around you, ready to provide energy for all the activities you do in your day. Before you read through the selection of gifts for coffee lovers that we have for you today, go make yourself a cuppa if you haven’t already. Let me just take a sip of mine… okay, let’s go!

Coffee-Themed Gifts for Coffee Lovers

Classic Manual Press Espresso Maker

It’s mid-winter. The temperature outside is in the single digits. The grass is frosted, the trees are bare. You wake up for work, and the sun has yet to appear. On mornings like these, your simple cup of coffee won’t cut it. Espresso and espresso drinks can make even the coolest of mornings feel inviting and cozy. The Flair Espresso Maker brings the comfort of piping hot espresso straight to your coffee lover’s home, cutting out the daily Starbucks run and saving a few bucks along the way.

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Coffee/Beverage Cooler Mug

The weather may change, but a love for coffee always remains. Once the world has thawed, coffee fanatics can enjoy their favorite drink in a variety of styles and flavors. For many, iced coffee remains the ultimate coffee form, especially when the warmer seasons roll around. But homemade iced coffee requires hours of preparation and a keen sense of foresight… Until now! The iced coffee maker can chill a hot beverage in only a minute. With this awesome gift handy, never again will your coffee lover find themselves out of their favorite iced treat.

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AeroPress 10R11 Go Travel Coffee Maker

Any coffee lover worth their salt (or perhaps their sugar?) is bound to have a good system for drink preparation in place at home already. However, travel can often throw a wrench in even the best-laid systems. This next gift, the AeroPress Coffee Maker, ensures that no caffeine fiend will ever have to go without a well-brewed pot of coffee again. So take to the roads, retire to nature, venture to the great unknown – wherever life takes you, the AeroPress will be right there by your side.

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Coffee Alarm Clock Coffee Maker

Your loved one always said they can’t wake up without their coffee, but never before has the comment been quite so literal! The Barisieur Alarm Clock isn’t just modeled after a barista’s station: it is one. This neat alarm clock will actually brew for its owner a fresh cup of coffee on the spot. If your coffee drinker struggles to wake up before drinking their morning cup of joe, you can now offer them the gift of coffee in bed every single morning!

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Electric Coffee Mug Warmer

Some coffee’s, such as espresso, are made to be chugged. But sometimes, a coffee lover just wants to sit down with a massive cappuccino or latte that they can sip at for some time. Maybe they want to sit at the window and relax, watching out as the world hurries by. Maybe they’re just tired of constantly walking to the kitchen for a refill. For those who want to take the time to savor the soothing taste of a hot coffee, this intriguing device is the gift of their dreams. The electric mug warmer keeps a mug of coffee warmer for longer, eliminating the stress of rushing through your drink.

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Bike Handlebar Cup Holder

Affordable and eco-friendly, bikes are the young person’s ultimate means of travel. However, traditional bicycles feature one significant oversight – they can’t accommodate that ever-important cup of coffee. This gift aims to remedy the situation: the Cup Holder by Ibera is easy to attach to any bike and makes commuting with your favorite drink a breeze!

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Portable Coffee Filter Paper Bag

What is a coffee lover’s greatest fear?…Probably spiders. But finding themselves stranded without a reliable coffee maker is definitely a major concern as well. Perhaps they are working in an office without a classic coffee maker and are skeptical of the plastic waste produced by K-Cups. Or maybe they travel frequently and are never guaranteed a functioning machine from hotel to hotel. Whatever the reason, your coffee drinker can’t always access the coffee maker they need; that’s when they can pull out your gift, the Coffee Filter Paper Bags! Now they can brew a mug of coffee wherever and whenever no machine necessary.

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Pour-Over Glass Coffeemaker

Coffee with friends doesn’t always have to mean a trip to the coffee shop. For the host with the tastiest coffee to serve, the Pour-Over Glass makes for an incredible gift. The glass coffeemaker is simple to use and incredibly cute, making it the perfect feature for brunch with friends or family. Serving hot drinks is convenient and delicious with the Chemex Pour-Over Coffee maker.

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Literature Coffee Mug

A few things pair as nicely as a warm cup of coffee and a good book. Bookworms will adore this colorful quote-covered mug courtesy of The Unemployed Philosophers Guild. With this gift in hand, the literary-minded can sip their coffee and get lost in the memorable words of Charles Dickens, Kurt Vonnegut, George Orwell, and 2-dozen of the greatest writers of all time.

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Manual Coffee Grinder

While it’s easy enough to purchase a jar of coffee grinds from the local grocery store, true coffee enthusiasts will know that there is no taste superior to that of hot coffee made with freshly ground beans. With this amazing kitchen gadget, getting freshly-ground beans no longer needs to be a struggle; in a matter of seconds, a handful of beans is ready to become that next pot of coffee.

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The Ultimate Stealth Cooler Snaps

As refreshing as a fresh-from-the-fridge beverage may be, carrying a cold can be chilling. What’s more, holding said can is a double-edged sword as not only will your hand freeze, but that refreshing cold drink will quickly warm up. This drinks cooler solves the problem of temperature differentials cleverly and slyly: cold cans are suspended within an insulated thermos, thereby protecting the can and your hand. How cool!

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Coffee Tower with Iced Slow Drip Technology

For those serious about coffee, cutting corners in the brewing process is unacceptable. The Yama Glass Coffee Tower won’t instantaneously serve up its deliciously caffeinated output but takes the time to craft high-quality slow drip cold brew iced coffee. Just like the process of finding the perfect gift for your neighborhood coffee lover, the Yama Coffee Tower appreciates that crafting the ultimate drink requires patience and time.

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Coffee Mug Cozy Sleeve

You’re mainly interested in drinking coffee, but mug selection is also very important. It’s not just how it tastes or how it smells, it’s about the aesthetic component and keeping your coffee warm in-between your sips. Behold, coffee lover: the coffee mug sleeve gift! Besides looking charming with it’s knitted sleeve, it keeps the moisture outside the mug under control.

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Stove Top Espresso Coffee Maker

Take a look at this coffee maker. Take a good look at the aluminum-cast body, the black handle, and knob, the beautiful futuristic design. Coffee-making doesn’t have to be only for your taste and smell, coffee lover. With this gift, your coffee will also be pleasing to the eyes. Holds a total of six cups for you and your coffee-loving friends!

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Stanley Classic Vacuum Bottle

Stanley is a brand best known for hand tools, so you know you have quality here. A vacuum is something you can find in outer space and also inside this bottle: this gift will keep your coffee warm and maintain its flavor over the hours, a perfect solution for coffee lovers on the move!

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The World’s Toughest Coffee Maker

Do you work in construction or something with similar toughness and danger? Have you been let down by frail coffee machines that broke after a steel beam fell on top of them? Maybe they just gave up on life after having to get you 50 coffees for you and the guys? Meet your new lifetime companion, coffee lover: this is the world’s toughest coffee maker. The perfect gift that will resist everything, except maybe being sent on a collision course with the sun (we haven’t tested it on this yet, we’ll get back to you with the results)!

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Horn-shaped Coffee Mug

Aye mate, this horn-shaped mug be all ye need ta keep yer coffee with ye wherever yer adventures take yee. If ye have a flair for drinking stuff as the people did in the olden times, or maybe yer a fan of all those fantasy worlds like the one in Game of Thrones, hah, then this be the perfect gift for coffee lovers. Grab yer dragon, or horse, or zombie dog and yer mug and take to the road. We leave at first light!

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Mug Holder Tree

Who said mugs don’t grow on trees? Everyone and, well, they’re right, but they can dry and be stored on trees! This beautiful mug holder tree is the perfect gift to have all your mugs handy and ready for your next coffee. If you live in a house with other coffee lovers, this is sure to be a great addition to your coffee-drinking arsenal.

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Hug Mug Set

Let’s sidestep here for a bit to the hot chocolate department. If you’re a fan of coffee, you probably already have had great lattes and cappuccinos in your career, and as we know, chocolate and coffee are always a tasty match. With this hug mug set gift, you’ll have a great container for hot chocolate, or even maybe a new coffee-and-hot-chocolate combo drink. Share the recipes of your delectable fusions, coffee lover!

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Mini Express Stovetop Espresso Percolator

No coffee machine? No problem. With this stovetop mini-express coffee maker, you can have great quality espressos right from the top of your gas ring! This gift can make two espressos at the same time, great for sharing with another coffee lover around the house. Plus, there is a certain cuteness to it, isn’t there?

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Stainless Steel Coffee Container

Did you know coffee naturally emits CO2? Me neither, until I found this amazing coffee canister. It keeps the oxygen out so your coffee remains fresh, but lets loose the harmful CO2 that builds up inside the container. Nifty, isn’t it? The perfect gift to keep your coffee in top condition for a longer period of time!

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Starbucks Sumatra Dark Roast Ground Coffee

The list would not be complete without mentioning actual coffee apart from its accessories. This Sumatra Dark Roast is sure to make your tastebuds happy, with it’s spicy and herbal notes coming together to a heady, earthy aroma. A true coffee lover’s gift. Have it in your cupboard and your mornings will become more energetic and aromatic!

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Espresso Maker Moka Pot

This is not just a stovetop coffee maker. It is a design statement. With its beautiful red paint and wood handle, it will sit on top of that gas ring as the coffee inside starts boiling to the point of perfection. You’ll see the steam coming out, bringing the aroma out from this charming object. Turn off the gas, pick it up, and pour yourself a cup of delicious coffee!

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Portable Espresso Machine

Always on the go? Then this travel coffee maker will be a great gift choice. Add the ground coffee and boiling water and, with the help of a semi-automatic piston inside, the water will be pressed into the coffee. How can such a small and portable thing make coffee this good? The wonders of technology, fellow coffee lovers! Now you’re free to explore the world! Enjoy your perfect coffee-on-the-go!

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Worlds Largest Gigantic Coffee Mug

If you are one of those people that can’t function before coffee… you know sometimes it’s going to take you A LOT of coffee. Like, A LOT. at least a gallon or so. Sometimes you might as well fill your bathtub with coffee and dunk yourself into it like a Digestive cookie. This funny coffee mug is a great gag gift for those coffee lovers that can’t be bothered with basic manners or language before their first cup, for that friend that is always sipping on some Starbucks; To be honest, this cup doesn’t have much of a real purpose. We know you don’t need it, but we know that by God, you do want it. It’s OK, plenty of things in your house ended up to have no use, anyway!

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Coffee is a vital component of the everyday 9-to-5 routine. From perking us up in the morning to keeping us conscious throughout the post-lunch slog, coffee keeps us moving as the day carries on. But for the most committed of the caffeine chasers, the most excited of the espresso enthusiasts, coffee is more than a quick pick-me-up. It’s a way of life.

For the latte lover with an endless thirst for Earth’s most valuable bean, gift them a range of the most unique, inspired, coffee-themed gifts that they will be sure to love. Whether you’re shopping for a birthday, a holiday or just because, caffeine fiends will rejoice when they unwrap any one of these incredible gifts.

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